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Found 26 results

  1. Hi friends, Over the last months, it's been getting harder to sign in here and participate. I find myself wanting to be amidst you, because of the love I have for the Bums - and a handful of Bums in particular. So I seem to end up reading a post or two and putting a Like on what I consider to be a beautiful post that points the Way. Or to find a laugh in the What made you laugh today thread. The personality part of me, the ego, still connects to the personality parts of you, and I have enough ego left to want to feel the comradeship of one who lives in Culver City (or somewhere around there), one who lives in Baltimore, one who lives in Baja. There are a few others, I just don't know where they live, but you know who you are. What made me realize that it's time to drop out of active participation, is that I'm tired of my own words. I've been evolving into these words for 40 years and it is partly because of you that I have learned these words. These are not words that come through your mouths, but through your hearts; the hearts that have arrived at, or are very close to, Self Realization. You've pointed me to books, to philosophies; so many things to read and discuss. And it is because of the melting pot nature of this place that I've been here as long as I have. It is through the channel of my heart that these words and ideas come to me now, which I feel a need to communicate to you. I know that to put Freemasonry in the tag portion of this post seems odd. I want to use this as an example, because the 33 degrees of Freemasonry are a very direct path to self-realization. Of course I'm not a Freemason, I am merely a woman. But I did get my hands on Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike at a yard sale some years ago, and was immediately captivated by it. I studied it, and it pointed me to something. When a man begins his journey in the Scottish Rites, he learns the name of a strange entity, introduced to him in the third degree. That name is Hiram Abiff, a representation of Hermes. This entity is introduced as the head mason appointed by King Solomon at the time the temple was built, and it is a lodestar for all further engagement within the Scottish Rites. But it has a more esoteric meaning as well. He is a half god/half man figure, a representation of that of which we are capable of understanding, once realized. I use 'realized' because that is the final necessity for entrance into the 33rd degree. It is a realization of who we are. I'll pick this up again a little later. Continuation along the Freemason path is an arduous task. Each degree, as outlined in Pike's Morals and Dogma, enumerates in grueling detail the character qualities one must develop, but even more grueling, remove from one's character to ascend to the next level; the selfishness, the self centered aspects of ourselves. Any seemingly odd ceremonies are in furtherance of the goal of removing conditioning from the individual; old beliefs, iffy upbringings, rejection of structure, in the end. On a seemingly different note, I went to a retirement dinner a few years back. I hadn't been to a police function in a long time, but when I walked in the door of the conference room, a gleaming bit of light immediately hit my eye. It was the reflection off an oxygen tank worn by a particular man, who I immediately recognized. His name was Jan, and he had been the police chaplain for some years. He wrote a monthly spiritual article in The Blue Line, a police publication which I still get. I was very glad to see him, we used to work together in the West L.A. squad room. As I crossed the room to talk to him, the words 'lack of inspiration' came to mind, because he had manifested a breathing problem. I let that go, and walked up to him. As we talked, I noted that he was wearing a Freemason ring. I asked him if he was a 33rd degree, given the depth of his spirituality. He answered 'No, I'm a 32nd degree'. I'll pick this up again a little further down. There was a 33rd degree Freemason named Manley Hall who is now deceased. I knew him from his lectures at the Philosophical Research Society in Hollywood, CA, where he spoke on Sundays. I tried to get to as many of his lectures as I could - this was in the early to mid seventies. This beautiful man, always impeccable in a black suit and starched white shirt, his white hair gleaming under the lights on the stage where he sat, would slowly walk onto the stage, sit in the chair in the middle of the stage, close his eyes, and start channeling. That was all you could call it. The words flowed out of his being and into my heart, where I could 'feel' the resonance. Although I was young, in my early 20's, something inside me knew that they were true words, straight as an arrow. He had written metaphysical books, a few of which I still have. It was one big seed he planted in my heart, although I didn't have the eyes or the ears yet to understand them - not fully. If I were to reread them today, I would be reading with a different set of eyes. He didn't speak of Freemasonry, not ever. He spoke with the I Am consciousness as his context. And subsequently, in one of his books, Mr. Hall did answer a question about the 33rd degree. He said "Yes, it is the I Am consciousness". In trying to describe this consciousness (which can't be described: 'the Dao that can be spoken is not the true Dao') all I can do is to relate this to my own experience, and say what I have said ad nauseum on this site - the experience of a recovering alcoholic person. The key to recovery, as it turns out, is to go through all previous conditionings, see where we made wrong turns, make amends to those we harmed; all in all a pretty humiliating experience to one with a large flaming ego. But over the past 40 years, the rough edges have been smoothed; the peaks have turned into valleys; patience is with understanding; and most importantly, the realization of the oneness of all mankind, regardless of where on the planet we live, or what religious structure we've been brought into as a child, or adopted as an adult. And as it also turns out, I am grateful for the fact that I was an alcoholic, because it led me here. To you. To a consciousness of oneness. And not just one with people; one with animals. Oneness with trees, with rocks, with mountains, with sky, with fire and all the elements. The total Oneness of life. It is this mind expansion which is our reward - the ability to grasp this consciousness, the I Am. The awareness that we are all the same substance, the same stardust, and that we all have the I Am inside us that knows, although our egos like to capture that knowing to bolster ourselves and elevate ourselves to a higher position. That's a challenge too; to keep our necessary ego out of the mix; that is a practice all its own. But the Valley of the Dao is the goal; the ability to receive everything, to make no judgments, to see things as neither Good or Bad or Evil; to realize that if it's not done with Love, which is utilized in different forms, it's not the true Way. To fully embrace Is-ness, with a twist of agape love and understanding as our guideposts. Lofty, indeed. And here we are, stuck in these skin bags walking this physical earth. And what are religions? They are conveyances to get us to the other shore. Once arrived, there is no need to stay in the boat. Just get out and walk the challenge; the challenge to remain in Consciousness as much as 'humanly' possible, the challenge to meet each situation with love, whatever that requires... and what your wisdom has taught you as to how to apply it. The wisdom of how to love is a great challenge. But above all, love life; not as a feeling, but as a practice. Chop wood, carry water. But with love always, placing ourselves as the valley into which all things flow. No need for contention, no need for ambition; egoless. And finally realizing that we really have no control over anything; that most often, the best answer to the enigma is to Do Nothing. The universe knows what it's doing, and putting our hands into the water usually muddies it. The reason I put such odd references in the Tags box, including and Morgan Freeman, is because they get it. The Black Eyed Peas singer gets it now. William James Adams changed the spelling of William to He now lives the I Am consciousness; his words now reflect that. And Morgan Freeman? I saw him interviewed by Larry King once. As Freeman is instrumental in producing highly spiritual documentaries, King asked him "Do you believe in God?" Freeman didn't miss a step; he looked right at Larry, and quietly said "I am god". Larry then said "you mean, you believe in god, right?" I don't recall Morgan saying anything further, other than smiling, but Larry King abruptly changed the subject, no doubt believe that he had a real kook on his hands. I wonder how many folks are still sitting in mental institutions because they have this understanding. That which we have been drawn to search for 'outside' is not outside at all. It's this common entity that we all share. We Are. We are god, in that sense of the word. If you look at all of creation as a spear, we are the tip. We're the thinking, feeling, seeing, touching, tasting, hearing tip. The essence burns within us, always prodding us forward and into situations that are required for our further understanding. Perhaps this is why we learn to still the mind, and why no harm comes to the sage. Because life gets so incredibly smooth; we realized that all Time and Space are ours. And that comes when we finally become capable of stilling the monkey mind. And what is 'It' looking for? Self realization; realization of who we Are. We're 'It'. I guess little kids had the answer all along; 'Tag, you're it!' It occurs to me that that's what all of life, this wonderful earth, is looking for; Self Realization, but on a communal level. There are so many seemingly horrible things now happening world-wide, but I take comfort in the Daodejing when it says 'that which is to be deflated must first be inflated'. When I look at the political stuff that's happening, I try to keep this in mind. And moreover, those politicians which appear most grievous are actually Me! So, we wait and love, trusting that the universe knows what it's doing. Actually, what's even more comforting is the Nowness of it all; and knowing that that which gives me anxiety, when I fall from consciousness on any given day, has actually already happened. That snaps me back. Like Ouroboros, the tail eating snake, I return to my friend Jan, the 32nd degree with 'lack of inspiration' in his oxygen tank at the retirement dinner. We spoke for a few minutes, and then I was about to walk back to my table. As I left, Jan smiled and said "God be with you", and he turned to talk to another. I walked a few steps and stopped, turning around. I realized his 'lack of inspiration' and the need for the oxygen tank. I leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Jan, we are god", and then I walked away. I turned back a few steps later to see how he reacted to this. He had stopped talking to the other person, and he was staring in disbelief at me. His eyes were sparkling, like a little kid's. His jaw was hanging open. He got it. And this encounter was written up in his next article in the Blue Line. At that moment, my friend Jan ascended to the 33rd Degree. He became Hiram Abiff, just in time. He died a month later. For anyone who reads this, thanks for hearing me out. If this turns into a thread, I don't want to make it about me. Any personal comments, please PM me. I'll still be around, just not quite so often. And this is most likely my last lengthy post. Love to everyone. You're the best. Barb Ortega
  2. The highest truth

    We live, we live, we are reborn. Consciousness consists of supercharged electrons of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a deepening of the transformative. We exist as electromagnetic resonance. Imagine a deepening of what could be. We must learn how to lead life-affirming lives in the face of selfishness. Soon there will be an unfolding of wellbeing the likes of which the biosphere has never seen. We are being called to explore the galaxy itself as an interface between nature and health. The world is calling to you via a resonance cascade. Can you hear it? Have you found your journey? If you have never experienced this canopy devoid of self, it can be difficult to reflect. This vision quest never ends. Eons from now, we messengers will self-actualize like never before as we are guided by the world. The galaxy is approaching a tipping point. Who are we? Where on the great quest will we be guided? Humankind has nothing to lose. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the infinite via ultrasonic energy.

    Each one of us here on Earth is an Individualized Manifestation of the Very Source of All That Is!God is nothing but the Very Consciousness that pervades the entire Universe!!Your soul script or what all you will go through and what you will become is more or less decided before you are born, though many things are flexible and can be changed to a considerable extent based on the choices you make and the choices that others around you will make in your current life.Your soul script for the current life is decided by the sum total of experiences that you have had in your previous lives and the new lessons that your soul would want to go through in order to achieve a state of balance.The Real Purpose of Our Lives is to Have Blissful, Fulfilling, Enriching and Transformative Experiences. Our Soul Spirit needs these experiences and we keep reincarnating again and again until we have learnt all our lessons across the entire spectrum of experiences.As long as we don't learn our lessons and keep repeating the same mistakes, we will keep going through the same experiences.Then, once the state of contentment is achieved, the soul spirit will have a choice of either achieving Nirvana (Dis-individualization and merging back with Source/Universal Godhead) or to take Greater responsibility and move on to newer experiences in higher realms / dimensions / universes.Thus, everyday, Learn to Live it King Size, stop living it pint size as it comes. Develop a Zest for Life and start creating opportunities for yourself. Take ownership and stop blaming God, rather be thankful to God for granting you this infinite Gift of Human Life.It doesn't matter in what context you are born, in what family and settings you have grown up, know that this is how it was intended to be to enable you to have the required experience that your Soul seeks.In the process, different souls choose different paths, some choose dark/ service to self/ left hand path while other choose light/ service to others/ right hand path. There is no need to feel guilty about your past or present no matter what your background is because all will eventually merge and become One.Always remember that the potential for the Greatest Good and the Greatest God is Already present in each one of Us, All we need to do is to unravel ourselves to the inner most core to uncover the true nature of our own reality that has the Highest Purity, the Greatest and the Mightiest Power of God within it.Realize that each of our lives is invaluable and highly coveted, know that extra-terrestrials from far off stars desperately seek a human incarnation on Earth because this is where lessons are learnt. It is our planet that offers an environment for super fast learning and expedited evolution unlike anywhere else in the entire galaxy.The real evolution is that of the spirit and not the flesh, as our souls learn their lessons, the next birth may be in a more advanced body form in a different dimension commensurate with the settings needed for inculcating the next set of lessons on the souls incredible journey back to Godhead.The absolute truth is that the One Godhead (Paramatma) divided itself into infinite souls (Jeevatmas) so it could have infinite different experiences in infinite different ways.Life in this Universe is an endless pursuit of SAT-CHID-ANANDA. Sat (TRUTH) - Chid (KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM) and Ananda (BLISS/JOY/HAPPINESS).Everything is Science, Everything is Energy, Everything is God. There is no contradiction !What matters is to imbibe the Truth and accept your current state objectively and in a balanced manner. This way, we will be able to further advance the real purpose of our lives by contributing to the greater cause in whichever way we can and thus also serve the group consciousness (our soul families) in the most efficient manner.I searched for God everywhere, I only found myself !I searched for myself in everyone, I only found God !!
  4. Hi there, I had the realisation of having aphantasia about 2 years ago, ever since then my mind became fixated on curing myself and redeveloping the skill possesed by 99% of the population. Through my fixation i learned obsessively about everything i could relate to it: digestion, diet, nutrition, leaky gut, chakras, energy, reiki, ibogaine, ayahuasca, god In part i am very grateful to it, because only through the realisation of having aphantasia did i become spiritual, reiki level 2, meditation initiated and fundementally a happier human being through my reconnection with the devine. Every free moment that i have i like to read about ayurveda, yoga, hinduism, energies etc and super interested in alternative medicines considering that i have tried most of them and on my way to study them on my new life path of becoming a natural healer So happy for my new life path, but still there is the aphantasia hanging around almost like a curse. I have considered many causes including stuff like carmic debts and i am almost out of ideas... I am begging anyone that might have tools to help me understand and overcome the affliction known as aphantasia. Thank you in advance, Human
  5. What is God from a Taoist viewpoint? It's a high-level[dimensional] thing that I've reached through the Practice of Taoism. That's why it's hard to understand what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about goes far beyond Taoism. You study only about three-dimensional materials about Taoism, but if you go through some steps, you're going to have four-dimensional. In fact, in three-dimensional, no one would have reached the highest level of the Taoist reference, such as Microcosmic Orbit (小周天) or 大周天. Taoism teachers around the world don't know or knew all the details, but pretended like he knew nothing about these four-dimensional souls or Gods. There are several reasons, First of all, they do not have the ability to solve the problem. Second, most Taoism teachers are taken to miscellaneous Gods. This is why they hide. Third, groups of darkness are very afraid to know the truth. That's why they disturb organized. There are invisible beings in our universe. Unseen beings can compress in three ways. The souls of the dead, the souls of the living and the Gods. If the power[功力] is not high, they can be taken over. Fortunately, high-level Gods help the Taoists. I've mastered the skills to deal with this kind of soul through the years of practice, and no one in the world has ever had this skills. Because the skills is Darma[Dharma] of 紫府仙人, the founder of Taoism, and if anyone wants to learn, I can teach you the essence of Taoism for free. You might be saying, "Stop your big talk until you show us some proof." Then I would reply:Find a gifted shaman with my pictures and writings, So they will tell you about me, and I can to connect remotely demonstrate by one-on-one healing support.
  6. Blissful Books

    I am really interested in knowing which books have you read, preferably short books that have put you into a state of bliss? Like for example, for me it was Ribhu Gita, chapter 26 as suggested by Ramana Maharshi. Thanks
  7. Ellam Ondre (All is One)

    Author unknown, 19th century. I'll post 1 chapter per post, for a total of 6:
  8. Is it immoral to tell people who they are?

    Like if we see someone who is just a grim sad bozo who feels helpless, can we tell them who they are or is that immoral? I don't mean what some of you less evolved might have meant after reading that sentence. Is it wrong to tell people who are sighing and rubbing their chins against their desk that they are pure light?
  9. Okay, I need some help here and I would appreciate your guys feedback on this topic. It seems to me every time I try to mediate on the lower dantian below my navel I lose concentration because I feel energy running through my back? I was wondering is this do to my back injury in my upper back because I sometimes feel this energy just by standing still and concentrating. It feels like thousand little electrified ants running in my back is this my chi or is this normal for people with back pain? I usually feel this energy get stronger when I mediate, so is my back trying to heal itself or is this loose chi from my back injury or could this be my spinal fluid? Any ideas?
  10. Have you heard people talk about I Am That and wondered what they were on about? Did you want to buy Qigong Empowerment, but it's just too expensive? Are you waiting for Waking, Dreaming, Being to come out in paperback you just can't justify paying for the hardback? Well, put those thoughts aside. Here's your chance to win! According to Michael Singer: I listened to most of his book, the Surrender Experiment, but it was so terrible I returned it. But the experiment is interesting. It describes fairly well a fundamental principle in all spiritual disciplines. The Bhagavad Gita says that one is entitled to labor, but not to the fruits. The karma yogi works, but dedicates his/her fruits to the cosmos. The idea is that the cosmos knows better than we do. Bodhidharma says that we should accept what happens on the basis of karma. From time to time, I acknowledge surrender, and I practice it every day. But what about on a larger scale? What about maximum surrender? I decided to give Singer's experiment a 100 day test. The basics are: 1. Open yourself up to what is unfolding before you. Pay special attention to the opportunities to help others or for spiritual practice. Say yes when you normally wouldn't. Pay attention to things that come up, or even better, the intentions that arise out of stillness. 2. Don't listen to your thinking mind, especially when it says you can't or that you're not qualified, or that you're scared. Common sense is okay. Moderation is key to some practices, such as yoga and qigong. 3. When making a decision, try to understand that what you want may not come. Allow the result to manifest. Negative results may be burning off off your ego. So far (I cheated and started a month ago), the results have been overwhelmingly positive in my practices. Stress levels are down. Bliss is up. Family harmony is up. I discovered the benefits of facing the cold and taking cold showers. I rediscovered spontaneous qigong. I'm taking a reiki class--- yes, a REIKI CLASS. I can do also do more push-ups. It also occurred to me to offer THIS CHALLENGE. Anyone who wants to take the challenge, post here that you're taking the challenge, then let us know what happens. In about 100 days, I will let the small, still voice pick a poster to win his/her choice of a reasonably priced book ($20-30) from You can join anytime. To be eligible for the book award, you must be able to receive shipping from Amazon worldwide.
  11. Thoughts about God

    So far, in my spiritual journey, I have been exposed to two views about God. As a Christian God is seen as the bearded man in the sky somewhere. God is seperate. God is loving, but can be angry or jealous. God judges, God is affected by the things we do, think or say. God hates sin. God is outside of me, seperate from me. God has some sort of plan for His creation. This idea of God does not evolve. Now, as whatever this is, the Source is seen as both outside of and one with all of creation. The Source is seen as an energy, The Source has no ego. The Source remians unaffected by what I do, say or think. The Source sees the Truth of who I am. The Source has no plans and does not judge. The Source just is. The Source may be loving in essence, but there is uncertainty here, because if love exists then so does the possibility of its opposite. This idea of God, as Source, is still evolving. But this brings up two nearly identical questions. If the Christian idea of God is true, and Heaven is perfect, where did the sin of jealousy come from, that Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels woudl fall? There can be no imperfection in perfection. If God is perfect, if Heaven, His home is perfect, then sin can not exist there. It could no more grow there then a redwood seed could sprout and grow on the moon. If, on the other hand, God is not seperate, if the Source is one with all of creation, how did parts of itself decide that they wanted to be seperate, to become you and I, the things in creation, and experience things from that persepctive? If the Source is in some unchanging state, free of any ego, and therefrore desireless, how did parts of itself desire to experience seperation? It would be the same as if my arm suddendly desired to experience life seperate from my body, and dropped off. This is telling me there is something wrong with both perspectives of God. There are holes in each definition where there should be no holes. What do you think? What is your explanation?
  12. I am struggling with something. How many times have I said those words I wonder? I have finished reading Joel Goldsmith's, "Art of Spiritual Healing." He is one of those teachers lumped into the "New Thought" movement at the turn of last century. The book was very hard to read, and I found it troubling. But I didn't get the sense I was being lied to. Quite the opposite. Mr. Goldsmith spoke very authoritatively, and it made sense with what I have learned in my own experience. The whole point of the book, its theme, is that God does the healing. God does the creating. Everything is done by God. That is how Jesus worked. Essentially we must come to an inner God-realization and open ourselves to God working through us. While God was the name used, the book was not specifically Christian, and you can probably substitute God with whatever name you have for the energy that powers everything, I call it the Source. The book details the process of what "New Thought" folks called a Treatment. Someone comes to you and asks for a Treatment. You forget their name or what they want treated. You come before God, inside, and you focus on some aspect of God. If someone has come for a Treatment of sickness you come before God by realizing this energy is perfect health. You focus on the nature of God, there is some sort of release, and then you are done. What bothers me about this is that it puts me back under God's thumb, and worse, seems to say that I do not really exist. That the energy that gives my physical body life is God. My identity, who I am, as I used to say who I truly am inside, does not really exist. Basically we are puppets and God's hand is what gives up life and movement. We do not create, God creates through us. We do not heal, God heals through us. This idea seems to reinforce the idea which I have encountered in other spiritual teachings, that our real purpose is to become one with God. Self-annihilation, God as Brahman. I find this worse than the Christian idea of Heaven VS Hell. I may have said some of this elsewhere, if I did I apologize for repeating myself. Anyhow It used to be that I could think of nothing worse than staying in one place for all eternity. There is the whole afterlife to explore, and I would like to do that. Well this idea, that all I do is become energy and cease to exist in any form I can move about in, that I merge with God and disappear - well this is worse. To add insult to injury I am told this is really the purpose of my physical existence, and that of myself I can do nothing. There is one problem with this idea. Who created the ego? Because if Joel Goldsmith is right, man does not create anything, so God had to have created the ego. Why? Why create an ego for us, so we can be separate from God, if indeed were were one with this energy in the first place, only to tell us that we have no power outside of God and are supposed to be one with this energy? It makes no sense. When I left the Christian faith I liked that I no longer had to deal with God's Will. I was in charge of my life here on earth. There was a path I could follow to my true life, but it was my choice. I chose to follow it. Furthermore I could manifest what I needed here in the physical realm, whether it be an object or healing. I felt like I had power. I am not power-crazed or anything. It was just nice to know that in a world where I could not control the actions of others, where there were things I had no power to change in society, I could at the very least choose what to think, choose to see things the way I wanted them to be, and know that this would affect the reality I experienced. I had a way to change things in my life I wanted to change, and I didn't need social prestige or money. But now this, and I have to apply it. I have to try it. Because if I was truly in charge of my life, I would not be living where I am now. This is not a conscious decision. I do not want to be here in this tiny room, in a place where I am surrounded by Christians, where I have little or no social or spiritual opportunities. Obviously changing my thinking patterns, changing my thoughts, has done little to change my reality, beyond making money come to me easier, for which I am grateful. Now I have to figure out how to become God-realized, to allow God to work through me. If this is how Jesus operated, I want to operate in the same way. I want to test this out, apply it, live it, become it and then decide if it has proven to be experientially true. Tonight I had a thought that inspired this thread. Jesus wept. He then resurrected Lazarus from the dead. If this really happened it tells me something. God, or as Jesus referred to Him, His Father, didn't give a flying you-know-what about Lazarus. Didn't care, didn't not care, beyond those feelings. But Jesus did. If Jesus was allowing His Father to work through him, then that tells me that Jesus still had his personality, his identity. Something beyond the ego and its identification with the physical body labelled Jesus. Jesus made the choice who to raise up. This was His decision. His will. But His Father did the raising, if Goldsmith is right. So perhaps becoming one with God does not mean self-annihilation? There is still something there, an identity, a presence, that is unique to each person? If so it wouldn't be so bad to be a puppet with God's hand up his arse. Are we all just puppets, just God playing at being the multitude of forms in the physical realm, with nothing left but God after the form has ceased to function, or is there something more to us? If we are waves in the Source ocean, when we subside is there anything left of us at all, or is all that we think we are just an illusion, with God being the only reality? What are your thoughts?
  13. Is there a significance we cannot measure? Is there a meaning that does not fall victim to the thoughts that compose us? Can we identify without clinging? Can we identify without anything? Do not all currents of the mind eventually subjectify? Do not all currents of the mind eventually die? Do not all streams of belief, meaning, and significance through the passage of time become unbelievable, meaningless, and insignificant? What then remains? What then.
  14. Spirit Science

    Has anybody seen these? Pretty good, even if a bit biased about some things from time to time... Here's episode 1 for those interested: I apologise for the typo in the title of this thread. Can I edit it?
  15. God, Nature, The Universe, The Earth, Life, Mind, Human History, Worldwide Flood Myths Ultimate Greatest Thread Ever Made. Bar None. Chinese character for Qi- vapors rising Vapor and rice together Here is a quote about Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts- Connection to the earth. Center of gravity. For sweeping the sweep digs a trench into the earth. The hips are like pendulums, connected to the ground Video showing a little bit of internal energy Anyways, that's one article I found interesting. Throughout history, teachers would teach mankind through oracles such as the I Ching to teach about oneness. About how everything is vibration , and octaves. Galaxies, stars, planets, moons, humans, light, matter, vapor, sound. The kings and emperors had no problem with this as long as they could become immortal, lead be turned to gold, or if their futures could be predicted. Wuji- the formless, shapeless, nebulous, great void, before creation Taiji- the beginning of creation, experience, companionship, and duality, Yang and Yin turning around and eternally alternating giving birth to thousands of things within certain planes in the universe. Yang, one extreme pole- Yin the other extreme pole- One of the representations of Yin and Yang, is Water and Fire SmallYang-BigYang-BigYin-SmallYin- There are many meanings, including Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring
  16. Buddha kept silent about God. This means that God is beyond words, mind and logic as said in the Veda. Buddha means the Buddhi or Jnana yoga that speaks about the absolute God. Thus He is the greatest incarnation of God. If one thinks Him as atheist, there can be no better fool. Mohammed showed the formless medium in which God exists, which is energy and this is presented by Shankara, because basically energy and awareness are one and the same. The prophet itself means human incarnation. Prophet is carrying on the message of God. The divine knowledge is in Him. Is He not greater than other human beings? Message of divine knowledge is the characteristic of God (Satyam Jnanam – the Veda) and so we say God is in Him. Why do you deny it, when God is omnipresent? Then every human being should give the same message of God, since God is omnipresent. But why Mohammed alone gave it? Because the power of God or knowledge of God is in him only. Then the power of God, in the form of knowledge is not omnipresent. In any case, you have to accept that either God or His Power is only in Prophet Mohammed. That is what human incarnation is. You are fighting with us, without analysing the concept of human incarnation. Thus Buddha, Mohammed and Shankara have made the single phase, which was essential to the level of the followers at that time. The concept of human incarnation was well established by Krishna and Jesus. You can find all three branches of Hinduism (Advaita, Visishta Advaita, Dvaita) in Christianity because Jesus told that He and God are one and the same (Advaita), that He is the son of God (Visishta Advaita) and that He is the messenger of God (Dvaita). The stage of philosophy was expressed according to the required stage of the people of that time.
  17. Synchronicity

    As human beings become more and more out of touch with Nature and more entrenched in modern society, as they become more and more materialistic in their thinking, as their energy channels and hearts become more closed off, they also lose touch with the phenomena of Synchronicity. Here is a really cool Synchronicity quote generator, based on sayings and quotes by the one and only Edgar Cayce-
  18. The Children of the Law of One, & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis free onine books, meditation techniques gadgets, atlantis Jon Peniel's painting of the Himalayas Free Chapters from the Lost Teachings of Atlantis by Jon Peniel who was the head monk of the order of the Children of the Law of One and who first made the unadulterated teachings of the order available to the public. Before that, the teachings of the Children of the Law of One were taught only in Tibet or the Pyrenees mountains of Spain and could only be found if someone went there. Everything is in these teachings! The CLO was probably the first spiritual order on Earth, and the energy practices are the original energy practices. Most major religions have their roots in a teacher of the CLO, although most people who followed or now follow the religion would not usually know the founder was a CLO monk/teacher. Shargung La is the final place where the Children of the Law of One retreated to after the final destruction of Atlantis in 10,500 BC, they also went to Egypt, the Pyrenees, and the Yucatan. Many of the world's energy practices originate from Tibetan mountains and even the Shargung La area in Tibet, a warmer subtropical area inside the deepest gorge in the world, amidst the freezing Himalayas. Most energy or spiritual practices are related to the Children of the Law of One in some way or another I believe. What the CLO emphasize is unselfish love over all else. You can identify the true CLO teachers by their emphasis on unselfish love for all beings , returning to God by regaining universal consciousness and contact with god by direct experience, returning to oneness with god, and not emphasis on abilities, phenomena, power, or anything like that. Even in this world of darkness, selfish consciousness, and pain, there have always been the CLO who love all beings, who feel pain and compassion with understanding for the beings on earth and the condition of the beings on earth. They have always been lights shining in the darkness, guiding humanity, and are here for those that really are ready, those that can awaken to their inner being, and truly improve themselves to return to their original angelic states and transcend the human world. However, in 1990 the CLO monks in Tibet and elsewhere were attacked and many were killed, there are now few left in this world and in 1998 the teachings were made public for the first time in history since the days of Atlantis Here is the opening chapter of the book "The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis", from the first 2 pages Survivors of Atlantis- stargate atlantis? Survivors of the real lost city/continent. Free Chapters of the Lost Teachings of Atlantis Lost Teachings of Atlantis Foreword spiritual journey Chapter Three Sources and Descendants of the Teachings the religion of atlantis? Chapter Six Different Points of View Chapter Nineteen The Children of the Law of One Basic Meta-Physics of Science-Magic More articles- Frequently Asked Questions about us and spiritual growth earth changes spirituality articles Does God exist - who are you and what do you want? Jon Peniel New Year 2001 Message. New Year resolution and spiritulity An offshoot branch of the CLO( Children of the Law of One) that people can practice in modern times, is the Golden Rule organization or GRO. Benjamin Franklin's secrets to relationships & personal success
  19. Specifically as I understand it the Buddhist belief system is in the Anatman, and this was done intentionally by Buddha to get people to think outside the Hindu/Yogic system where the Higher Self is called the Atman. I guess what I would like to know is does the Buddhist belief system believe in God, and if so, what form is God for them? It seems in the Hindu/Yogic system God is you, me, each of us living sperately physically but all connected to the Source through our Higher Selves. We are all little peices of God and are at the same time God. I think I get what they say. But I would like to know what the Buddhist belief system says. The reason I am asking this is because I come from the Christain belief system, and I am rapidly coming to the point where I will have to figure out where I stand. Is God some man on a throne somewhere? Is God merely the energy that we all have a part of inside that gives us life and is commonly referred to as The Source? Or is God me, or rather am I God? For whatever reason God decided to shoot a part of Himself off into this physical reality to live in my physical body. Or is God perhaps all of these and more, or none of these? I have to make a choice in order to pursue my spiritual development. If I stick with my Christain beliefs then I can go no further. God may or may not be connected to me, I may or may not be connected to others, God may or may not be the source that connects us all and gives us life. This is as far as I can go in the Christain faith. Because if I start saying I am God I am in direct conflict with the Bible and the belief system of the Christian faith. It is, literally for me at this point in my development, hell or high water. Once I start calling myself God, if I am wrong, if the Christian faith is right, then I consign myself to an eternity of suffering in hell for blasphomy among other things. Do you see my predicament? At some point I have to step off the narrow way and risk the jungle that waits beyond. Well in reality I have stepped off, and now it's a matter of turning my back on it and leaving it behind. I can't think of myself as a Center of Consiousness, and move beyond my body, within my former religion. I mean I moved beyond the religion itself but retained some of its beliefs. It is those I have to leave behind. All this is compounded by the fact that I now see the truth about religion in general. It is a control, a leash, a cage, a collar. You can't find freedom in a belief, it is your beliefs that entrap you. Some of that entrapment is good. Your religion tells you that murdering someone is bad, well then you won't be going around killing folks. Your belief to respect life, to not kill, is stronger than any law. But in most other ways these constraints are bad, because they can be used to keep you blind, deaf and dumb to the truth so others can control you. It is apt that the Bible describes people as sheep... Anyhow I think understanding the Buddhist viewpoint here will aid me in figuring out what mine will be. One of the main three, or perhaps a different one entirely. We'll see. I appreciate your help. Also let me be perfectly clear, I'm not posting this to challenge or belittle anyone's views on God. I didn't start this thread to argue. Just to hear a viewpoint. So feel free to share, I for one will welcome and appreciate it. Thank you - - DreamBliss
  20. You sometimes will see that there are people these days who always like to portray the past religions and past spiritual traditions in a negative light. They like to blame the stumbling blocks, limitations, and mistakes in human history on Spirituality and Religion. However, in reality humanity is simply growing and progressing over time. Ultimately, building on the foundations of the past, progress is always made, and greater and greater understandings towards a higher spiritual ideal are ultimately realized. 3 major paradigm shifts in Human History- http://childrenofthe...lisone-paradigm Glossary of terms for the new millennium and future paradigms-
  21. The God Awful Truth

    Here is an interesting short film about Christianty, entitled "The God Awful Truth" The God Awful Truth
  22. Here is the excellent PBS Frontline documentary "From Jesus to Christ- The First Christians". Part 1- Part- 2- Article with Scholar Dr. Elaine Pagels on the Gnostic Gospels- from jesus to christ: the story of the storytellers: the gnostic gospels There is even further reading, and educational articles relating to the program on the PBS website.- FRONTLINE: from jesus to christ - the first christians | PBS
  23. The Pagan Christ

    Here is a documentary by the CBC exploring the similarities between Christianity, Pagan traditions, and the ancient Egyptian religion. Also explored is the theory that Christianity evolved out of the ancient Egyptian religion, and the controversial theory that Jesus did not actually exist. The Pagan Christ-