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  1. "No reply" was my first thought. My concern would be that your name and picture might find its way onto their homepage. A terse no-thank-you might discourage that.
  2. See also: Bird's nest soup and soft-shelled crabs
  3. I would suggest composing a polite but pointed response in which you explain that this so-called "Jediism" seems nothing more than a superficial exploitation of legitimate spiritual practices (mentioning Taoist neigong specifically but they are borrowing from other traditions as well (there's a strong Juju undercurrent to the Star Wars story, for instance)) and that you do not wish to be in any way associated with a sham religion which has the apparent goal of taking advantage of vulnerable people for personal gain.
  4. What makes you think you "needed to call out Spotless"? Do you find him disturbing? Intimidating? Threatening?
  5. "Watch your mouth kid"? Seriously?!? Is that like, "Call me abusive again and I'll punch you in the nose"? <sigh>
  6. Not all logged-in Bums showed up there...
  7. Suffer harder!
  8. I remember the second (right-hand) versions of each.
  9. That's great until someone steals your spider...
  10. Oh, just leave a key hanging on a hook by the door! My wife would likely not be too understanding about horny hippie chicks...
  11. Just paste in the URL.
  12. For some forums, that is a reasonable precaution. Not likely for us, though -- probably not more than a handful max.
  13. Uh-huh, if you say so. So tell us. What is the precise distinction between a shrub and a bush? Be careful now...
  14. Depends on whose definition you use for the distinction between shrubs and bushes. By some, the rhododendron is clearly a bush (particularly in the wild) while others make it unambiguously a shrub -- and yet others make clear that the distinction between shrubs and bushes in unclear. It is not, however, a tree...