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  1. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    How I imagine people who boast about being atheistic, free thinkers or too intelligent on the internet or any other place, for that matter
  2. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Well, your groups stance on this might have changed since last time I checked but from what I remember they were talking about needing to retire in order to meditate for 10 hours a day and speaking of sitting for hours straight until they were "filled with disgust". I'm sure if you search this forum you'll see what I'm talking about You still haven't addressed the other criticism I voiced though
  3. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    I really don't get how people can believe the more_piei crowd that you need to sit for god knows how many hours per session to make progress. John himself, if i remember correctly was working as a taxi driver and also taking care of his large family(7 kids) while making progress. There is also the thing with the deep meditation stuff and the 81 hours. Sure, deeper meditation means you gather more chi but just how sure are you that the reverse is not also true? As in you can't enter deep states of meditation UNLESS you already have qi stored. Without qi stored, no matter how much you sit, you might never be able to get into "deep meditation". A beginner without a real dantian and wi stored inside it will never be able to reach those real trance state you keep speaking of. In taoism qi is a means to an end. Like Zhuangzi said: โ€œThe fish trap exists because of the fish. Once you've gotten the fish you can forget the trap. The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit. Once you've gotten the rabbit, you can forget the snare. " There is also the ideea that you can just train once for 12 hours straight and then just not train for a week or a month and the qi just remains stored and you can continue as if no pause happened. Qi gets used if not repleneshid and more importantly if it's not circulated it gets stale and bad. Once the qi is completely gone and you don't replenish it fast enough, the process of the dantian storing qi needs to get restarted and that usually takes about 10-14 days of daily practice(thats why the Longmen seminars with master Liping last as much as they last, for example). But anyway I'm glad people are starting to come to their senses and starting to refute this kind of nonsense. It was long overdue
  4. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    From their own forum, quotes from one of Kostas students that was tested by JC and finished level 1 and speaks on how long it took him to finish level1 Also him on what's inside the books and how you should not use them as a Bible Edit: Underlines belong to me
  5. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Although I believe The Magus Of Java is somewhat warped by Kosta as far as abilities go I personally don't think it's that far from the truth. Liping supposedly had neikung blasts in his teenage years and his master could levitate and become invisible(and to be fair, from my experience at his seminar I really don't believe that the man lies or that he lacks the juice). Modern masters have been documented that they can see through solid objects, set thing on fire from a distance, generate fileds of strong pressure over entire rooms of people and so on. Who knows what just a slightly different approach to training does or how much can taking external dan, for example, boosted the abilities of olden masters when compared to modern masters. Maybe some knowledge was lost in between generations. Not to mention that those masters of old spend most of their time training in isolation (Liao's master lived on an island, no?)while modern masters even if powerful usually have a wife, kids, a job, they heal people around them and maybe just don't care that much about raw power. Overall these discussions about possible abilities is pointless. The only real way to be sure is either to find a level 52 mopai master(or longmen pai or whatever pai) that is willing to demonstrate or just walk the walk yourself. Many times reality is more strange than our craziest imagination
  6. Did Jesus Study Taosim?

    Sure he did.
  7. The claim of extraordinary abilities and results, as well as the claim that most other schools lack complete methods is the common denominator in this particular case, and as they say, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". The fact that they are not nei dan(as far as you know, at least) is irrelevant to the point I am making and which you completely ignored.
  8. Nobody is denying the importance the Chinese language has for those searching for Dao. The problems appears when you make all those claims about your school in a lot of threads and seemingly from more than one member of your school and the only thing you bring to the table are scholarly interpretations of classic texts. I'm not opposed to the idea that only a few schools hold the complete methods(I actually favor that hypothesis) and that yours is one of them but what about giving us mere mortals some more tangible evidence? Other schools that claim extraordinary results, and that their art is "more complete" than that of other schools, like Mopai and Gengmen pai, have shown more than literary analysis to back their claim(as questionable as that might be).In the mean time we don't even really know who the grand master of your school is. I think this type of "Taoist bible thumping" gets old fast, especially when claims such as actual 'physical immortality" or that normal people getting your schools techniques are like "children playing with guns" are made yet not a single shred of proof is delivered. I might be wrong, but from reading the threads on this forum I find it all very suspicions
  9. Hmm, most people who attain dao do that through inner practice, not by studying texts. Once they reach it, the texts meanings are obvious because they have went through all the process themselves, not because they are great scholars who can read very well. Real understanding comes from practice and direct experience and is infinitely more valuable than knowledge attained through reading. A high level master can guide and teach his student without uttering a single word(what happened with "The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao/The name that can be named is not the eternal name"). It's these kind of affirmations (mixed with "my school is the best, everyone else is doing it wrong, only we have the truth" attitude) that makes me seriously doubt your school and intentions Can you? Just manifest in front of him and you can convince him that he is on the wrong path and see for yourself if he has any attainment.
  10. Replenishing Yuanqi

    My own conclusions from my practice and from observing some of those real high level masters (so don't make me give you a text on it): I personally don't think all of a persons yuan qi comes from his parents just like I don't think yuan qi can only be replenished through internal alchemy. I believe we get some initial qi from our parents which initiates the forming of the fetus and we also get from our parents how much overall quantity of this qi you can have as in how long your lifespan is gonna be. Once the initial spark happens and the fetus starts forming/the child starts growing, yuan qi is generated in the body naturally, through the same processes that internal alchemy hijacks in order to achieve its results. Since this type of qi is heavily used in tissue generation and general tissue formation, once puberty sets in and the body is fully formed this internal generation of yuan qi stops(or slows down dramatically I think is a lot more precise to the point where you consume more than your body generates and thus you start to age. This also means that if lets say through internal alchemy you gather more than you consume you wouldn't get younger, you would potentially stop or slow down ageing)) and some of the pathways that were used previously are shut down(like bone growth for example which BTW I know of a master who treats dwarfism with qi gong and is able to make the patient taller by 10-20cm). I also don't think internal alchemy or internal work can make one young again as I have seen some people claim around here, since the physical body is of the post heaven things and its his nature to decay(the only way you could do that is to sublimate it completely into an energy body). What internal alchemy can do and I am quite certain of this, is that it can prolong your life span, as in if with perfect health your body would live till 100 yo with internal alchemy you could extend that to say 135 or whatever but of course not indefinitely and you would still look old(check that Chinese man who supposedly lived for 257years)
  11. For the Introverts

    As an introvert I think most people today confuse introversion with shyness and social anxiety and a lot of the memes about introverts make that same confusion.
  12. Talking bad about good things

    So how long until Awaken's posts are considered trolling? It's getting real old and she derails a lot of good threads.
  13. Ling-pao pi-fa

    No sorry, I don't have it as pdf. But you can buy it here, it's not realy that expensive imo and as far as I know it's the only western translation available as a book.
  14. Ling-pao pi-fa

    There is the translation Of Ling Bao Bi Fa to french By Farzeen Baldrian Hussein which is very good IMO. I don't know of any in English though