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  1. What has TaoBums taught you?

    This is a rebuttal of a moderator warning received by Dawei. I didn't direct my post here at any member, nor at the TTB community in general. That was a summary of my experience both in real life, and my interactions with virtually every community online.
  2. I don't believe the founders of daoism intended meditation...

    Most people aren't looking for something real. Most people are just wanting to keep themselves entertained in a spiritual sense through make believe and role play. As such most people do want to avoid practices which use deep trance. People who spread blatant disinformation have earned my contempt.
  3. I don't believe the founders of daoism intended meditation...

    Or we can be silly, that works too.
  4. I don't believe the founders of daoism intended meditation...

    Might as well read: "the best way to put out a fire is to pour gasoline on it"
  5. I don't believe the founders of daoism intended meditation...

    You should empty your cup, and lecture less.
  6. The Cool Picture Thread

  7. What has TaoBums taught you?

    I'm not pretending adept. I've bent over backwards to help people who are serious, and want something real to find it. Sadly it's mostly just apes flinging feces. No dawei this isn't aimed at any TTB member, nor the community here.
  8. Rules for winning an internet argument

    I did win Green Tiger.
  9. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Again Aeran you either want something real or you want to play make believe. I'll remind you that the head of the mind science foundation, a medical doctor, and a biophysicist were present, he was stripped to a shirt and checked with a metal detector then taken to a random location. It being a youtube video does nothing to change this fact.
  10. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Yup. The whole point of life is to distract ourselves till death it seems. Almost no one on earth wants to be something more than a rotting pile of flesh.
  11. Does Anyone Have Power?

    He spent his whole life to develop parlor tricks, and will die like a dog just like everyone else. I see it as a form of spiritual entertainment.
  12. Does Anyone Have Power?

    People are satisfied playing make believe, more power to them. Some people want something real.
  13. Does Anyone Have Power?

    The point being lot's of people try real hard with things that don't work. People make a big deal out out really mediocre results, which they probably would have realized the same had they worked hard with any type of placebo practice. I think this sums up my feelings on the matter pretty well:
  14. Does Anyone Have Power?

    That seems to be the general consensus, people practice mostly as far as I can see as a form of entertainment. They aren't really trying to accomplish anything. For me that's not good enough.