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  1. Free help in producing Films

    Hi, I am a retired lecturer in Metallurgy and Preach Christianity, Sikhism and Real Islam of Allah. The people at present have become fanatics giving religion a very Bad Name. I have put up almost 3000 Videos on Youtube, channel nijjhar1. They are my Original thoughts and I Preach Christianity with authority.
  2. Addiction

    Good luck from me as well.
  3. strange feelings

    Beware of the Indian psychics. They are after your money and they know the tricks of the trade. Lightning is suppose to strike in the East but it does not flash there but in the West.
  4. Basic Taoist Help?

    Hi, It would be nice to know Tao and share my knowledge.
  5. hey guys

    Hey Brethren, Just to say hello and tell you that we have One Father in God.
  6. Hi, In general, people do not have a conscience when cheating comes. Conscience is the Foundation for learning Gospel.
  7. Addiction

    Hi rethren, You need a strong will power to get rid of addiction.