What High Level Energetic Practices Do You Recommend?

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I would like people to recommend particular practices that they have found beneficial. I realise that this can span a fairly wide area of experience, and so I hope others can respect that.


I think it would be particularly useful for people to discuss their own experiences, rather than to attack or disparage what others have, or are, doing. I can assure you I've had my eyes opened by a lot of things that I didn't expect, and found prejudices to be deeply unfounded.


So, please, some positive recommendations. The idea here is to offer people some beneficial areas for them to investigate. Everyone will have their own particular inclinations, and so there will be differences of opinion. That is fine, as long as people remember everyone finds their own particular path, some of whom will be fellow travelers, and others who will be seeking the same destination but via a different route. That a particular path did not suite one person does not mean it is not right for another.


Finally, I would request that if someone trolls, please do not respond, but simply ignore them. That way they have no effect on the conversation and will soon disappear (either by choice or by moderator intervention).


Thank you.

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The phrase High Level is a bit subjective....but I guess I would say that the system of neigong (GOT, S-M) I have been practicing for the last several years is highly energetic......meaning it generates a lot of chi that one can palpably feel in ones body and surroundings.....of-course, how strongly one feels this varies with each individuals sensitivity.....but I have found most people start to get "hot" and sweat when doing the movement form and I often feel soaked with energy after the sitting spontaneous movement practice.


1. Gift of the Tao

2. Stillness Movement



My 2 cents, Peace

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Aside from a superlatively high level of stillness? :D (because if you dont get that, what do ya got?)

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I have tried many different methods over many years, the most powerful I probably found was the White Skeleton meditation by Bodri/Master Nan. The other is the Spring Forest Qigong Small Universe. Both are easy to learn and don't need initiation.


I dont really do any energetic methods any more though, I do get energetic healing from an expert but when I do it myself it always seems to come from a place of trying to change myself in a sort of attempt of self improvement, which I don't think is a healthy approach to spirituality as it comes from a place of non acceptance and just strengthens that place of wounding and separation . Just beeing in stillness seems to create energetic changes naturally anyway effortlessly so that's what I do now.

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I am certain that there are several "real deal" higher-level practices, and I have encountered a few people I recognize as substantially more energetically advanced than I am (which really isn't saying much) who have practiced other systems but...


In my many years of "dabbling," I have only found one thing that lit me up and that is jingdonggong -- Michael Lomax's stillness-movement neigong & Gift of the Tao qigong. In the period I have been practicing, I have undergone significant personal change, inner stillness and calm being core to that but extending far beyond "just" stillness.


For instance, I now appreciate the simplicity of reality rather than chasing the complexity -- in that simplicity is both great beauty and unfathomable depth.


I also grasp now the concept of "vibrational energy" as something more than a mathematical construct but instead as the very basis for everything.


I am experiencing curious synchronicities and life-sequence/event opportunities on an increasing pace -- things that prompt comments like, "Whoa, that was weird!" -- and I am learning to simply go with the flow to fulfill my role in those opportunities.


I have personally experienced "that healing place" -- sort of the anti-void filled with pure Light. I am now facilitating some mind-blowing healing, and am slowly accepting that the less I try the more powerful I become.


(As a side note, when the doctor says "we don't know why she slipped into a nonresponsive state or why she suddenly came back out of it and we may never know" and your siblings ask if you are magic and start telling you about their own chronic ailments, humility is tested and "not trying" becomes a challenge. I remind myself that I am not "doing it" -- the Light is.)


Everything I am learning and experiencing is not inconsistent with my scientific background, with the understanding that our current scientific knowledge is a flawed reflection of the tip of the cosmic iceberg. I think this is a significant point. Temporary suspension of disbelief is valuable but pretending reality is an illusion is unnecessary. Along that thought, I'll mention that several of Michael's students started sharing backgrounds during lunch on Monday -- at that table of four were a physicist, a chemical engineer, a mechanical engineer and a biologist...


I concur with OldChi that the term "high-level energetics" may be problematic for some but I suspect it is like many other things that suddenly need no explanation once personally experienced.


Stillness-movement is definitely not just meditation & some exercises! ;)

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I am mostly interested in success in Taoist Alchemy and developing Internal Power (=high-frequency internal vibrations).

The best system I know of and personally train with to progress towards these goals is Gary J. Clyman's Mind Light Nei Kung system on DVD.

It is the practical Nei Kung (=internal work) system to the theory in Waysun Liao's book 'Tai Chi Classics'.


I tried several systems, but I get only tangible results with Gary's DVD's.

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High Level is subjective word for comparism

with something.Only those one has

expirience can be compared.


To compare something one has

to expirience a wide range of things.

The media can give the structure,

methology and ideal state of something.

Real expirience adds the factor of time.


Example: Sifu Wong Kiew wrote

many articles and books and on

Youtube and other platforms one

can learn for free the forms and drills.


A valuable lection I learn from him

,by reflection of the events,

is media is made and is limited on

the time the media was produced

and what was displayed.


I have learned the introducing

of the Chi Flow very fast from the

books and because I did use

the forms Sifu Wong presented

I used it on the form I had

exercised currently at that time.


Later I had gone to an Intensive Seminar

and he transmit the "Chi Flow" with

an explaination: In the beginning

his students had to do the exercise

for one hour, for example "Lifting the Sky"

before Chiflow is introduced, so I remember.


After that with time the amount of time is lessend.

And currently when I was at the seminar 12 Repetition

and staying 15 minutes in the Chiflow was enough.

The teacher is growing too and cultivating while

you cultivate. End of Example.



Each generation serves the purpose to maintain,

develop and adjust the teaching to the current time.


Another things as high level a school is

still the leaders of the school having

a sort if filtering while teaching.

The filters are different.


Example only:

One of my teachers only teach drills

and forms but this forms are advanced


(which means that if one has the sufficient

development of Qi and the structure

then one will know they differ from other forms

by its greater range and depth it affects)


but one has to work on oneself without any

help of the teacher beside of correct executing

of the form (well if there is energetic issue

he is correcting it but never think that he will boost

you in some kind, I expirience he was even bored

when he overviewed the class).

This sort of way will take at least a decade of time.


This helps to filter out talented hard workers

from less disciplined and bright students, talkers

and enthusiast will be filtered out.

As they stay long enough to be given a bit of boost

and get access to teachings that are only for

the advanced students.


In favour for Michael Lomax System

I abandon to learn its Neikung as it forbidds to learn

another, I have to keep the healing projection form in Standby

as the power the Stillnessmovement Neikung has in

projection is overwhelming the energy system and I suck in

in Wall Squatting to overcome this problem -making me delay things.


Name of the teacher I only give to MJJbecker

if you want to know his name, else I have to hold my mouth.

End of example.


So to go on with filters a teacher can

hold back information as they are humans

and have their own subjective likes

and dislike and feeling for their students.


A teacher can choose to reveal

esoteric sides of the practise

or oral transmission as well

energetic transmission

or energy based information

transmision. As well an energy system

can be repatterned.


Since this skills are either not openly,

hidden, rare,keep quit about make

a lineage difficult to judge.

As things can only be judged that

are open and revelead.

(Some people can not keep their mouth

shut, thanks to them one know that

there is more potential in a teacher.....)


Lying to a teacher is difficult who can do

such thing, a teacher will know your Agenda,

only those of the Type of Qui Gong Jin

from Star Wars choose to teach Skywalker

even seeing the risks hopeing it was a fluke

of perception, the try to turn the tide....

but well it became Darth Vader.


Who dont want to teach a hardworking talent?


The Wang Liping Longmen Pai Branch can

be considered High Level in this moment.

Because of their students. Qinling is one

who proves to me a very good teacher

of the lineage and a good student of

the teacher is a sign of greatness of a lineage

and telling me that Wang Liping is the real deal.


Qinling is sometimes at times overdoing things

in my perception and doing very much for those

who come to the seminars which are puplic

and open for everyone. She overdoing things I

said is because she is working energetical

very hard while doing the group practise

to help people to progress.


While the full lotus is extremly valuable

and the need to gain the peak it is

said by her that her teacher said that

longer meditation is more important.

The learning of the Yin Xin Fa in the moment

is helping to attain a selfcollecting Dantien

(serves the same purpose like Stillnessmovement

Qigong, but difference is that one has to develop itself

instead of being gifted valuable LIGHT as starting,

I forgot to mention that a part of Longmenpai is

in Michael Lomax Transmission) and the sealing of leaks.


Since I do not do Mo Pai but asked one who knows

as well Longmen and Mo Pai, he assume that Longmen

is providing faster improvement in more compact form,

saying Mo Pai may lead to high archivements its method

is time ineffective, so I understand - dont ask me more

I dont know more.



The saying Wang Liping is expensive can only be judged

if one has a Seminar with one of the teachers he trained

which is some hundreds dollars for a week.

Still it is a hard way, full lotus. Help when one is

in the Seminars else fully relying on the methods.



Then there is Doo Wai teaching.

Sifu Terry and Gary can speak for themselves.

The Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong and

the Flying Phoenix Celestial Qigong

has the breathing sequence as boosting for their practise.


If they are mean, I say "if" .

They could have said to do

physical practise for ten years and then

start to teach the breathing sequence.


I rate the abillity to remove blockages,

hinderance as outclassing

- well from my practise expirience comparism -

and inducing of brain states.

The thing is that there are so many forms within

to play with to reach the fullness of the system

while only one meditation is needed.


Compared with the healing form I mentioned

in the beginning - I wrote again a bit much-

which in the beginning use only what is there.


The development of the specific Qi, the cultivated Qi

is very fast for the amount of time spending on the form.

As well the built up effort doesnt dimnish after absent

from practise. It cause me reaction by seeing

the clip from the advanced FP.



One may say that the form and instruction is all

but I think personally a teacher is not only there to motivate

one to do better but as an example of the development

of the system. The energy system unseen to us

is seen by the deep conciousness and imitated.

Having a teacher around already gives a boost

as he is elevating the student for a momentary moment

above his standard level.


For example:

I need less than 5 minutes to saturate a

practise but meditating with someone who has equal

(group) or higher (teacher) enlarges the time which

can only be stopped by force or when the other stop.

So the more people advance in a school and more

Si Suk (Uncle teacher) one do practise with the greater

on will gain.



Stillness Movement Neikung is the lineage which

gives the most of oppurtunity despite of the lack

of popularity has the most easiest and comfortable

way of cultivation.


There is no need of Full Lotus,

deep stances, Zhan Zhuang, Still Statue Sitting.

It can either a selfcultivating way

or a Qigong Projection Way.

Effort is minimal, with more practise the practise time

becomes less, if one is more greedy one can

practise more.


There are some stuff I learned from a similar Lineage

which was an eye opener to me about

Stillness Movement Neikung, raise the valuation for me

for this system by understanding.


A cultivated Dantien is created and this saves a lot

of physical hardwork where effort and time is only plus.

Cultivating in Stillnessmovement Qigong is like multiply

the effort and time one invest in.


The quantity and quality of Qi one can work

with increases in leaps and is for me

unseen in other lineage which strength is to develop

very rare energy types (which make high level more difficult

to define since a frog and a turtle and precious on their own way

- they for the sake of lifeforms exist! Isnt it wonderful, they are!"



Which lineage can say in 2 and half year project 2 minutes

on lower back pain with movement reducing where

he could only bow 10° and regain movement and touch his ancle,

this about 170° improvement, I think. In 2 minutes, since I have to

do this while I do my job.


We have also a lady here who do SM and

worry about the little time she invest into practise

while other who practise hours not even come

near to her development.^^


The quality of practise is taken into daily

life counts very much in this system.

Its different than reap as much what you sow.

One maybe gain more than one reap.

This makes it the base for 24/7h practise.


The cost to learn this is the lowest I have

seen. One actually learn almost everything

and get transmit everything a normal

practioner needs for all his life in 3 days

needing maybe only once in a lifetime 2

day a place to sleep and 1 time flight back

and forth. The rest is you work the rest

the transmission make.


Coming back is to deepening the state

by being in the present of the teacher

and to gain more teaching as a healer

if one follows the certification program.


Else some hundres of Dollars serves the

whole life.


And beside this: Dont judge Michael Lomax

on appearance. He may look like a cheap car

but he has to be compared like a porsche or jaguar

that had different car accident and paintdamage.

(actually this correct to say, other people would lay

paralyze and with pain and in a clinic) much of his energy

is to compensate the damge.


I could do a "Water Fu", projection of intent and energy

in water in Finnland. And for a time I could see that

behind all the damage the light shines out, making me

guess that in this damaged porsche is in reallity

a space shuttle motor... awesome.


For the other schools I know:

I do not have enough expirience to write about.

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I have found that in any particular system, the exercises and practices which you are taught in the first year are actually the most important and in many ways the most "high level" ;).

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Just being in stillness seems to create energetic changes naturally anyway effortlessly so that's what I do now.

Yeah, I always emphasise samadhi, virtue and wisdom; and see direct chi stuff as a catalyst to that.


So in answer to the OP, I would say the highest energetic practice is actually working on the three trainings, which dissolve problems with your energy from their roots.


Aside from that, I find horse stance, nadi shodana pranayama and the Zhunti mantra very helpful. :)

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Here's my list: (1) Kunlun/Yi gong, (2) primordial chi gung aka tai chi for enlightenment--but only if practiced multiple times a day, (3) the healing tao path as outlined by Michael Winn of Healing Tao USA, especially the progression of Kan and Li, (4) Sundo, and (5) shengzhen from Master Li.


I've done all of these at one point or another, and believe that if you go deep with any one of them you will indeed go deep. Personally, I've never had trouble finding powerful practices. The far more important question in my experience is how to become the kind of person who practices diligently and consistently. Without that you can have access to wonderful practices galore and never get very far.



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The far more important question in my experience is how to become the kind of person who practices diligently and consistently. Without that you can have access to wonderful practices galore and never get very far.

That's surely true.

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I don't know what is high level and what is low level, but I have found the following to be effective for me. Helping others, calming emotions and desires, regular practice of practices such as quiet sitting, quiet standing, quiet reclining, and quiet and gentle movement sequences.


IMO, one should be able to do the above without incurring too much expense for the most part at all. The idea that some seem to hold that one must learn special 'advanced practices' which also may cost a lot of money and that sort of thing in order to have a chance of advancing far does not appear to be valid to me. You likely do need a sound system, but it shouldn't have to be complicated or expensive at all. The actual practices can be very simple.


Cultivation really seems to me to be a process of reducing and simplifying. As others have pointed out, regularly practicing diligently regardless of any ups and downs and apparent lulls in progress, would seem to be quite important. Having a good teacher as a guide is probably pretty essential as well, as although practices may be simple from the actual mechanics point of vew, many of us will likely still find all sorts of ways to get off track and to cause various problems for ourself. A skilled and accomplished teacher can help a lot to prevent or correct such problems, and to help keep us moving in the right direction. There seems to be a number of choices for teachers out there, so checking to see if what a teacher is teaching and emphasizing seems to be in line with much of the above might be a good start. Also, looking into a teacher's history and lineage can be helpful if you otherwise know very little about a teacher. Beware, as their certainly are people out there who seem to have no qualms about misrepresenting themself or what they teach in order to make money.


What I believe is likely to work against cultivation are things such as seeking of fame, fortune, and powers, being competitive, and holding oneself as more important than others, and that sort of thing.


That's my view anyway. :)

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Sungazing..Immediately opens the third eye


Walking in circles around a powerful wise tree


Sleeping Qigong- Lie down let ones body go to sleep whilst awake.


Imitating animals, ecstatic dance, spontaneous movement- All ancient Shamans worked with this.


Intuitive art


Being in nature


Living a life in harmony with your heart and higher self.


Deleting weaknesses, memories, beliefs, past life stuff.


Poetry, music, singing.


Having a good diet, not too much sugar, healthy organic, prefferably vegetarian or vegan. Decent amount of fruit.


Being in tune with the world, balanced etc


No porn, limit masturbation, maybe sex depending, no need to be repressive though.


Good level of physical fitness- Maybe bodyweight exercise, swimming, jogging, etc

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The highest level practice I've come across to date is awareness.

It is extraordinarily effective, simple (thought not easy), and there is little need to find a guru.


It's not terribly sexy or exciting but it will transform anyone who invests the time and effort.

What I mean is simply to look at everything about yourself as if you were someone else - look at how you feel, what you are thinking, how you interact with others, how they respond to you, really look carefully and deeply and keep it up over time.


While it is not terribly necessary, or even beneficial, to look at this from an analytical point of view, it is very instructive to at least touch upon what it is that leads us to make the choices we do and see how that aligns with our values and goals.


Similarly, looking just as carefully at everything around you as if it was the first time you'd ever seen it, trying to avoid labeling things but rather looking at them fresh with the possibility of seeing something new.


IMO, there is nothing more important than this.

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i recommend doing prostrations for life. millions of them if you can. do like some of those who alternately prostrate and walk for miles on pilgrimages to holy sites in nepal, sikkim, kathmandu and india. too bad not many will believe how beneficial this practice is.




cos its free of charge, it sounds too simple, and requires the lowering of the self to the ground, which many despise because its too demeaning, dirty or what not.


then i always try to remember that water always seek the lowliest level.... thats how She remains true, and ever so powerful.


Prostrations tones the body, flowers humility of speech, and dissolves the false mind over time. This to me is the highest practice of all.


Its also one of the hardest energetic cultivation to begin. It requires much resolve, as it kills the ego thoroughly. After about 10,000 rounds the feeling one gets is that of being reborn again.


I would love to be able to still do a hundred prostrations a day when i am 95. If i can maintain this practice then, i suppose i'd still be able to drive fast cars, have sex and eat durians when i hover in that ninety-something zone.


Bring it on!

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I use to look to specific systems. This “ism” or that “ism” But I’ve found that over time the systems I’ve liked most and that have helped me the most were the ones that had people and teachers that I could communicate with and whose beliefs and ideals resonate with mine.


So for me the Kundalini Awakening Process had been the most beneficial because of Santiago, Susan, and Tao’s guidance and the great group of students from all over the world involved in KAP.

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Climb up steep things.


No need to get very high off the deck …just steep. Sea-cliffs, boulders and some kinds of architecture are good for this kind of thing. We used to call it buildering.


This tends to clear the cobwebs from ones mind~ when in doubt, go higher.


I like to do traverses, but down-climb before you fall off or get arrested. haha!!❤




ed note: add "up" to first line and the rest below

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I'm playing with awareness, and holding non-judgement in social perceptions.

Truly an awesome challenge and a breathtaking result when 'successful'.

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I have a few practice extracted from experiences to be efficient - this is in context of working with your Jing-energy.


1. Transmutation of sexual energy. Together with breath. Intending energy up the govenor channel on inbreath and slowly releasing it down the functional channel on outbreath. Do it several rounds.

2. Silent meditation. Just observing your inner space.

Can also be light attention in brain at the same time still keeping open space / observing. The attention should be like listening to it, not too tight focused and deliberate. Also keep though on the roof of palate. meditation 45 min - one hour between 1-5 in night is the best for me since everything is still and everybody sleeps.

3. Long, fast walks, gazing forward. Do it with awareness. It also helps condensing chi in the marrow and tendons making you stronger. (also slow running in same way).


:excl: Confirmatory sign: If after some time you feel a "nectar" flowing down the forehead, trough the eyes, feeling like it purifies them, down the thounge, collecting in lower dan tien, you are succeeding in alchemical transmutation.

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I like sitting on the ground, in Lotus, and focusing into my LDT. {navel gazing lol}

Then I like to connect to the heavenly chi, and earth mother chi, and join them in the LDT.



If I have not been practicing for a while, or accidentally ejaculated recently, there may be less or no LDT heat, so I have to rebuild its presence. It often starts as false LDT, which is warmth/heat at the front abdomen and at the back, at the LDT region. I seek over the next few days to really move the chi deeper into my torso, to the actual LDT position.


To do this, I pinpoint the exact midpoint, and I use one pointed focus to try to 'drive' my energy into the LDT. Then I start using compression breathing with some breath retention, and just give it everything focus wise, especially during the compressed breath hold.


I know when I have achieved real LDT when the LDT heat/warmth does not go away after practice, but remains day and night for weeks, even after I may have stopped that practice.


Once I have real LDT, that is when, in Lotus, I start to connect to heaven and earth energy, and combine them. For me though there is no point doing that untill I really have my LDT activated.


This is my favourite practice, but I don't do It often. The reason is I worry about damaging myself. I dont have a teacher here in Melbourne Australia, and am not aware of one that knows about this stuff. {if you are aware of one, please tell me}


I do lots of energy work but the level of chi that this particular practice produces, is something altogether different. I can move my blood around with it, use it to release tendon tensions, heat myself in cold weather and so on...

The reason it concerns me, is that it is so immediately physically tangible, and it is immediately obvious that I could easily damage myself if did the wrong thing with it...


I know there are ways to use this for internal alchemy, which I sorely wish to learn, but I feel I need guidance. So till then, I spend more time on other stuff.

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Michael Lomax's 'Gift of the Tao'.


NOTHING in my experience gathers and works qi like these exercises. Yes, they are a development of the Stillness Movement practice, but I would expect anyone would benefit from doing them. Doing them has CONSIDERABLY improved my Stillness Movement practice.


I've tried, and know, quite a few different methods of gathering qi (meditative, static, moving exercises, gathering qi from specific sources, etc.). In the spirit of experimentation I have tried using all of them together (work for the holidays if you don't mind living like a hermit, because it takes a lot of time!) and then subtracted the different methods to see what was making 'the difference.'


Nothing worked and gathered qi to the same magnitude. Nothing. Was I surprised at this? YES! No offense to Michael, but you would expect the Chinese to have already got such methods down pat and refined them as far as they are likely to go. My personal experience simply found this not to be the case. Whats more, Michael's exercises don't require any great deal of exertion to practice or learn.


Typically I practice a few each session rather than try to do the whole set (sound advice I got from Brion ;) ). I like to work an exercise enough that I can get a definite feel for the energetics.


I believe if you don't have significant qi, then you are not achieving much by trying to circulate it. There are quite a few good methods of circulating qi in my experience, but what is lacking is the means of accumulating significant qi to make the circulation meaningful. For me the GOT exercises gather and move qi in a manner that I have found astounding.


I wouldn't have believed a 'Southern gentleman farmer' from the US of A could possibly have come up with this stuff if I hadn't personally proven it to myself. I DID have to DO the exercises in order to find that out. Looking at them didn't do it, and comparing by that alone, absolutely nothing was gained.


There you go. A lot of years, God knows how many hours of practice and a large outlay of money, not to mention sweat and tears to find that out for myself. As I'm not organising small, private, very expensive seminars, and selling this to you with an intoxicating dose of genuine 'Chai-knee' snake oil', I expect a bunch of readers will quickly discard what I'm writing here. Oh well.


P.S. Dabbling in anything won't achieve much. At least a 100 days of focused effort should be put in, while keeping a diary, in order to see what results of any practice can deliver.

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Michael Lomax's 'Gift of the Tao'.


NOTHING in my experience gathers and works qi like these exercises.


As I'm not organising small, private, very expensive seminars, and selling this to you with an intoxicating dose of genuine 'Chai-knee' snake oil',

I expect a bunch of readers will quickly discard what I'm writing here.


Well, I would be interested in you exactly describing what chi experiences you actually had or have with this practice to come to my own conclusions about the worth of this system.

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