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Found 7 results

  1. Mary Magdalene was no Prostitute

    Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. I believe it was the Catholic Church which slandered her as one, because she was a closer disciple to Jesus and actually outranked Peter, who they claim was the first Pope. Mary Magdalene was really the first one to see Jesus after he came back to life, and was the one who propagated his teachings the most after his death. It was Mary Magdalene who started Christianity in it's earliest form, not Peter- Gospel of Mary Banned from the Bible- Lost Gospel of Mary Magdalene- YouTube - The lost Gospel of Mary Magdalene The Lost Gospel of Phillip claims Jesus would kiss Mary Magdalene and loved her the most out of all the Disciples- YouTube - The lost Gospel of Philip, Jesus and MaryMagdalene The Real Mary Magdalene There's something about Mary Magdalene- Did God have a Wife? Peter denied Jesus 3 times and had issues. He always screwed up and was seeming to miss the point of Jesus's teachings while Jesus was alive. Jesus initiated him and taught him to unselfishly love and be peaceful, then he goes and cuts off a Roman slave's ear, etc. etc. etc. At first he did not want to accept that Mary Magdalene had the highest teaching from Jesus. Info- The Gospel of Mary Magdalene more info- The Life of Mary Magdalene Gospel of Mary Magdalene- The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene
  2. Recently I came across some articles talking about a very interesting issue. The issue of the disagreements and conflict between James the brother of Jesus, and Paul, about how to interpret and put into practice Jesus' teachings. Paul never met Jesus, he just claims to have seen him in a "vision" or some kind of "channeling" experience. Some believe Paul was a false teacher, or at the least, altered Jesus' teachings considerably in ways Jesus did not intend for. BBC documentary, Dead Sea Scrolls Cover-Up, Paul the Liar vs. James the Just Articles, James the Just vs. Paul- More answers-
  3. Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene

    Interview with Bart Ehrman about issues concerning 3 of Jesus' most important disciples. He explains that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. I believe it was the catholic church which slandered her as one, because she was a closer disciple to Jesus and actually outranked Peter who they claim is the first pope. Mary Magdalene was really the first one to see him after he came back to life, and was the one who propagated his teachings the most after his death. Bart Ehrman says here that he believes it was more-so Mary Magdalene who influenced the start of Christianity in it's earliest form, not Peter- 'Peter, Paul, and Mary Magdalene' : NPR
  4. Most historians believe Jesus Christ was an actual man who really existed, and we know the things he did and taught have stood the test of time. The commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself, is so perfect of a law, it is practically impossible to improve upon. The most famous thing he did was come back from death and conquer death. In history prophets have used the energy of the universe to perform many incredible feats including bringing people back to life. In modern times cardiologists sometimes bring people who had heart attacks back to life by shocking them with electricity, but this uses machines and has to be very soon after the person died. It may be hard to accept for some people that a master could bring someone back to life with life energy. So there is a theory that in fact Jesus did not die on the cross. Remember that he was taken down much earlier than a person was normally supposed to be on the cross, and they decided to not break his legs like they usually do when they take someone down. Then, when he was put in his tomb, the herbs his people brought with them were not funerary herbs, but medicinal ones. We know the order Jesus originally came from, the Essenes, were experts in the use of the medicinal properties of plants. Here is the 1 hour BBC Documentary "Did Jesus Die on the Cross?"- Here is a shorter, half hour version with some scenes cut- Youtube version- or-
  5. Here is the excellent PBS Frontline documentary "From Jesus to Christ- The First Christians". Part 1- Part- 2- Article with Scholar Dr. Elaine Pagels on the Gnostic Gospels- from jesus to christ: the story of the storytellers: the gnostic gospels There is even further reading, and educational articles relating to the program on the PBS website.- FRONTLINE: from jesus to christ - the first christians | PBS
  6. Banned from the Bible

    Banned from the Bible Here is an article about Lost Gospels, and the History channel documentary called "Banned from the Bible". It shows how many texts, including Gospels attributed to or about Disciples of Jesus, have been banned and hidden from the people by the church and the priests- dead sea scrolls, lost Atlantis, Edgar Cayce all connected? The History Channel Special, Banned from the Bible- Banned from the Bible II -
  7. Codex Sinaiticus is probably the oldest copy of the bible ever found, it is quite different in many respects from today's bible, and many parts are not in it, so we can now know which parts of the bible were added in later and are not part of the original texts. BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | The rival to the Bible