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  1. Free help in producing Films

    Hi, I am a retired lecturer in Metallurgy and Preach Christianity, Sikhism and Real Islam of Allah. The people at present have become fanatics giving religion a very Bad Name. I have put up almost 3000 Videos on Youtube, channel nijjhar1. They are my Original thoughts and I Preach Christianity with authority.
  2. The Prophet Elijah and Jon the Baptist Video- There has been a saying since time immemorial "From age to age I am incarnate, to aid the good in the world, and to and destroy the evil" Reincarnation and the bible- http://reincarnation..._testament.html Reincarnation in Judaism- http://www.jewishvir...ncarnation.html There is a mysterious connection in the bible between John the Baptist and the Prophet Elijah. Some people suggest that what is really going on is that John the Baptist is the reincarnation of the prophet Elijah. It is also very obvious to many scholars that in the bible Jesus is clearly being associated with, compared to, and being considered the new Moses in the biblical writings. Moses came to teach for the age of Aries, which is why he is represented often with a Ram. The previous age before Aries was Taurus, Symbolized by a Bull. Jesus then came for the age of Pisces symbolized by the image of a fish. The Return of Elijah Prophecy There are several possibilities concerning Elijah and John the Baptist. 1- They are the same being 2- John the Baptist had the same level, or was like "the new" Elijah 3- 1 and 2 are one in the same The meaning and implications are quite interesting We also see that the bible portrays Jesus in the context as the new Moses, the successor of Moses, and even the reincarnation of Moses. Jesus: The New Moses Mathew intended to portray Jesus as the "new" Moses> Sunday Homily: Jesus ? the New Moses! and- This Hebrew Lord Bible Bible, King James Version NEW ADVENT BIBLE: Mark 9 Essenes-
  3. The Prophecy of Edgar Cayce- Americas most documented Psychic An Historical Video about Edgar Cayce The History Channel's excellent documentary, The "Other" Nostradamus- Biography- http://www.dreamscap...gana/phoebe.htm A.R.E Association for Research and Enlightenment website http://www.edgarcayc...Temp/index.html Edgar Cayce was known as the "Sleeping Prophet" because he could go into a trance and have access to universal knowledge, even things he couldn't have known. When he came out of his trance he did not remember being in trance. Basically he could answer any question asked. Thousands of his trance readings were completely recorded and are kept in Virginia beach. He is the most documented Psychic in American history He was known for predicting the time of the beginning and the time of the end of World War 2, he predicted an alliance between Germany Italy and Japan that would affect the whole world, the onset of the Great Depression 4 years prior, the assassination of JFK, the civil rights movements for racial equality, the earth changes of today and melting and shifting of the poles, the discovery of a chamber by seismographs underneath the Sphinx, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, he knew that the Nile had at one time flowed the other direction before scientists knew it, and many other things. If Righteous beings are one with Universal Law, some disasters can be postponed , lessened, or eliminated. But some things are past the point of no return. Prophecy on the new cosmic cycle, the shift from the old Piscean Age to the new Aquarian Age- http://www.wolflodge...edgar_cayce.htm More- http://www.bibliotec..._sitchin_3i.htm An actual explanation of exactly how humans evolved and were created in all aspects. On the internet http://www.dreamscap...gana/juliet.htm Some on Atlantis- http://www.shellac.o...u/scayce01.html More on the people of Atlantis- Edgar Cayce on Revelations and Prophecy More Predictions- Global Warming http://www.ucsusa.or...rming/index.cfm Edgar Cayce also speaks of this time period and events, He predicted the arrival of an important spiritual teacher named Jon Peniel. In 1998 the prophecy came true when The then living Grandmaster of the Atlantean lineage made public the teachings of Atlantis- http://www.think-abo...edgar_cayce.htm Cayce was also speaking of the year 1999, and then beyond too ^^^ And this ties in exactly with Nostradamus' 1999 prediction
  4. Sacred Writings of Different Past Cultures Tao Te Ching- Tao Te Ching - Translated by J. Legge Bhagavad-gita- Sacred Books of the East Vol. 8: The Bhagavad-Gt Index Dead Sea Scrolls- Dead Sea Scrolls - Qumran Library http://www.bibliotec...ea.htm#contents Sepher Yezirah- Sepher Yezirah Index Early Christian writings, Apocrypha, Gnostic Gospels- Early Christian Writings: New Testament, Apocrypha, Gnostics, Church Fathers Holy Bible- KJV Bible -- Browse Holy Quran- The Koran -- Browse Zend Avesta- http://www.sacred-te...ndex.htm#avesta Tipitaka info- Buddhist Studies: Texts of Buddhist Scriptures Scriptures of Mahayana buddism- Mahayana Buddhist Sutras In English Tibetan Book of the Dead- The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali- http://acaryadeva-ne...The Yoga Sutras Nostradamus Centuries- Nostradamus Index The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran- Timaeus and Critias by Plato- TIMAEUS CRITIAS The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall- http://www.sacred-te...o/sta/index.htm Egyptian Book of the Dead- The Egyptian Book of the Dead Index The Pyramid Texts- http://www.sacred-te...y/pyt/index.htm The Emerald Tablets of Thoth- The Emerald Tablets of Thoth Those are a few I could think of, feel free to add to the list. What I see is an underlying common message, what it is all about in the end is spiritual cultivation and enlightenment.