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  1. Hi friends, wanted to share some profound, and awesome sayings probably actually from Jesus stripped of the 2000 years of Christian dogma and doctrines, though obviously in english instead of the Aramaic, or Greek. They come from The book "Joshua Immanuel the Christ". Which is an account of his life from the Akashic record, universal memory, book of life whatever term you prefer. I know that sounds sketchy, but it comes from Daskalos (Stylianos Atteshilis) There are several threads about him on here. Through his very advanced abilites, and his ability of at-one-ment, being able to Attune to Christ, as well as his own past life experiences as an Essene novice who was involved at the time, though he had already previously been an Egyptian Hierophant before that lifetime so was one of the few disciples who could actually grasp the teachings. And of course like any deeper truth it sounds a lot like all the others. "When a human being awakens transmuting his petty self into his real Self, his Spirit-Soul-Ego, he becomes Self-concious , powerful and wise. Then the Mind, in all its modes of existence, emanates directly from his real Ego-Spirit-Soul-Self. The lost son comes home. You, my disciple-healers, must use Mind Substance-energy in the etheric doubles of your gross material bodies, storing it in your abdomens. From the bellies of thoe who follow my instructions will pour rivers of Mind-energy as living water. If you would heal, beloved ones, do every day the special exercises I have taught you. You must not waste the precious Mind Vitality by thoughtless, careless living. you must keep in check always and under your control all your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Become Masters of the Mind, controlling Mind Vital energy, and become masters of visualization, creating in your minds precise images, accurate in form, size and color, so that you will be able to materialize these later using Mind Vitality. I have so much more to teach you, but you are not ready yet to understand me. Practice , and if you are serious, disciplined, and observant, you will find the way to the Light. I have given you the keys. Now you must use them." One more of a classic bible one expanded When asked by a disciple "Who are you?" Dear one, I am a human being as you are. I have a human body. I am a I am and feel I am, a Spirit-Ego-Self in my El Shaddai Selfhood in the One-ness of Alaha. I know and I feel that all human beings live and exist in my El Shaddai Selfhood. To understand this you must free yourself from the illusion of the worlds of separateness and by introspection enter the Kingdom of the Heavens. which is in your Spirit-Soul-Ego-Self. I am the Law and the cause of everything and the course of everything. I am the truth and the Life everlasting "Now, like most human beings, you live instinctively and subconsciously. But in the course of time you will unfold in your personality your awareness, your Self-conciousness, and your Self- Superconciousness by using Mind Vitality Supersubstance properly. Then you will know who you really are." "To know who I AM, you must know who you ARE. Does it matter who I am? What matters is to know how to reach Self-realization, how to unfold in yourself Superconciousness. "By practicing for many years exercises in concentration, meditation and visualization, you will be able to attune the consciousness to any object of study, to know its nature, to move it even to dematerialize and re-materialize it. These are the first steps of Self-Superconciousness. To be able to Self Conciously to reach the at-one-ment with the El Shaddai, the Logos, with the life everlasting, is to enter in the One-ness of Alaha. You will not lose your Ego-Self, but your time and place changing self is transmuted into your Spirit-Soul-Ego-Self. You lose nothing. You gain everything." Now for what these techniques he's speaking of are I don't know. The current system teaches a lot of basic breath work and some visualizations as preliminary teachings to heal, and strengthen your skills. The line of storing the energy in your abdomen sounds a lot like LDT work, though i've read elsewhere they focus more specifically on the Solar Plexus. I know some systems love Visualization, and others don't give it much credit. According to Jesus it is the golden key to finding the true self and the kingdom of heaven within, but he makes a distinction between perfect visualization and uncontrolled fantasy. He considers the imagination one of our highest Godly abilities that when perfected opens the doors to materialization, and finding god within.
  2. The Bible

  3. Hidden Christians
  4. It is a little known fact that there have been more than fifty prominent Jewish Messiahs. These characters, though unrenowned today, inspired messianic fervour that at times seized the whole Jewish, Christian, Muslim and even secular worlds. The stories of these fifty Messiahs, both male and female, are unknown -- suppressed by Jewish religious authorities or ignored by historians of all religions. Until now. In this book, these Jewish Messiahs are remembered, and now their forgotten stories -- whether humorous, bizarre, tragic or solemn -- are finally told. The Messiah who killed the Pope; The Messiah who was saved from the Inquisition when the Pope hid him in the Vatican; The Messiah who demanded that his head be cut off in order to prove his immortality The Messiah who defied the Holy Roman Emperor; The 17th century Messiah whose followers continued their secret society into the 20th century. And to contemporary times and the story of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and how he inspired a passionate and devoted following. Above all, Fifty Jewish Messiahs examines humanity, not divinity, and history rather than theology. Taken together, these intriguing stories paint a vivid portrait of the universal and timeless human need for optimism, and hope in a better future.
  5. Since there is no other place for it on the board and because there is a branch of Hermetics which could be called 'Christian Hermetics' or 'Christian Mysticism' (Pico de Mirandola et al) I am starting this thread to discuss this tradition. I am conscious that because this board is so US centric that we suffer from the the Christian right and the reaction to that which tries to rubbish anything which is Christian. I'm not interested in these arguments and please keep them away from this thread. As Steward of the Hermetic Sub I will be hiding and/or splitting off any attempt to steer discussion towards particular debate which gets a good airing elsewhere. What I want to discuss is not mainstream Catholic, Protestant or Eastern Orthodox Christianity but the inner tradition of a mystical path within Christianity as expressed for instance in the Grail legends. The reason I think it is important and interesting is because I think Christ can be seen as heir to an old lineage which I call the 'Lineage of the Wounded or Sacrificed King' and that the life of Christ embodied, not just the Hebraic Messianic theme but also the theme of Osiris and the core teachings of the ancient pagan world. So for those that are interested let us begin.
  6. Free help in producing Films

    Hi, I am a retired lecturer in Metallurgy and Preach Christianity, Sikhism and Real Islam of Allah. The people at present have become fanatics giving religion a very Bad Name. I have put up almost 3000 Videos on Youtube, channel nijjhar1. They are my Original thoughts and I Preach Christianity with authority.
  7. The Prophet Elijah and Jon the Baptist Video- There has been a saying since time immemorial "From age to age I am incarnate, to aid the good in the world, and to and destroy the evil" Reincarnation and the bible- http://reincarnation..._testament.html Reincarnation in Judaism- http://www.jewishvir...ncarnation.html There is a mysterious connection in the bible between John the Baptist and the Prophet Elijah. Some people suggest that what is really going on is that John the Baptist is the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah. It is also very obvious to many scholars that in the bible Jesus is clearly being associated with, compared to, and being considered the new Moses in the biblical writings. Moses came to teach for the age of Aries, which is why he is represented often with a Ram. The previous age before Aries was Taurus, Symbolized by a Bull. Jesus then came for the age of Pisces symbolized by the image of a fish. The Return of Elijah Prophecy There are several possibilities concerning Elijah and John the Baptist. 1- They are the same being 2- John the Baptist had the same level, or was like "the new" Elijah 3- 1 and 2 are one in the same The meaning and implications are quite interesting We also see that the bible portrays Jesus in the context as the new Moses, the successor of Moses, and even the reincarnation of Moses. Jesus: The New Moses Mathew intended to portray Jesus as the "new" Moses> Sunday Homily: Jesus ? the New Moses! and- This Hebrew Lord Bible Bible, King James Version NEW ADVENT BIBLE: Mark 9 Essenes-
  8. The Aquarian Gospel

    The Aquarian Gospel- Jesus Christ's Lost Years in India and Tibet Uncanny similarities between the Teachings of Jesus Christ and the Teachings of the Buddha. Really they are not as geographically as far from each other as people often realize- Jesus in the Himalayas- The Aquarian Gospel- The Aquarian Gospel based on Archaeological and Historical finds covers the "Lost Years" of Jesus Christ's life. The time from when he was 12-30 years old. The bible does not say anything about him or what he did during those years. Now modern Archaeologists are determining that Jesus went to the East during those years, to India and Tibet. He even had people coming to him from the east when he was born, the 3 wise men came a long ways to see him when he was born Hollywood takes action hero Jesus to India | World news | The Guardian From Elaine Paegels, academic and scholar- How far and how deep does it actually go?-
  9. Mary Magdalene was no Prostitute

    Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. I believe it was the Catholic Church which slandered her as one, because she was a closer disciple to Jesus and actually outranked Peter, who they claim was the first Pope. Mary Magdalene was really the first one to see Jesus after he came back to life, and was the one who propagated his teachings the most after his death. It was Mary Magdalene who started Christianity in it's earliest form, not Peter- Gospel of Mary Banned from the Bible- Lost Gospel of Mary Magdalene- YouTube - The lost Gospel of Mary Magdalene The Lost Gospel of Phillip claims Jesus would kiss Mary Magdalene and loved her the most out of all the Disciples- YouTube - The lost Gospel of Philip, Jesus and MaryMagdalene The Real Mary Magdalene There's something about Mary Magdalene- Did God have a Wife? Peter denied Jesus 3 times and had issues. He always screwed up and was seeming to miss the point of Jesus's teachings while Jesus was alive. Jesus initiated him and taught him to unselfishly love and be peaceful, then he goes and cuts off a Roman slave's ear, etc. etc. etc. At first he did not want to accept that Mary Magdalene had the highest teaching from Jesus. Info- The Gospel of Mary Magdalene more info- The Life of Mary Magdalene Gospel of Mary Magdalene- The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene
  10. Bloodline and The Holy Grail

    Cool full length Documentary- Decoding the Past- The Holy Grail
  11. In Search of Rennes Le Chateau

    In Search of Rennes Le Chateau- Inside the Gates of Atlantis near Rennes le Chateau France Giant, Unknown Megaliths in France near Rennes le Chateau Unknown Megaliths from Rennes le Chateau France
  12. Recently I came across some articles talking about a very interesting issue. The issue of the disagreements and conflict between James the brother of Jesus, and Paul, about how to interpret and put into practice Jesus' teachings. Paul never met Jesus, he just claims to have seen him in a "vision" or some kind of "channeling" experience. Some believe Paul was a false teacher, or at the least, altered Jesus' teachings considerably in ways Jesus did not intend for. BBC documentary, Dead Sea Scrolls Cover-Up, Paul the Liar vs. James the Just Articles, James the Just vs. Paul- More answers-
  13. The God Awful Truth

    Here is an interesting short film about Christianty, entitled "The God Awful Truth" The God Awful Truth
  14. Was the first Pope really Peter?

    Video- Was the first Pope really Peter? Apostolic Succession debunked- The Church today claims that they have a direct lineage of Popes, going all the way back to the disciple Peter. However, the truth is, that there is no real evidence to support this. In fact, from what we know about history from that time period, it is hardly even possible any Pope could be directly connected to Peter. The first "Pope" did not exist until the second century at the earliest. Here is an informative article about this issue- Peter and Rome- The "Missing Link"- Was the Apostle Peter the first Pope? Also from Wiki-
  15. Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene

    Interview with Bart Ehrman about issues concerning 3 of Jesus' most important disciples. He explains that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. I believe it was the catholic church which slandered her as one, because she was a closer disciple to Jesus and actually outranked Peter who they claim is the first pope. Mary Magdalene was really the first one to see him after he came back to life, and was the one who propagated his teachings the most after his death. Bart Ehrman says here that he believes it was more-so Mary Magdalene who influenced the start of Christianity in it's earliest form, not Peter- 'Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene' : NPR
  16. The Gospel of Thomas

    The Gospel of Thomas Video about the Lost Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, which many historians feel contains the oldest content and is historically closer to Jesus than the 4 biblical Gospels are. It is written in the form of simple sayings and parables said by Jesus. The Gospel of Thomas is a closed-door, or secret teaching.To understand it you have to be a part of the lineage of Thomas, you had to be a gnostic. So the academics or researchers of today cannot fully fathom it's meaning- Some people are not aware that there are more Gospels than just the 4 main ones in the modern bible. Most of Jesus' Disciples have a Gospel. One of the most famous that has been found is the Gospel of Thomas, it is especially famous because it was found in it's complete form, and none of the other ones were, just fragments of them. So the question then becomes which Gospel is the most authentic and the closest to the teachings of the Grandmaster, Jesus Christ. Hardcore Christians don't want to admit that it could be older than their gospels, so they will always point out that the actual physical text we have of the Gospel of Thomas is in fact from hundreds of years after Jesus. However, according to high level scholars like Koester of Harvard, or Elaine Paegels, the content of the Gospel of Thomas is older than the papyrus of it that we have today. Why is that? Another factor we have to explain and look at now then, is the so called Lost Q document. Since textual criticism had become big in the last century or 2, something new was discovered. Throughout history it was always assumed that Luke and Matthew were derived from Mark, and that Mark was the original and oldest gospel. However, it was discovered that Luke and Matthew share common material that is not found in Mark. How can that be then? It means Luke and Matthew both derived some of the same information from another source, it has never been discovered but scholars have called it the "Q document". So how does this relate to the Gospel of Thomas you ask? Because it has long been believed by experts in textual criticism that the Q document would have been in the form of sayings, and parables, by Jesus. The Gospel of Thomas is in that format, and contains original information. The Original source for the teachings of the NT is not found or known by modern scholars, but it is known that it would have been in the form of a collection of saying by Jesus. This Lost original gospel source is known as the Q manuscript What is historically accurate? The truth is there are no gospels that perfectly agree without error Gospel of Thomas The Gospel of Thomas Collection -- Translations and Resources
  17. Here is the excellent PBS Frontline documentary "From Jesus to Christ- The First Christians". Part 1- Part- 2- Article with Scholar Dr. Elaine Pagels on the Gnostic Gospels- from jesus to christ: the story of the storytellers: the gnostic gospels There is even further reading, and educational articles relating to the program on the PBS website.- FRONTLINE: from jesus to christ - the first christians | PBS
  18. Banned from the Bible

    Banned from the Bible Here is an article about Lost Gospels, and the History channel documentary called "Banned from the Bible". It shows how many texts, including Gospels attributed to or about Disciples of Jesus, have been banned and hidden from the people by the church and the priests- dead sea scrolls, lost Atlantis, Edgar Cayce all connected? The History Channel Special, Banned from the Bible- Banned from the Bible II -
  19. Codex Sinaiticus is probably the oldest copy of the bible ever found, it is quite different in many respects from today's bible, and many parts are not in it, so we can now know which parts of the bible were added in later and are not part of the original texts. BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The rival to the Bible
  20. Misquoting Jesus

    Misquoting Jesus Textual critics have proven many parts of the modern bible were not originally a part of it. One example is the story of the woman who was about to be stoned to death but Jesus saved her by saying "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." It's been proven that this was added in hundreds of years after the NT texts were first written down, and the original texts didn't have this story. Koester notes: Someone arguing that it was originally in there has to explain why it does not appear in the most early accounts--why would they all delete? Why would it appear in the wrong gospel? Bart Ehrman Interview on "Misquoting Jesus" Bart Ehrman's 'Misquoting Jesus', with audio interview- Bart Ehrman's 'Misquoting Jesus' : NPR The book of Bart- The Book of Bart Historians don't consider the KJV to be historically as authentic or original as some other versions Most modern versions like the NASB, NIV, ESV (the 2001 English Standard Version) are based on the Westcott-Hort Greek text, which there are differences of some 5000 words and many whole verses from the New Testament Greek text that the King James Bible is derived from. The W-H text is based primarily on two manuscripts called Sinaiticus and Vaticanus. These two texts disagree significantly with each other, let alone with the vast majority of all other texts, in over 3000 places in the gospels alone, and over 1000 times in the rest of the New Testament. Yet they form the textual basis of most modern bible versions. Sinaiticus and Vaticanus were not found until after the KJV was already written, so they are older and more original. They are considered to be examples showing just how much a bible can change over time. The Masocretic texts that the modern bible is based on are obviously historically inferior to Sinaticus and Vatinicus which are far older. Here are 5, out of hundreds, of modern interpretations of scripture that can objectively be proven false- 1. The story of the woman who was to be stoned but was saved by Jesus, never happened and was not originally in the bible 2. The Trinity did not exist in the original texts 3. Nazareth didn't exist at the time of Jesus- Jesus the Nazarene means Jesus the Essene, not Jesus of Nazareth 4. Mary Magdalene being a prostitute rather than the head disciple of Jesus 5. The Resurrection as people today understand it was not in the oldest texts If you've played the "telephone game" as a kid where you whisper a phrase into someone's ear who then whispers it to the next kid and so on down a whole line up of kids. The phrase ends up something unrecognizable to the original. Now add that with whole texts that are supposed to come together as a complete story, different languages being translated, and different people doing different parts. I don't know that we can examine each change individually, but if you think about what the odds are....the odds are there are significant changes The bible of today is still a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, and obscure teachings and often originally oral traditions
  21. Nazareth- the town theology built Video about it- It would seem that recently here a debate has sprung up about whether Jesus was an historical person, and how much of his story is true and how much is made up. Here are some interesting links which talk about an interesting issue about Jesus. What if there was no Nazareth at that time, or, what if he wasn't really there? According to historical and archaeological evidence, it did not exist historically at the time period of Jesus or until after the 4th century. While human settlements have been found in the area dating back as far as 9000 years and hardcore "Christian" historians claim them as proof of Nazareth, nothing has been found to prove the existence of an actual city called Nazareth, or even a settlement called Nazareth, at the time of Jesus. No roads,villas, theatres, and especially synagogues! Modern Scholarship has found many instances where the modern bible contains bad translations from the original greek texts. One example is the mistranslation "Jesus of Nazareth". This became mistranslated into being understood as Jesus coming from the town of "Nazareth". However, modern archaeology shows that no such town existed at that time. We now know the proper translatation was "Jesus the Nazarene", meaning Jesus the Essene. The Essenes were a third group of Monastic Jews who would live in Monasteries near the Dead Sea in Jesus' day, who's teachings were at odds with those of the Saducees and Pharisees in the Jerusalem Temple of the time.- Nazareth – The Town that Theology Built Textual Analysis- History- So to be sure, Jesus did exist as a real spiritual teacher. He was an Essene teacher. An Essene teacher who was to come out and teach a bit more publically to succeed and surpass Jon the Baptist who was also an Essene. Video clips about their beliefs and life- Jesus, Jon the Baptist, and their connections to the Essenes- Information and introduction- History page 1st Century Timeline (CE 1 to 100) The Essenes were known to dress in White robes. And yet at times wore regular clothes. Some sites with info about the Essenes The Order of Nazorean Essenes Dead Sea Scrolls, Essenes - Crystalinks The Essenes - The Essene New Testament - The Gospel of The Holy Twelve (12) - The Gospel Of Perfect Life Actual historical acount by a scholar from the time of the Essenes. It doesn't mean everything is exactly accurate, but these historians lived in the same time period Some historical quotes- Also, what we know from the Dead Sea Scrolls- Jesus the Nazarene Jesus Christ Teacher of Righteousness Buddha Mudras & Hand Symbolism--the Power of Mudras Part 1: What Are Mudras? Real Taoists incorporate Mudra An article talking about those types of portraits a little bit- The Human Energy Field in Relation to Science, Consciousness, and Health
  22. The Pagan Christ

    Here is a documentary by the CBC exploring the similarities between Christianity, Pagan traditions, and the ancient Egyptian religion. Also explored is the theory that Christianity evolved out of the ancient Egyptian religion, and the controversial theory that Jesus did not actually exist. The Pagan Christ-