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Found 7 results

  1. John Chang - Jesus

    Hi Dao Bums, Don't worry, I'm not wanting to talk about mo pai, or to claim John Chang was Jesus. Am I correct in remembering John Chang saw Jesus and accepted him as lord? I'm sure I heard this somewhere, and it makes perfect sense. When you come into contact with the vibration of Jesus, it just feels so right, and you know in your heart he is Lord, and same vibration as the source, that is also sentient. How can that which is sentient come forth from that which is not? In the book of John, Jesus states both that he is lord, (You say I am lord and master, and I agree I am these things) and he also states God the father is one in the same book of John, the first John section in the Gideon New Testament. I can tell you, that when you accept in your hearts, as conscious adults, that Jesus is Lord, it invokes something within you, that if held firmly to and accepted fully, will guide you to the light body/Holy Spirit baptism. Jesus says in the new testament, to watch for an hour, before praying,. This together with him seeing all the worlds sins before him in the desert, but not reacting to them, shows us he is recommending and teaching that we develop this quality of mindfulness/vipassana that he had naturally in the desert. I'm just a beginner, but from what I've experienced, prayer is just as important when it comes to spiritual development, as meditation. It can activate higher faculties, plus you create a genuine personal connection and relationships with both father and christ. So, all those who want to do mo pai, take note, accept Jesus and you will be guided down the correct path for you towards the true light. Also remember, Jesus says in the New Testament that he came to take away our shame and guilt. Please read the new testament and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your understanding of its contents. Ok, take care bums, I'm not on here much often., I just felt inspired to talk about DJ and Jesus. Peace
  2. Since there is no other place for it on the board and because there is a branch of Hermetics which could be called 'Christian Hermetics' or 'Christian Mysticism' (Pico de Mirandola et al) I am starting this thread to discuss this tradition. I am conscious that because this board is so US centric that we suffer from the the Christian right and the reaction to that which tries to rubbish anything which is Christian. I'm not interested in these arguments and please keep them away from this thread. As Steward of the Hermetic Sub I will be hiding and/or splitting off any attempt to steer discussion towards particular debate which gets a good airing elsewhere. What I want to discuss is not mainstream Catholic, Protestant or Eastern Orthodox Christianity but the inner tradition of a mystical path within Christianity as expressed for instance in the Grail legends. The reason I think it is important and interesting is because I think Christ can be seen as heir to an old lineage which I call the 'Lineage of the Wounded or Sacrificed King' and that the life of Christ embodied, not just the Hebraic Messianic theme but also the theme of Osiris and the core teachings of the ancient pagan world. So for those that are interested let us begin.
  3. Free help in producing Films

    Hi, I am a retired lecturer in Metallurgy and Preach Christianity, Sikhism and Real Islam of Allah. The people at present have become fanatics giving religion a very Bad Name. I have put up almost 3000 Videos on Youtube, channel nijjhar1. They are my Original thoughts and I Preach Christianity with authority.
  4. The Prophecy of Edgar Cayce- Americas most documented Psychic An Historical Video about Edgar Cayce The History Channel's excellent documentary, The "Other" Nostradamus- Biography- http://www.dreamscap...gana/phoebe.htm A.R.E Association for Research and Enlightenment website http://www.edgarcayc...Temp/index.html Edgar Cayce was known as the "Sleeping Prophet" because he could go into a trance and have access to universal knowledge, even things he couldn't have known. When he came out of his trance he did not remember being in trance. Basically he could answer any question asked. Thousands of his trance readings were completely recorded and are kept in Virginia beach. He is the most documented Psychic in American history He was known for predicting the time of the beginning and the time of the end of World War 2, he predicted an alliance between Germany Italy and Japan that would affect the whole world, the onset of the Great Depression 4 years prior, the assassination of JFK, the civil rights movements for racial equality, the earth changes of today and melting and shifting of the poles, the discovery of a chamber by seismographs underneath the Sphinx, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, he knew that the Nile had at one time flowed the other direction before scientists knew it, and many other things. If Righteous beings are one with Universal Law, some disasters can be postponed , lessened, or eliminated. But some things are past the point of no return. Prophecy on the new cosmic cycle, the shift from the old Piscean Age to the new Aquarian Age- http://www.wolflodge...edgar_cayce.htm More- http://www.bibliotec..._sitchin_3i.htm An actual explanation of exactly how humans evolved and were created in all aspects. On the internet http://www.dreamscap...gana/juliet.htm Some on Atlantis- http://www.shellac.o...u/scayce01.html More on the people of Atlantis- Edgar Cayce on Revelations and Prophecy More Predictions- Global Warming http://www.ucsusa.or...rming/index.cfm Edgar Cayce also speaks of this time period and events, He predicted the arrival of an important spiritual teacher named Jon Peniel. In 1998 the prophecy came true when The then living Grandmaster of the Atlantean lineage made public the teachings of Atlantis- http://www.think-abo...edgar_cayce.htm Cayce was also speaking of the year 1999, and then beyond too ^^^ And this ties in exactly with Nostradamus' 1999 prediction
  5. Teachers in History

    Throughout the ages one common teaching can be seen to have been taught . The One God, the God that is All, that is the One totality of everything. Amilius- Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
  6. Most historians believe Jesus Christ was an actual man who really existed, and we know the things he did and taught have stood the test of time. The commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself, is so perfect of a law, it is practically impossible to improve upon. The most famous thing he did was come back from death and conquer death. In history prophets have used the energy of the universe to perform many incredible feats including bringing people back to life. In modern times cardiologists sometimes bring people who had heart attacks back to life by shocking them with electricity, but this uses machines and has to be very soon after the person died. It may be hard to accept for some people that a master could bring someone back to life with life energy. So there is a theory that in fact Jesus did not die on the cross. Remember that he was taken down much earlier than a person was normally supposed to be on the cross, and they decided to not break his legs like they usually do when they take someone down. Then, when he was put in his tomb, the herbs his people brought with them were not funerary herbs, but medicinal ones. We know the order Jesus originally came from, the Essenes, were experts in the use of the medicinal properties of plants. Here is the 1 hour BBC Documentary "Did Jesus Die on the Cross?"- Here is a shorter, half hour version with some scenes cut- Youtube version- or-
  7. Here is the excellent PBS Frontline documentary "From Jesus to Christ- The First Christians". Part 1- Part- 2- Article with Scholar Dr. Elaine Pagels on the Gnostic Gospels- from jesus to christ: the story of the storytellers: the gnostic gospels There is even further reading, and educational articles relating to the program on the PBS website.- FRONTLINE: from jesus to christ - the first christians | PBS