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    Hello~~ I began practicing qi gong seriously roughly a month and a half ago. I am working my way up to Neidan. Over the last year, a series of events happened in my life - I can only ascribe to fate, introduced me to Daoism and energy work. From there I started to read about how to preform internal alchemy, and arrived at the conclusion it have to perfect many steps before reaching that point. Gladly, I am not working on this endeavor alone as I have found a master with lineage. The steps I'm focusing on at this time are... clearing energy blockages through qi gong developing sensitivity to energy a healthy lifestyle routine controlling my emotions and thoughts training my mind to shut off the "monkey brain" at will vispassana meditation restoring my body's health learning to relax I practice more than I read about daoism, although the next thing I want to do is understand the terminology and formalities of internal alchemy and traditional chinese medicine, which I think I can do by reading books. This fourm is really awesome and I like the atmosphere here, people seem to be respectful, insightful, open minded and understanding which are things I really value when discussing these topics. I observe there to be a lack of derailment of conversation and arguing which is great because so many spaces on the internet that discuss topics like this are plagued with people trying to prove their intelligence/wisdom/knowledge all the time and there usually isn't an air of learning and growth but that of competitiveness and ego. My name is Azurite because Azurites are my favorite mineral. Azurite - Kong long qing, “empty dragon blue” Azurite- Vibrant azure blue. It is the color of the sky, of the ocean. It offers us new beginnings, renewal, resurrection. The blue gives a strong Liver association, affecting the eyes and other Liver functions. It also has affinity with the Curious Organs, specifically the Uterus and Brain. In keeping to its Chinese name, azurite is like the blood of the dragon. Where we injure the Earth, it bleeds. That is why it manages our own traumas and deep wounds. So yeah, thanks for having me, and I'm blessed and excited to be on this path at an early age.