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Found 4 results

  1. Sex Crimes and the Vatican

    Considering how much abuse has gone on in the churches of the religion of Christianity, it makes the whole organized religion seem creepy to me, and like it is organized in order to control people and hide the truth from them. It's no wonder this ended up happening. Huge Sex Abuse Scandals in religions and churches SEX CRIMES AND VATICAN-
  2. Here is a series I found about the Inquisition, and the files and historical accounts that have been opened in recent years Secret Files of the Inquisition part one 1 (Root Out Heretics) Secret Files of the Inquisition part two 2 (The Tears Of Spain) Secret Files of the Inquisition part three 3 (The War Of Ideas) Secret Files of the Inquisition part four 4 (The End Of The Inquisition)
  3. The Evil of Nero

    Historical Documentaries about the powerful and evil Roman Emperor, the man known as Nero. Most Evil Men in History, Nero- Emperor Nero's Last Days-
  4. Was the first Pope really Peter?

    Video- Was the first Pope really Peter? Apostolic Succession debunked- The Church today claims that they have a direct lineage of Popes, going all the way back to the disciple Peter. However, the truth is, that there is no real evidence to support this. In fact, from what we know about history from that time period, it is hardly even possible any Pope could be directly connected to Peter. The first "Pope" did not exist until the second century at the earliest. Here is an informative article about this issue- Peter and Rome- The "Missing Link"- Was the Apostle Peter the first Pope? Also from Wiki-