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  1. Teachers that have their third eye open, also claim the dantien is behind the navel, like Master Lin from Spring Forest Qigong.
  2. Master Lin would likely recommend that you dedicate yourself to a lineage and teacher rather than mix and match, because you are developing according to the intent of the lineage and mixing can delay your growth because the different development intentions don't always align. Once you have developed far enough, you can pick whatever you have a lot more flexibility in practice, but till then to maximize your growth pick one.
  3. Master Yuanming Zhang

    I've generally heard that norther schools focus on the upper dantien, and southern lower, although don't have anything to support that. It does seem like spiritual schools focus quickly on the upper dantien, examples being Yan Xin, Chun Yi Lin, Yuan Ming Zhang.
  4. Master Yuanming Zhang

    Master Lin was trained by Master Zhang. He has talked about it in his book, and in some of his videos. I'd be surprised to hear any copying or plagiarism, as the karmic impact would be dire. Master Zhang seems to me to be a VERY qualified master.
  5. I've seen a few systems that follow this route. Thanks for the share @beijaflor!
  6. I'm surprised to hear you all have had little to no effect with Zhineng. I had some very powerful effects and found it to be an amazing and high quality practice. It was the first qigong I've ever practiced and had some blockage openings and very strong qi sensations practicing. Was one of the first eye opening experiences that all this was very cool. Speculatively, it seems like they lean on the group to strengthen the qi field to support results. It was visually difficult for me at the beginning as well, and as well felt mentally exhausting. As I've developed in the practice, it is now energizing.... and feels great. Hope you all find practices that align with and are effective for you.
  7. Xiang Gong - Fragrant Qigong

    To share a different opinion, Master Lin of SFQG says qigong is great for kids, and because they are young and still developing. Also if they have accumulated any blockages they work them out very quickly. He also said, they tend to develop very quickly because of those points as well.
  8. Discussion On Immortals

    Look dude, if you want input you are going to have to ask your questions, and hope you get some quality answers. There are serious seekers here, but they are only going to waste their time so much with someone who wants them to jump through your hoop.
  9. Tai Chi Master online?

    Every suggestion so far has been stellar. Big bump to Masters Adam, Damo and Liao. I've heard nothing but quality from all three of those.
  10. Building the lower dantien

    It is both. Complicated and not. Some lineages are VERY specific in the things they do and the steps for progress. While I've been a part of a lineage, that you kick off the practice and let things go and it takes care of everything. I think the lineage, and practice matter more.
  11. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    Thorne SF-722 Thorne Undecyn
  12. Zhan zhuang is great for foundation.
  13. Restore yuan qi

    My recommendations for you: Nathan Brine Damo Mitchell Chun Yi lin All are online, although at some point you will want to visit them. What is it that you think restoring yuan qi will get you? I would most recommend that you find a lineage because restoring yuan qi and other things will be taken care of as you progress in a long lineage. Good luck.
  14. 2021

    Interesting analysis from a Portland acupuncturist:
  15. 2021

    What do you agree and disagree with?