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Found 3 results

  1. Bloodline and The Holy Grail

    Cool full length Documentary- Decoding the Past- The Holy Grail
  2. In Search of Rennes Le Chateau

    In Search of Rennes Le Chateau- Inside the Gates of Atlantis near Rennes le Chateau France Giant, Unknown Megaliths in France near Rennes le Chateau Unknown Megaliths from Rennes le Chateau France
  3. Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene

    Interview with Bart Ehrman about issues concerning 3 of Jesus' most important disciples. He explains that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. I believe it was the catholic church which slandered her as one, because she was a closer disciple to Jesus and actually outranked Peter who they claim is the first pope. Mary Magdalene was really the first one to see him after he came back to life, and was the one who propagated his teachings the most after his death. Bart Ehrman says here that he believes it was more-so Mary Magdalene who influenced the start of Christianity in it's earliest form, not Peter- 'Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene' : NPR