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  1. The basic stances of zhan zhuang are found in a large degree of lineages, and I've found to be some of the safest practices you can do among almost any tradition, Taoist and beyond. Stand still, be fit gives a great into, as well as the book Way of energy.
  2. robert peng yi jin jing

    Mater Lin's book recounts it some, but doesn't go into details about his training the same way Master Peng's does. It does seem like Xiao Yao has influenced a number of high quality western masters though. Seeing some of Effie Chow's emphasis on the microcosmic orbit/small universe, I wonder if she trained with him as well.
  3. robert peng yi jin jing

    What I know I learned from his book: He trained with Xiao Yao during the cultural revolution, and reached a high degree of cultivation. It is an entertaining read, and illuminating. It is interesting to notice the similarities in his training and recommendations and Master Chun Yi lin, who also trained with Xiao Yao, and went on to train with other masters including Yaunming Zhang.
  4. SM - Importance of Tree gong

    Not unless your doing stillness movement with a tree.
  5. robert peng yi jin jing

    I haven't but I know his work and lineage is quite good. He is an accomplished master, and has manifested qi treatments that feel like being zapped with electricity.
  6. I would encourage experiential knowledge. Although reading from a master that is deeply experienced has a transmissive quality and can be a great pointer on the way. Teachers/lineages I would recommend: Stillness Movement - Michael Lomax Spring forest Qigong - Chun yi lin Xiao Yao Pai - I'm not sure the master of this, but have heard amazing things about this lineage. There are others, but those are the lineages I know of that direct you to direct knowledge and experience of Taoism. Not the mental interpretations of translations that I see a lot of in the west. John
  7. Experienced views on Wim Hof method

    This has generally been my concern of this practice.
  8. You can always bless your food with a blast of chi Drew.
  9. Absorbing Energy from Trees

    Stillness Movement has tree gong practice in the system.
  10. Amature needs help! Dan tien tips?

    I would really recommend that you check out one lineage at a time and pursue that, as the information you get per lineage is different with different focuses. Mixing and matching early will impede your development. Pick one and practice for a period of time (1 month, 1 year) and check out if it is for you. I would also recommend that you get clear on your intent for practicing. Do you want vitality? To help heal others? Different lineages have different focus and you should choose which one to practice based on that. Once you reach a certain level, you will know what is happening energetically and will know what lineages are compatible or not. Stillness movement is an extremely excellent lineage, So is the Dragon Gate sect under Master Wang Li Ping. Both are very accomplished and will lead you to progress quickly. There is a lot of fluff out there, but any good lineage will lead you to developing your dantien quickly (1-3 months... ish).
  11. MCO help needed

    If I were you, I would get advice from one of the teachers of SFQG. It sounds to me like you are focusing to much on visualizing of the movement of energy, and I would recommend orienting to more of a felt experience at the points drawing in, and GENTLY move your awareness to the next point. To resolve what sounds like potential congestion in your back, yoga, more standing practice (zhan zhuang/5 elements, moving practice). Best of luck dude.
  12. Wisdom healing is in New Mexico, and Chilel is in California. Some of the Chilel masters I think are very accommodating, and if you reached out I think they would be happy to respond. Mingtong Gu also seems like a great guy.
  13. very advanced energy practice

    Do you have a source for this Drew? Sounds interesting.
  14. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    Digitalyogi, How have things progressed?
  15. Gift of the Tao has the vibration of Stillness Movement in it, although the dvd's don't go over the practice of Stillness Movement. To do Stillness Movement, you do the movements to initiate the energy with gentle attention to the LDT. The most important part is initiating the energy with the movements, then letting go. The rest will take care of itself. Stillness Movement is best practiced with a transmission, although Gift of the Tao will give you quick access to the vibration and energy. Thanks, John