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Found 4 results

  1. Hello from france anyone?

    Hello everyone ! I have been visiting this forum for a few years, helped me learn a few things. I am now here to contribute as well. If there are any alchemical qi gong practitioners or anything related based in France, I will be happy to meet you. Main Fields of interest and practice : Music composition (maybe I will be posting some of my experimental work.) Zhan zhuang and energy cultivation techniques, breathing techniques. Acting Relaxing and being cool. P.S. I'd love to get access to the woman forums, (I have a girlfriend practicing) and very curious about all that material thanks
  2. Hi from France

    Hi everyone, I discovered the forum searching for semen retention so I subscribbed. Man, living in France, interested in spirituality since I was young, raised as Catholic, then philosophy, then I tried plants and semen retention since I was teenager, fasting, good diet (raw fruits, salads and juices essentially), meditation, Taoists, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj... love the sages, love wisdom, life, I wrote a lot... and I'm glad I found you, really cool forum, mature, full of nice people and good information. English is not my main language but I understand and write not so badly I think, but a strong french accent when talking. Thank you.
  3. Bloodline and The Holy Grail

    Cool full length Documentary- Decoding the Past- The Holy Grail
  4. In Search of Rennes Le Chateau

    In Search of Rennes Le Chateau- Inside the Gates of Atlantis near Rennes le Chateau France Giant, Unknown Megaliths in France near Rennes le Chateau Unknown Megaliths from Rennes le Chateau France