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  1. How/why does qigong work?

    The simplest reason is that, living in itself is spiritual and a miracle. We lose sight of that by it becoming 'normal' and taking living for granted. Waving your arms around in certain sequences creates focuses and focal points for the energy that is already moving through and around us. There are also assisted systems that other beings assist the lineages with, like Quan yin, etc. These are benevolent beings that are supporting the growth and happiness of the universe. You can read things, but the best way to find out is to practice and instead of learning ideas, develop and know wisdom. Having ideas in your head is completely different that experiencing the wisdom with your body. Johnc
  2. John Chang Died February 5th 2020

    Condolences, and thanks for the info. The video about him was instrumental in my introduction into qigong, and for that I am grateful.
  3. Donating to temples and monasteries in China

    I think you mistranslated 麻煩 as 废话. Fuck Xi jinping indeed.
  4. Some more advice needed on practice

    It actually isn't a problem to mix currents, AFTER you have reached a level of internal skill/accomplishment. My understanding is that you will know which currents are compatible and which aren't. One of my Masters said to me very seriously, 'Dedicate yourself to me, then once you reach a certain level feel free to train with whoever you want.' The reason he said not to mix and match was that the different intentions of practice can be counter productive with each other, waste time, and confuse your energy body and development. At best you waste time, at worse you develop in painful ways or cause health issues. Best of luck, John
  5. To answer your question about how to tell if the LDT is full, and what to do, depends on the lineage. Most lineages I've worked with don't concern themselves with such questions as the practice takes care of moving things from one stage to the next. Ie, there is wisdom in the practice that guides my development. If you are attempting to practice Mo Pai, I would strongly urge caution, as there are no western teaching teachers. And I've heard of people practicing that getting more injuries, over all other systems I've heard about combined. It is important to be clear on the intent of why you are practicing and of the practices, because mixing and matching can cause conflicting information in your body. Ideally a local teacher, and if not a non-local teacher. I've traveled to meet all my teachers, and I practice in between. Once your initiated into a quality lineage you will have a connection to your teacher, and can receive training in dream, meditation, etc. Getting initiated can be as simple as being a very diligent student. Good luck. John
  6. I would really recommend you find a master, and don't mix and match practices. Depending on what lineage you are in, there are different recommendations for every component of this. To guess, Lotus Nei gong may be in line with what you are looking for.
  7. Others have shared my point much more eloquently.
  8. I 100% support keeping Drew. You all are calling what he is doing energetic rape, when.... no one, Drew included, can be conclusive toward what he was actually doing. Including his conclusions of what was happening was even true. For all we know, some girl was like 'this dude looked at me funny'. Are some of his ideas questionable? Sure. But this bullying/harassing thing you guys are up to, isn't cool. He doesn't need to apologize, because you all want him to. Especially if it is due to your bullying, or threats of banning. It would be a worthless and insincere apology anyway. If he has broken a policy, warn then ban him. If he decides to self reflect, that is up to him. It is easy to judge the past with current morals and hunt for things to be pissed about. Is he breaking the rules now though? It doesn't look like it to me. Your all's harassment of him looks pretty shitty to me. John
  9. Dog pee

    Could you investigate and share your findings? I could see it affecting your ghost channels in the eyes. I imagine if the dogs ate more asparagus it might be more effective. What a novel solution with such an abundant resource. ---- Alright I'm joking, but that sounds funny to me as well.
  10. Zhineng/Wisdom Healing Qi Gong

    Primarily practicing Stillness Movement, and I learn from Spring Forest Qigong. I feel very drawn to both, and both Masters are immensely experienced and skilled. I'd be happy to talk about it more if you are interested and want to send a pm.
  11. Zhineng/Wisdom Healing Qi Gong

    Zhineng is the first qigong I practiced and an excellent lineage/practice. It is their wall squat, which are screaming hard while being anatomically excellent for alignment.
  12. MCO doesnt work

    To offer a counter point, I know of lineages that are extremely accomplished that their main meditation/engine is the Microcosmic orbit. They are all universally within a lineage and guided by the masters, which I think is important. Others have given great advice, and to offer my own, I would encourage finding a master/lineage, and consistent practice over time verse a large amount of practice in a short period of time. Your energy system needs time to adjust and move through the season while doing so. Consistent practice over time, ideally at the same time of day will accomplish far far more than a large amount of practice in a short period of time. Good luck.
  13. That is biologically not true. It is why chromosomes all have at least one X in them. Women get XX, men XY. In the womb we start as female, and the Y chromosome swaps men over to men. Ie, converts the building blocks of the ovaries into testies, etc. This is why we have nipples actually. The rest are just your beliefs.
  14. Open system vs Closed system

    They don't stay closed, it seems like it is really just a description of a certain stage of development and how some lineages function at that stage. Yes, we are all open to the universe. You can experience that openness to different degrees based on your how clear and open your channels are and your development. The lineages that I'm familiar with work with the bodies internal energy, until you have cleared enough blockages and are 'open' enough that you are capable of collecting external/primordial chi on your own. Say through pore breathing or the like.
  15. Open system vs Closed system

    From my experience, the description of open vs closed is a real one. Some systems you do internal refinement, and some systems you bring in external energy in many different forms to support. Generally the 'closed' end up open at some point, and are more about closed until you develop to a certain level. In my experience, both are solid and I've seen very accomplished lineages and masters from both. It does seem like in open lineages that things are more gradual, while the closed systems can have a dramatic opening point. I haven't heard of the dramatic openings leading to death... although I have heard of people having some difficult integrations. Zhineng/chi-lel/wisdom healing is an excellent lineage.