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  1. Best qi Gong To Tonify Shen

    There are lots of qigong practices that tonify shen, but I would recommend that you clarify what you want by tonifying and increasing shen, then pursue a lineage that has that benefit. Most lineages develop jing, qi, and shen to different degrees and in different amount with different capabilities. A friend described different lineages in the same way different majors or schools might be at a college. They all share similar qualities, while some focus on healing, others on awakening, others martial. And in each of those examples there are further delineations and subsets. Some example quality lineages: Spring forest qigong Stillness Movement Nei gong Flying Phoenix Qigong Zhineng Qigong (you may be interested in, it is about developing wisdom and healing the body)
  2. Spring Forest Qigong and Zhan Zhuang

    Spring forest qigong does have sitting, standing and moving meditations. They also incorporate zhan zhuang, in what they call the five element healing movements. Zhan zhuang in general is compatible, and I would say a contribution to SFQG.
  3. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Impressed with Damo's offerings.
  4. Nathan is on this site sometimes....
  5. For full lotus, you have to get into it. I wouldn't attempt to 'hack it', by using wires or other people. From my understanding, it is more about opening up the lower energy point in your spine in the lumbar region, which starts to open up the whole body in flexibility. Master Chun Yi Lin speaks on this. In the l4, l5 region? You would have to ask Master Lin about it, and he is somewhat accessible on his website or for healings, etc. Generally the masters that I know of that proclaim it's benefits tend to also be focused on the small universe/MCO as the primary engine of cultivation. I speculate that may be why. Further speculate that they are attempting to be as efficient as possible in energy cultivation as they are doing internal refinement rather than external.... input? At least initially. The systems that I've seen that that are in that direction, tend to have you refine your body till your able to access the abundance of original/yuan qi all around us to bring in and start facilitating your cultivation. Basically do wei gong till you open up to a degree and have cultivated some dan, into MCO till you can pore breath. Later stages, I've heard of collecting seeds of qi from different power spots... but this starts to be beyond my current energetic pay grade. Best of luck, John
  6. As a counterpoint, there are a a number of very high level masters, Wang li ping, Chun Yi lin, Yuanming Zhang,.... and a few others that speak very highly of full lotus and even the necessity of it in later degrees of cultivation. There are other masters that have similar opinions above.
  7. The Skeptic thread There are many many more.
  8. I've practiced many systems, and found FPQG to be a stellar, and powerful practice. My experience of it was very dramatic. As a test you could take one of the postures (say monk holds the pearl) and maintain that posture for an hour. If you don't feel anything, then maybe FPQG is not for you. Also, you could extend the time you do all the postures to extend your overall practice time. SFQG is as well a powerful and stellar practice. With an attitude like that you probably won't get much out of SFQG. And you wouldn't deserve to either. It is above my energetic pay grade to speak on, but some lineages(Chi/the Tao?) have tests to see whether a student is worthy and can progress further. If not, no access.
  9. Thanks for sharing your story. Was this the Longmen pai tradition? It sounds similar to accomplishment I've heard of along that lineage (SFQG, Wang Li Ping, Etc).
  10. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    Yu Ping Feng San looks like it is being prescribed to help out with the virus.
  11. How/why does qigong work?

    The simplest reason is that, living in itself is spiritual and a miracle. We lose sight of that by it becoming 'normal' and taking living for granted. Waving your arms around in certain sequences creates focuses and focal points for the energy that is already moving through and around us. There are also assisted systems that other beings assist the lineages with, like Quan yin, etc. These are benevolent beings that are supporting the growth and happiness of the universe. You can read things, but the best way to find out is to practice and instead of learning ideas, develop and know wisdom. Having ideas in your head is completely different that experiencing the wisdom with your body. Johnc
  12. John Chang Died February 5th 2020

    Condolences, and thanks for the info. The video about him was instrumental in my introduction into qigong, and for that I am grateful.
  13. Donating to temples and monasteries in China

    I think you mistranslated ιΊ»η…© as 废话. Fuck Xi jinping indeed.
  14. Some more advice needed on practice

    It actually isn't a problem to mix currents, AFTER you have reached a level of internal skill/accomplishment. My understanding is that you will know which currents are compatible and which aren't. One of my Masters said to me very seriously, 'Dedicate yourself to me, then once you reach a certain level feel free to train with whoever you want.' The reason he said not to mix and match was that the different intentions of practice can be counter productive with each other, waste time, and confuse your energy body and development. At best you waste time, at worse you develop in painful ways or cause health issues. Best of luck, John