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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Bottoms, I'd like to open a thread to discuss both of these books in depth. Lets keep it organised by following some simple rules, so that everyone can get the best out of the thread: 1. If something you have to express or ask is in relation to a page or chapter in the book, please specify the page/chapter in the top of your post, so that people can reference it in their own copies of the book. 2. If you are replying to someone, please quote them so we can keep track. 3. Do your best to keep it on topic. Thanks : )
  2. It's finally out. And if it is even 1/10th of the quality of information contained within his other books, then this will be right up there with Foundations of Internal Alchemy by Wang Mu and Taoist Yoga Alchemy and Immortality by Lu K'uan Yu. I am quite excited about this and it is the first book I've ever waited for in my life. I even pestered him a few times via e-mail to ask how it's coming along : ) Daoist Alchemy: Nei Gong & Wai Gong Training If anyone lives in the US and has their hands on it already, it would be great to hear some short reviews.