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  1. He's not the Messiah... he's a very naughty boy!!!

    Miss ya mate!

  2. simplify

    Petticoat Junction
  3. simplify

    Mr. Ed
  4. Belated New Year Greetings

    How curious -- I was thinking about GrandmasterP earlier today.
  5. I think it is "very odd" to believe that one's belief system is not profoundly informed by one's "philosophical view about the nature of man or truth or nature." Perhaps I am just odd. Or perhaps Rorty was seeking to rationalize holding political beliefs at odds with his own philosophical positions? My question would be, "what force?" My statement would be, "we can shape our beliefs or be shaped by our beliefs but the former depends upon recognizing those beliefs and being willing to dissolve our attachments to them."
  6. simplify

    Running bare.
  7. simplify

    Saw four running bears yesterday.
  8. The rabbit on the moon

    The rabbit on the moon is a Native American thing, too (which shouldn't be surprising...)
  9. Little Things

    Depends on how big the rock is... If your shoe laces are always coming untied, start by crossing the laces the other way at the very beginning. If, for instance, you normally cross left over right before making loops, cross right over left instead -- and then do everything else the same as you normally do. You can tell at a glance whose laces perpetually come untied. Freaks people out if you walk up to them and tell them you can help them with this little problem.
  10. "My kingdom is not of this world"

    I coined the phrase "unforgetting" some years ago because it felt like a good fit.
  11. Stillness-Movement would be an excellent choice. Michael Lomax is on this forum with the screen name "Ya Mu."
  12. In some systems/lineages, this sort of experience is not uncommon but it is not often talked about outside those systems because it... Well... It sounds nutty. Not to people who have experienced it, though. The separation between dreamtime and waketime is an illusion but it is a persistent one. Watch for a teacher to present himself or herself.
  13. phoning in

    I use a smartphone to access the forum more than any other device and I find it pretty functional other than having a small screen. Is there anything in particular that's frustrating you besides "real estate?"
  14. simplify

    Yellow bird