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  1. Antares knows his shit and I second what he says. A teacher is crucial to get stable progress and avoid deviations and negative side effects. If you can't afford a 70$-80$/month for a teacher. These are your next best options: https://www.bigqifield.com/tab/152976 https://mailchi.mp/d6094bf1f7b0/taichitao As your health and energy improve... so should your capacities and abilities to manifest/generate material wealth.
  2. Which QiGong form to start?

    I can't recommend learning from books and dvds as you need a teacher to steer you if you have too much energy rising to the head, bad posture, too much yang qi, too much yin qi, not enough yin qi, not enough yang qi etc. I also would avoid Wang Liping and Nathan Brine's teachings because they aren't officially recognized and as far as I know people who are doing too much sitting and thinking(nearly all modern people) shouldn't be starting out with Dazuo. If you're serious about learning Neidan, I can only recommend the Daode Center based out of Russia(which teaches Northern Wu Liu Pai and Northern Yu Xian Pai to westerners) OR Hidden Dragon Path([email protected]) which teaches Longmen Pai(Dragon Gate). Both of these schools are officially recognized by the Chinese Daoist Association and the masters of these schools have had extensive academic and practical mastery level training. These are complete systems with curriculums which provide powerful results in your day-to-day life as well as in spiritual development. Otherwise if you want to learn post-heaven Qigong methods, I second what @JohnC wrote and suggest Zhineng Qigong or SFQ or Emei Qigong. https://www.bigqifield.com/ ~ Teaches free daily Zoom classes in Zhineng Qigong and many of the instructors there have personally studied with Dr. Peng https://qigong-zhineng.com/about/ ~ Also teaches over Zoom and had personally studied under Dr. Peng If you're looking for the martial side of things and are based in Vancouver, Canada. I cannot recommend Shifu Calvin Gao from https://www.wujitang.ca/ enough. This man is the real deal when it comes to martial power, he has dim mak and this weird ability which made me feel nauseous and completely disoriented just by touching me. His specialty is in Yiquan, Bagua and Wu Tai Chi. Sources: Used to be a very sick person who was unable to work. I've been a student of Yu Xian Pai for 6 years and thanks to Daode Center I am able to work, make money and live a normal life again. I have also personally taken courses from all three previously mentioned schools.
  3. What is the problem about Wu Liu?

    Awaken, what is the "Golden Light"?? Thanks
  4. Fujian White Crane

    It sounds really cool and looks awesome, although I wouldn't even know where to look for a FWC master
  5. Fujian White Crane

    Thanks for the info KuroShiro! I was told by one of my other teachers that FWC is more compatible with the Neigong we practice. I've recently been interested in Wing Chun because of an encounter I had while using public transit. I was having trouble with opening the rear door of the bus, when this elderly man approached me. He said in a heavy chinese accent "You got to use Wing Chun". Then he did what looked like a Pak Sao with both hands and then pushed the door open. It was quite interesting to say the least. I probably should've followed but I was hungry and just wanted to go home and eat lol.
  6. Fujian White Crane

    Hello eveyone, I have recently heard that Fujian White Crane is a very practical and effective internal martial art that also has some external aspects within it. I did some research into it and found out that Fujian White Crane is a progenitor art of Wing Chun . It was a video I saw of a FWC lineage holder talking about the history of the art. He mentioned that Wing Chun is only basically half of Fujian White Crane. Does anybody know about the accuracy of these claims? Also how effective is it truly?
  7. "Holding up" perineum

    Not tensing the butt, it's as though you are flexing upwards as Silent Answers and thelerner said. The way I was taught by SYL, was to slightly suck in the belly on the in-breath and then simultaneously flex the perineum. Then relax on the out breath as the belly goes back out. Do not do it forcefully, or you will pump too much energy into the LDT area. I actually wouldn't recommend doing this at all though, it is quite a dangerous(and imbalanced) technique in all honesty. Best regards
  8. daoist breahting techniques

    Hey Flanneau, Qigong Empowerment by Grandmaster Shouyu Liang is a good book. It covers quite a few taoist qigong techniques not just reverse breathing. In the beginning stages, I recommend not learning from a book though. You can set yourself up for future health problems and also failure in progression without proper guidance. The safest and best practice in my opinion is starting with Standing Post(Zhan Zhuang) and not to worry about breathing just yet. The reason why I say that is because breathing will occur naturally and it is best no to force these things. The concept of Wu Wei, comes to mind. Doing without doing, or non-doing. Best regards
  9. Taoist view of Afterlife?

    Hey Drifting, I can talk about my own experiences but I'm not sure about how that relates to the Taoist beliefs. As for the first part of the question, yes there is a before birth. I have a very lucid first memory of being contained within an intense blue light, as if I was a part of the light. One other close friend of mine, who has some natural attainment(possibly inherited?) confirmed that his first memory was of being contained within a bright burning red light. No matter what though, it was only a semi-conscious state. There was no direct thoughts, wants or desires just existence. As for the second part of your question, I had an NDE once in the hospital. Of course, this doesn't count as actually dying but it was close enough to bring an end to my own fear of death. Basically it felt orgasmic, like an orgasm that permeated through my whole body(each nerve). I saw bright golden light that enveloped and also warmed my entire body. It was so comfortable that I didn't really want to leave, but I felt a pulling away and then I returned to my body. To try and relate that to Taoist beliefs, it's kind of difficult. It was only just a personal experience, and there are multiple beliefs within Taoism(depending on the sect and origins). Some schools teach about Hun 魂 and Po 魄, the two separate souls that sort of create a spritual structure. Other sects believe that there are multiple Hun and Po and then also Shen that reside within our internal organs. It is my own personal belief that the pre-birth state is Po. Then once the Po departs to the corpeal vessal(Hun), a proper structure is formed and thus you have consciousness. Please take that with a grain of salt, I only wrote about it in hope that it may give you more perspective. Ultimately, you must go find the answers yourself, just as all of us do.
  10. Learning from Immortals

    Ish, I can attest to the demonstrable results of the school. I was very sick and close to death, hospitalized twice and suffered from a complete body shutdown the 2nd time I was in the hospital. After I began Daogong, within the first week of training my symptoms improved. Every so often I have a bad day, but now I am able to function like a completely normal person and I have only been training for a little over 1 year. No other system has been able to do that for me, not SFQ, not Vajrasattva Qigong, not Yang Style Taiji and not even Buddhist Medical Qigong that I learned from a temple. There is definitely something within this tradition that sets it apart from anything else. Whereas 90% of modern qigong is imbalanced in some way and can only help certain people, Daogong (which is level -1) can benefit anyone. It can benefit anyone because it is totally balanced in all aspects.
  11. Looking for a teacher

    I emailed northern dao 2 weeks back and received no reply back. So im not sure about it but I think this upcoming week ill try giving them a call. It definitely seems promising though, coming from an actual taoist lineage. I've wanted to seek out taoist school similar to Longman Pai for awhile now but im not ready to make that kind of long term commitment and travel at the moment. Need to get an education and find a stable career first then go from there.
  12. Looking for a teacher

    Hello im wondering if anyone on the forum knows of any masters or skilled teachers that are in Vancouver B.C. Canada. Im going to be moving down to the city to go to school and would like to immerse myself more in the internal arts. My goal being I want to integrate the old with the new and supplement my boxing/wrestling (mma training) as well as develop healing abilities along the way. Currently I practice Zazen meditation and the spring forest qigong level 1 standing exercises.
  13. A vision in meditation

    Thanks for all the quick replies, interesting thoughts As for having cultural ties or religious ties. I live in northern canada and would say my whole family is atheist, but I lean more towards the agnostic/spiritual side of thinking. Only feelings I felt was a constant vibrating the whole time. I suppose you, thelerner,chang,silent thunder and yascra are right; I should remain grateful for it but non-attatched so it doesn't impede my progress. Captain Mar-vell and Spotless you have some insightful thoughts on the matter, lets me really see the two sides of it. And no problem! Thanks everyone for the quick replies and advice
  14. A vision in meditation

    Around a year and a half ago, something strange happened to me. It was one of the first times I made an effort to do a long meditation, it was mindfulness type meditation laying in bed in a dark room where first I focused my awareness on my feet, then ankles and then on the rest of my body until I felt numb. After awhile all of the sudden with closed eyes I saw a flash of light and then speckles of stars and streams of colors I can only describe as cosmic. In my field of vision far ahead from where the light originated I saw the same throne type thing that used to be put on top of war elephants, I think its called a howdah. It started to float towards me on a carpet and inside was a lady with golden skin and red orb of light on her forehead above the middle of both her eyes. She only smiled at me and then opened a book in front of my face. When the book opened I saw all sorts of arcane symbols i've never seen before and they flashed with a whitish bluish tinge. I felt that the symbols held some sort of power, and just as I was beginning to comprehend the symbols she suddenly closed the book and then drifted backwards again before disappearing out of my field of vision. I wasn't sure what it ment and im still unsure of the significance of it. Ever since then my life has been different though. I feel as though theres something I must do but I don't yet no what it is.The picture of everything that happened is still fresh in my mind as if it happened yesterday. I'm wondering if anyone knows what this visions significance is, if there is any significance of it?
  15. Greetings

    Many thanks for the welcome