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  1. He's not the Messiah... he's a very naughty boy!!!

    Miss ya mate!

  2. I followed a link someone e-mailed me to a post in a completely different thread, found several PMs from many months ago which I have now answered, and figured I'd poke around the forum for a bit to see if things had improved here. <sigh> Perhaps I'll check in again in six months (or a year or whatever...)
  3. simplify

    Petticoat Junction
  4. simplify

    Mr. Ed
  5. Gun Control and Shootings

    Welcome back!
  6. Belated New Year Greetings

    How curious -- I was thinking about GrandmasterP earlier today.
  7. I think it is "very odd" to believe that one's belief system is not profoundly informed by one's "philosophical view about the nature of man or truth or nature." Perhaps I am just odd. Or perhaps Rorty was seeking to rationalize holding political beliefs at odds with his own philosophical positions? My question would be, "what force?" My statement would be, "we can shape our beliefs or be shaped by our beliefs but the former depends upon recognizing those beliefs and being willing to dissolve our attachments to them."
  8. simplify

    Running bare.
  9. simplify

    Saw four running bears yesterday.
  10. Gun Control and Shootings

    Sounds good! Which of those three things would have prevented the Vegas mass murders?
  11. The rabbit on the moon

    The rabbit on the moon is a Native American thing, too (which shouldn't be surprising...)
  12. Gun Control and Shootings

    Point out one example of me positing a naive misunderstanding of the Constitution, ralis. You have made it quite clear that you loathe the Constitution AND that you are profoundly and wilfully ignorant about it so a statement like that coming from you is both predictable and hilarious. BTW, I am neither a tea party member nor a "neoliberal."
  13. Gun Control and Shootings

    He didn't say "eliminate the government" but "reduce the government" and the military is one of the very few things the federal government does which it is actually supposed to do. Your narrative is illogical and nonsensical. Shall we discuss the Constitution and enumerated powers again??? This persistent false dichotomy of unlimited central government versus nihilism would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous.
  14. Gun Control and Shootings

    I'd watch out for homicidal maniacs driving cars and trucks, and anyone with a backpack, or a pressure cooker, or anything which could potentially contain a homemade explosive device. Probably better avoid solid foods, too, and swimming pools and hot tubs. In fact, might wanna just stay home, just to play it safe. Oh, and be particularly cautious about men with large knives.
  15. Gun Control and Shootings

    You owe me an apology.