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  1. I joined up not long ago, hoping for some feedback and to learn from practitioners. I have been seriously disappointed in most of the banter and feedback here. What a bunch of clowns. What a bunch of wishful thinkers that have no answers and don't take any of this seriously. You know who you are. For those who are trying and practicing, and to the moderators, you need to start booting people out of here that are just jerks and freaks. This is creating a hostile and negative environment for people who are trying to accomplish things. They are negative, stuck up, argumentative, retarded at times, totally insane in many ways, totally stuck in time and space without any clue or any helpful advice. Yet they clog up the threads with nonsense and narrow-minded foolishness. There is no enlightenment, no support, just a bunch of clowns. I bow out of your site. I hope you make some improvements and start to steer and direct how the discussions and flow of information goes. Stay fluid, peace to you. And the rest of you, I hope you get the medication you so desperately need.
  2. You wish... I say, just because we have different versions of something, doesn't mean it can be defined or explained. Simply making stuff up as you go due to the lack of your own understanding..
  3. Hello

    See what I mean about the some of the people here, unnecessary blah blah that is of no help or interest to anyone. Yet they feel like they need to say something negative on the path of enlightenment. What a bunch of turds...
  4. Pituitary secretions and functions
  5. Oxytocin is made in magnocellular neurosecretory cells of the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei, and is stored in Herring bodies at the axon terminals in the posterior pituitary. It is then released into the blood from the posterior lobe (neurohypophysis) of the pituitary gland. It governs maternal behavior, lactation, selective social bonding and sex the results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment showing that the hormone oxytocin promotes group-serving dishonesty. Compared with participants receiving placebo, participants receiving oxytocin lied more to benefit their groups, did so quicker, and did so without expectation of reciprocal dishonesty from their group members. A control setting ruled out that oxytocin drives self-serving dishonesty. These findings support the functional approach to morality and reveal the underlying biological circuitries associated with group-serving dishonesty.
  6. Also of interest; ADH hormone is made by the hypothalamus in the brain and stored in the posterior pituitary gland. It tells your kidneys how much water to conserve. ADH constantly regulates and balances the amount of water in your blood. Higher water concentration increases the volume and pressure of your blood. Also known as vasopressin... Evidence for an effect of AVP on monogamy vs promiscuity comes from experimental studies in several species, which indicate that the precise distribution of vasopressin and vasopressin receptors in the brain is associated with species-typical patterns of social behavior. In particular, there are consistent differences between monogamous species and promiscuous species in the distribution of AVP receptors, and sometimes in the distribution of vasopressin-containing axons, even when closely related species are compared. and may play an important role in social behavior, sexual motivation and pair bonding, and maternal responses to stress... more fluids also increases electrical conductivity in general
  7. The Varieties of Jing Energy This list is not comprehensive by any means... Fa jing (explosive jing) Heavy/Rooted/Sinking jing (Chen Jing) Silk reeling (chansi jing) Peng Jing Absorbing jing Pulling silk Electrical jing Magnetic jing Ting jing (listening Jing) Empty force (kong jing) Short/Inch or less Jing (Chuen Jing) Unbending Energy Following Jing (Tzo Jing) Neutralizing Jing (Hua Jing) Borrowing Jing (Tzeh Jing) Rolling/Folding Jing (Jen Jing) Spiral Jing (Dzuen Jing) Cold Jing (Nung Jing) Vibrating Jing (Dow So Jing) Floating
  8. Jing is yin relative to other forms of body energy. Yet, jing itself has yin and yang expressions. The yin, earthy aspect of jing, is the reproductive and sexual fluids. The yang aspect is saliva. And here: The Middle Dantian is located at the middle chest and will store the overflow of Qi from the Lower Dantian as it is converted from Jing (sexual energy) to pure Qi. The Lower Dantian: (Jing) located two inches below the navel, it is the source of energy which builds the physical body and allows us to develop and use Qi and Shen. The Middle Dantian: (QI) located at the heart, it is energy created from food and air and relates to our emotions and thoughts. The Upper Dantian: (Shen) located at a center point just higher than the eye brows, it is related to our spirit and/or consciousness.
  9. Kidneys store essence (jing)Essence, which is also called "essential qi" or jing is considered to be the underpinning of all aspects of organic life. Stored in the kidneys, it is the material basis for all kinds of functional activities and is responsible for human growth and development. Jing - translated as Essence, a very precious substance, should be guarded and not wasted. Prenatal Jing Postnatal Jing Kidney Jing Prenatal Jing (Pre-Heaven Essence) Postnatal Jing (Post-Heaven Essence) Kidney Jing Kidney Jing plays important role in physiology. Is hereditary, like Prenatal Jing and determines constitution. However, is partly replenished by the Postnatal Jing. Stored in the Kidneys but has fluid nature and circulates all over the body, especially in the Eight Ancestral (Extraordinary) Vessels. Forms the basis for growth, development, sexual maturation, and reproduction. Moves in long, slow cycles, and presides over the major phases of development in life. The first is in childhood. Kidney Jing controls growth of bones, teeth, hair, brain development and sexual maturation. Where Kidney Jing is weak, there may be poor bone and teeth development, stunted growth, and mental retardation. Puberty. Kidney Jing controls reproductive function and fertility, and normal development into adulthood. Developmental problems that occur at this time such as amenorrhea, are often related to weak Kidney Jing. Conception and pregnancy are guided and controlled by Kidney Jing. Where Kidney Jing is weak, signs such as infertility, chronic miscarriage and other such problems may occur. Kidney Jing declines naturally, finally producing the characteristic signs of hair/teeth loss, impairment of memory, etc. Kidney Jing is the basis for Kidney Qi Jing is fluid-like and therefore more Yin. Can be considered as an aspect of Kidney Yin. Forms the material basis for production of Kidney Qi (via the warming action of Kidney Yang. Kidney Yin is warmed by Kidney Yang and Kidney Qi is formed, but Kidney Jing is necessary before this transformation can occur. Deficiency of Kidney Jing can thus result in such problems as impotence, chronic weak or sore lower back, weak knees, tinnitus, urinary incontinence, deafness, loose teeth, etc. (all signs of weak Kidney Qi and/or Yang.) Kidney Jing produces Marrow Kidney Jing produces Marrow. Marrow produces bone marrow, the brain, and the spinal cord (Marrow in TCM has no exact equivalent in Western Medicine). The Brain in TCM is called the "Sea of Marrow". Therefore if Kidney Jing is weak, brain may be undernourished, leading to poor memory/concentration, "empty" feeling in the head, dizziness, etc. Kidney Jing determines our Constitution Our protection from exterior pathogens depends largely on the strength of a type of Qi: the Defensive (Wei) Qi. However, the state of Kidney Essence also influences our strength and resistance. If the Essence is "wasted" or poorly stored, the person may have lowered immunity to exogenous pathogenic influences and constantly be ill with cold, influenza, allergies, etc. Essence and Qi are the material foundation for Shen (Mind).
  10. I am no expert on the subject Phoenix3, but I certainly see the challenge. I would not take anyone's word for it, but study and dig and compare, since what Peiron is saying doesn't match the data available. According to some literature, there are also different phases or levels of energy, and at each level you look at the energy and flow of energy in a different way. I would like to point out that it is sufficient for me to see that practitioners do indeed claim things like pituitary functions and secretions when it suits the purpose, but claim it is all an external or spiritual energy for other purposes. In other words, on one hand there is the physical relationship to what is happening, but it is just a reaction to changes in spiritual energy. When in my opinion, it is the other way around, i.e., changing the energy of the body and glands, switching control of pituitary and other systems to a slowed brain frequency that is still conscious, supplies the sensations like this excretion. I personally would like a sample of this for the lab, if it even exists.
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    Again, interesting comment in a freaky way. But as with my posts in this direction, not helpful or pointing towards REAL and solid data, proof, or anything that would define achievement in Dao. It is my humble opinion that there are many practices, practitioners, and very little actual success that can be measured in any substantial way. The few that are successful have secrecy vows blocking everything that would benefit science. As is the case with Christians boasting healing, water to wine, miracles... None of what they practice currently transforms or produces any actual people capable of these things. So the followers and practitioners are doing something wrong, or it is fairytales. At least in Tai Chi we have huge magnetic fluctuations that are measureable and can/will be used for biofeedback and better training. There is also the measured chirp wave. Regardless of the negative and distorted feedback of non-science mentality, I am on a pathway of discovery that is helpful and hopeful for a minimum of healing qualities of these chirp waves and magnetic fluctuations. Not just claiming spiritual thus impossible...
  12. Hello

    Since the million dollar challenge was first created by Randi in 1964, about a thousand people have applied, but no one has been successful.... Not surprising to me at all. This prize has since been retracted and they used the money for other research. But it ran for over 40 years with no success. Most applicants were basically mental health patients with "wishful" talents that only existed in their own minds, hallucinatory, or otherwise deranged.
  13. Hello List of prizes for evidence of the paranormal
  14. Hello

    I feel for you, it is certainly difficult to get a straight answer to any simple questions on this forum.... many clowns... There are a number of prize money organizations that are offering up to a million dollars for anyone that can "prove" any type of ability. Some are taking the challenge. Many fail, which shows that there are plenty of people who think, in their own minds, that they have power and chi and energy flows that don't exist. Science and repeat ability under testing is the key here, not some secret teachings or silent types that don't share. Good luck in the search, I need some for creating proper biofeedback to create better training and focus on the healing aspects of the energy. I doubt very much if anyone wants to be a lab rat, but it would be a great help to science. Not to mention being a great help to all students. I will continue with my research and studies, and let everyone know of the results.
  15. Parasympathetic nervous system - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics ScienceDirect › topics › neuroscience › p... The parasympathetic nervous system stimulates an increase in alimentary glandular secretion. The glossopharyngeal and vagus parasympathetic nerves innervate glands of the upper tract; these include the salivary glands, esophageal glands, gastric glands, pancreas, and Brunner's glands in the duodenum. ... So also vagus nerve stimulation