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Found 2 results

  1. Covid Idiots

    Louisiana evangelical pastor Tony Spell--- who bused in more than 1,800 followers for a hands-on mass two weeks ago, then gave an encore performance to an audience half that size Sunday. Those followers were then turned loose upon the streets of Louisiana, where COVID-19 has been particularly aggressive. "Iā€™m going to address that by laying hands on them and praying for them and depending on God to heal their body,ā€ Spell explained during one of his sermons. More than 3,500 Lousianians have tested positive for coronavirus, where over151 have died.
  2. Sadly, this might become relevant to some members. First, without testing you don't know, but self quarantine to be safe and protect others. That may also mean, having a healthy family member or friend, cautiously get you some groceries and long term food (while staying away from you taking care of what they touch) cause you may be there for awhile. The treatment generally is similar to the flu. Rest, liquids (gatorade and drinks with electrolytes good). Since it attacks the lungs I wonder if keeping somewhat propped up, at an angle, even when in bed helps, keep the lungs clearer. I don't know, that's just a guess. I bought some Zinc lozenges w/ C. I hear taking them as soon as you feel any symptom coming on can help. As can taking your C and D vitamins. Don't know about mega dosing, but a decent amount. Taomeow's Batshit Sane thread has some more things that can be taken. Should probably bring those posts over here, as they're a great resource, but may be hard to find in the pages of other aspects of virus. In the US getting tested at the moment is hard. We're supposed to call our doctor. If we're younger, <55 and healthy they're most likely to tell us stay home. The vast majority of cases are mild, over > 60 it gets progressively more serious/life threatening. From what I've heard, some 'mild' includes some hellish bouts of body aches and trouble breathing. Other advice, you guys have for people who suspect they're coming down with it? <<Himalayan salt inhalers were recommended by Taomeow. One's on sale at Amazon. It got good reviews. Maybe breathing some salt air does the lungs good? In any case for $19 thought I'd add it to the arsenal. I ordered the Mockins one, 4.5 stars and a pound of pink salt >>