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  1. Authentic golden body

    I didnt find this exact text in my version .from where it is: a golden body being like ○ and the dharma body like ○; the original face and the emptiness are like ○, the Heaven-Earth from above to below are like ○. The Heaven-Earth will perish but this ○ would not. Please ask what is this ○? It is the true yin-yang pre-Heavenly qi of all things, my true Xing-Ming, the never ruining true form of a golden saint, not born and not dying prime spirit of the absolute being and non-being Tathagata. This is the end of the 16th step’s oral secrets.’ (Qian-fen old man 千峰老人, 赵避尘 Zhao Bi-chen, 顺一子 Shun Yi-zi)
  2. Authentic golden body

    Thank you.This is from Zhao Bi Chen book on Yoga and Immortality?
  3. Authentic golden body

    Hi Taoist texts, Can you post other oral secrets of (Qian-fen old man 千峰老人, 赵避尘 Zhao Bi-chen, 顺一子 Shun Yi-zi)? Best regards, Ormus
  4. What is the name of this Daoist school? Ormus
  5. Hi Exorcist, I agree with you regarding Wu Liu Pai and and sexual practice dual cultivation,but their Russian members on their forum claim opposite.Mainly that Master Wu recived pair cultivation and Wai Dan laboratory Alchemy but didnt provide any clue for this claims. Ormus
  6. Daoist Alchemy: Jerry A. Johnson

    His works is related to Shang Qing Pai and this predates Nei Dan and I consider it proto Nei Dan or early formation stage of Inner Cultication Alchemy as reaction to Taiqing copurs of Wai Dan laboratory Alchemy described by Immortal Master Ge Hong. Ormus
  7. Can you give exact name? Yi Guan Dao is famous and they also practice Nei Dan.I call them neo Daoist groups.There are good works about such groups designated as Salvation society or Redemptive Society and their part are Spirit Writing cult.To me they are interesting because of their claims to have superior method then Nei Dan and for direct communication with Xians. I have big list of such groups and some books about them,and even some details about their work. Maybe I can say more if you provide real name on Chinese and English. To add that in exploring such groups I find details which looks similar or the same as those of Xiao Yao Pai from Indonesia.This I am to post in another tread. Ormus
  8. Talking about Nan Pai and Jin Dan Si Bai Zi

    Immortal Master Lu Dong Bin is also mentioned as transsmiting pair cultivation and Wai Dan(laboratory books) both to ortodox schools and salvation societys-spirit writing cults.Not to mention his famous dealings with prostitues of whom one become Xian. I dont know if some other lineage along Longmen Pai is still operative. Yes I find that Nu Dan is accepted by later Longmen Pai but in reality almost all Nu Dan books come by planchette spirit writing cults in XVIII century and later. Do you think that Huang Yuanji first mix Nanzong and Quanzhen before Li Daochun? Regarding Shuang Xiu,I think that it is mentioned as Xing and Ming in Qing Xiu context and as Yin Yang Xing Ming in pair cultivation and people maybe mix this to positions in later times. Ormus
  9. Talking about Nan Pai and Jin Dan Si Bai Zi

    Thank you for this great post.I didnt see new tread about "golden elixir four hundred words" . Nanzong Pai is also mentioned in relation to pair cultivation and much later schools which share the same or similar teachings like Dong Pai and Xi Pai.It is to be interesting to learn more about this topic in this 3 schools if posible and why Quanzhen rejected it and stay to Qing Xiu. Master Chen Zhixu mention this topic and try to explain how this is diferent from Quanzhen and Chan Buddhism in his time. Ormus
  10. 400 Words on the Gold Elixir

    I am not sure that it is all about Light and Xing.There must be Ming Gong and transofrmation of phisical body.How some is to become Di Xian with just working on Mind? Ormus
  11. Interesting OP text.Looks like Xian Tian Gong is actualy Nei Dan practice.If not how Qi Gong or Nei Gong can work with Yuan Qi? Is there some books on English or text about this method and Master Wang? Ormus
  12. Daoist Alchemy: Jerry A. Johnson

    My opinion is that Master Jerry books are great and I have some of them. About he mentionig Jesus it is not strange to me because he say that he was on Long Hu Shan with Jesuits for initiation and training.Jesuits have this agenda of infiltration in other religions and esoteric orders but I dont know how Daoist Masters dont see this and dont guard tradition or where are Xians at all? I hear that his books are copy paste from other authors,but still I think in the west we dont have better books. Also I dont think that he put original teachings of Shang Qing Pai and Mao Shan and Longmen Nei Dan in this books. Shang Qing and partly Tian Shi Pai have proto Nei Dan teachings and it is diferent then we know as today Nei Dan like in Longmen Pai. But from all to me was interesting in his CV that he belong to Bo Jia Dao Pai.This school is one for which we know that it started with real Xian and have some unique secret teachings about Immortality.I didnt know that this lineage still exsist today as I hear it merged with Shang Qing and later Tian Shi Pai.For me is interesting question if his Wai Dan come from this school or Ling Bao Pai,because in his books are recognise teachings of Master Ge Hong. Some accuse Jerry that he buy his ordination certificate on Long Hu Shan like other do,but we dont have clues and all looks authentic and official. For me is remarkable how he menaged to be initiated in all this schools and advance to highest levels for such short time. I hope that some of his student here on forum can say to use more about actual work in this particular schools to which Master Jerry belongs. Ormus
  13. Hi Walker, I hear that Immortal Master Huang Yuanji apear in XIX century and have some disciples.I think 5 of them and that this man continued their lineage till today under name Le Yu Tang. Do you consider that Huang Yuanji was Yin Xian Pai or Zhong Pai of Master Li Daochun? Do you know who initiated Master Chen Yingning in Yin Xian Pai and how looks this lineage before him as chain of Masters? I hear that Yin Xian Pai from Chen Yingning exsist in China from Hu Haiya and also in Taiwan. And big suprise is that there are some masters in China and Taiwan today who claim to meet Huang Yuanji. Ormus
  14. Nei Dan work to clean Karma,because when we work with Yuan state of energys Jing,Qi and Shen this is all karmic energys.We bring them to Wuji state and this is what clean karma.One who make Yang Shen means he clean his karma and can see past and future but realise that there is only NOW.Such person make benefit to 9 generations of ancentors and 9 generations of descendants so he clean his family karma in his root.Remember Xian can heal and make wonders by accepting karma of others and to recicle it without harm to himself. Ormus
  15. Good that you are open for Masters and schools from which can be learned something new.I asked this because I got impression that maybe your school change to course after passing of Patriarch of WLP Single Yang. I understand why WLP dont recognise Qianfeng Pai as their descendant because Qianfeng originated in the same time as WLP so it is sort of competiotion. Interesting that you are to include Zheng Yi as they dont teach Nei Dan,bur are religious ritual and masters of magic.Still Shang Qing Pai have good proto-Nei Dan practices. Ormus