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  1. Wait, here is something more that might interest you! Speaking about the "sheer mass of testimonials" for Master Clyman's awesome abilities... Testimonials in the internet for Temple Style Tai Chi Nei Kung Master Gary J. Clyman's Internal Power & for the efficiency of his Mind Light Nei Kung system: http://www.wongkiewkit.com/forum/showthread.php?8776-What-are-your-thoughts-on-Gary-J-Clyman There seems to be some confusion over Gary's statement and that's understandable. Gary isnt saying that the Chinese character for "chi" is what's in the characters of tai chi. He's saying that the actual manifestation of chi, the way he describes it, is what is involved in tai chi, or supposed to be anyway. Gary will happily demonstrate on anyone who wants to doubt his training. His training isnt something to be overlooked or mocked. Hands down his system is the best system I've ever seen or trained in. Keep in mind that his teacher is Waysun Liao who is top notch. I cant really speak for him. I have an opinion though, if it matters lol. It's my understanding that when people actually project what they call "chi" that it's a more refined chi substance, jing. You can feel your own chi flow as I can feel my own chi flow but the vibration of my/your chi is on too high a level for me/you to project to me/you, unless it's been condensed through some sort of qigong, meditation, etc. That's Gary's say on it, I may have misquoted him or just completely fabricated that from poor memory but if I recall correctly that's how he sees it. Personally I agree completely with Clyman. I also think that most qigong masters say what he says but maybe in a different way. Another way to view it (poor example warning) is like a big river or lake or whatever. The water source is great and all but if you build a dam then you can really use the source. Very poor example choice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.wongkiewkit.com/forum/showthread.php?8776-What-are-your-thoughts-on-Gary-J-Clyman I guess when I see statements like that, it makes me question whether individuals like this truly know what they are talking about. These types of people then go on writing books on subjects as fascinating as Qigong and really don't understand what it is, teaching nonsense to students to make a quick buck. I was able to get through about a third of the article as I do find it interesting reading. On a similar note, there was also a thread on this forum with Sifu Doucherty talking about Qi as if it was irrelevant. Just makes me a bit sad to see people make comments of this sort as it truly discredits their expertise. Of course he knows what hes talking about.His master was waysun liao, you can go and see him, punch him and kick him in the torso to test his iron shirt and ask him to discharge his jing into you.Have fun with your insides bouncing around and collapsing to the floor once he does it.He also has an interesting story to tell you about sifu wong kiew kit if you ask him.Im not going to say anything or go into details, but lets just say Mr clyman is not impressed with his level of expertise. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.wongkiewkit.com/forum/showthread.php?8776-What-are-your-thoughts-on-Gary-J-Clyman Ok let me clear some things up , ive read all of wong kiew kits books and i got bad deviations from his practices back in 2002. They lasted for years but i kept on practicing and practicing because i thought that the bad feelings were the chi clearing things out, not only that but i am aware that there are many others suffering deviations also. I did not insult him i stated that clyman did , but in reality he deserves my insults. He doesnt explain things clearly enough in his books and people have suffered.On to Gary now .I went to see Gary Clyman in person, he is everything he says he is and much more.I weigh 84 kilos(not fat) and punched him and his other top guys as hard as i could, ive trained with pro boxers and i can deliver a punch that will knock any man down.I delivered powerfull(liver and spleen) shots and they didnt tense up.When i punched Gary it felt like my wrist bent and could have snapped(he told me he could have snapped it if he wanted to) Not only that but his fa jing demonstrations were very impressive as was his emotional liposuction, he sent me flying with a light slap and i felt my insides bouncing around.Not only that but he said that he hadnt really hit me yet, I refused to test the next level off power.I have his entire system and he is superior to wong kiew kit by a 1000 lifetimes.That is my opinion and if it gets me kicked off then boo hoo hoo.I dont really care! Gary Clyman knows exactly what he is talking about and his stuff works way better than wongs.There are no insults just facts.GET OVER IT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.bullshido.net/forums/archive/index.php/t-5002.html Yeah, I know Gary. He is a very good martial tai chi guy in Chicago. I've played with him a few times and he always wins very easily. He is big on meditation, but he also has the goods. He was orginally trained in martial tai chi, Temple Style I believe, and also knows shia chiao (I know I can't spell). He is also one of the few practitioners I know who will demonstrate to anyone. He will gladly take anyone's punch to demonstrate the Golden Bell/Iron Shirt stuff. He also has very strong fa jing. Particularly for the non-believers out there if you want proof that this stuff work go to Chicago and ask him to discharge on you. I've never known any non-believer to ask twice. Equally impressive his students can all also do the Golden Bell stuff. His good students can also discharge. Hell, he sent me flying into a brick wall with only four fingers and I weighted almost 100kg at the time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Very funny. Ask him to punch you using the jing. The sensation is quite amazing and depends on the the typle of jing used. You will go flying. While there are many frauds among the tai chi guys. Gary is one of the few who actually has it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.wongkiewkit.com/forum/showthread.php?8776-What-are-your-thoughts-on-Gary-J-Clyman Yes I've seen Gary do this to a variety of people all of whom had fighting experience. He has done it to me (judo, budotaijitsu, shotokan, boxing and alot of military unarmed combat stuff). I watched him do it to a 5th dan Jeet Kun Do guy who was about 215 lbs and a tad over six feet tall, and an experience boxer in the middle of a match, as well as a few other guys. To answer the other person, jing is a chinese medical and meditative term that means something like cultivated essense. In fa jing this cultivated essense, which takes years to get apparently, is disharged out of the fighter into the target. It feels like you are getting hit with a brick. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.wongkiewkit.com/forum/showthread.php?8776-What-are-your-thoughts-on-Gary-J-Clyman Gary has his opinions on the meditative side of the art, but he can back it up on the street. One of the nice things is that he is willing to demonstrate this on anyone who shows up. I would suggest you call or go visit him in Chicago if you want to see a tai chi guy who has it. He is outspoken, but very friendly. And not in the weird ass cult/I am the master of the universe way that many of the frauds in this form present themselves. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.wongkiewkit.com/forum/showthread.php?8776-What-are-your-thoughts-on-Gary-J-Clyman Sam, Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the sincerity. Gary is also a very skilled meditator and accupuncturist with about 30 years of experience. I've spent a few days, on a couple of different occaisions, following him around his accupuncture practice and he is very impressive in his treatment of patients. I can't speak to AIDS patients, but based off of his record in treating other people I don't think it is unreasonable that he can help with an immune system dysfunction or health in general. I got interested in the healing modalities after breaking my back in a skydiving accident about 2 1/2 years ago. After one treatment Gary took me from 50% to about 80 to 85% despite having done all the other rehabilitative/drug thearapies offered by conventional medicine. I have also seen him help people with circulatory and respiratory problems dramatically. As well as treating people who were suffering from mental and psychological problems as well with good results using the emotional liposuction techniqes. In a world of frauds in the meditative/martial arts communities he is one of the few I have seen who had credibility in person. He is very honest about his abilities and will be the first to tell you if he cannot do something. Addtionally all of his stuff is solidly built off of technique and practice. No mythical nonsense. Everything is you do A and you get B. He is also open about the fact that his ability to do any of this is based off of lots of experimentation, good teachers, and years of spending several hours a day working on all of this. People out there can do some of this stuff, but the amount of effort required to do so is extreme and built over time. His techniques and training timelines closely mirror what I have seen among the few other credible practitioners I have met over the years and correspond to my own experiences which came from outside their systems. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.emptyflower.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1899 I know Gary Clyman quite well. While his personality sets alot of people off he has some of the best martial tai chi I've ever seen. If you are in Chicago and want to see what real tai chi looks like go see Clyman. I never met anyone half as good while in living in Beijing. BTW, Waysun Liao is no longer teaching the material he taught to Gary. As often happens as teachers age they find a new focus for their efforts. If you want to get the martial side of tai chi from Waysun's lineage you'll need to see Gary. Gary is very honest about what he is and is not capable of doing and I've never met anyone who doubted his skills who actually met him. Many people do not like Gary because of his personality. Too bad for them. I've often seen Gary repair the damage caused by other less concerned teachers and I've never seen him permanently hurt anyone either. Out of a handful of teachers I've met who "had the goods" he is one of the most giving and certainly more concerned with his students' well being than most. He is quite intense. That is the reason why he is good at what he does. That said he is neither crazy or dangerous to the people around him. He just despises time wasters and chases them off. That cannot be said of all of the people I have studied with. We all like to think that our teachers should be paradigms of virtue, have the wisdom of warrior sages and an angelic outward appearance. Reality rarely comes across that way. Several of my teachers completely terrified me and I often wondered if I would survive their training. Gary for example has never beaten me unconscious. The same cannot be said of a female teacher of mine who sits just over five feet tall and weights in at under 100 pounds. Likewise, the closest I ever came to death during training happened while going through a particularly intense series of trials at the hands of an angelic senior citizen that primarily practiced a school whose focus is out of body projection. It always surprises me when others meet these folks and are completely freaked out. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.martialartsplanet.com/forums/showthread.php?t=67552&page=16 I have met at least a dozen or more of Liaos's students including those who have been practicing for over 30 years. It looks like this to me: 20 years ago or more he was teaching good stuff. I haven't seen any students who have been with him for less than 10-15 years who have in significant skill. Some of the older guys are really good and really nice. I know the training is very different than it used to be, because the older guys told me so. The newer students seem to be way way off in some fantasy land. The older ones seem to have some base in reality. I don't think Liao actually teaches any Taichi anymore. If he does, just barely. It's all student teaching. I think anyone with a solid six months of Jiujitsu could take out virtually any of the students who have less than ten years of taichi practice under there belts. Even the guys who have been with him for over 20 years still say he hasn't given them everything which is very interesting since Liao himself was in training for less than 10. I have touched hands in a teaching environment with Liao about half a dozen times. He is really really good! And, yes soft like a willow. Truely amazing. Very powerful. To Liao, from his mouth, as I understood him say it, the purpose of taichi is to purify and return to the Mother, the Dao itself. I believe that is true. It is also a nice excuse for students who don't want to face reality. They can just pretend that their taichi is good because they are "returning to the Dao." When someone puts them on the ground or into the wall they can respond with "That was really physical," or "Taichi is not a martial art," or any other nonsense that will help them justify the fact that they don't have anything to show for their training. I feel really sad for them. Especially because Liao is so good. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quote: thetaobums member Dorian Black My friend and Thetaobums-member LittlePie took part in Gary Clyman's „Personal Power Training“ and tested Gary's Jing: Gary touched him slightly on the shoulder and LittlePie went down like "hit by a sledge-hammer". Gary told him that he only used ONE vibration...he could have used HUNDREDS if he wanted to. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thetaobums member rodgerj testimonial: Q: Lol, howd the Gary Clyman work for ya?? A: I have seen lots of people diss him and it's understandable. When I first spoke with him I nearly flew out to Chicago to fight him as he called me a looser. But he is actually a nice guy. Everyone has a personality and some are more eccentric then others. If we let our own pride and arrogance get in the way we could miss something valuable. His training works. When I say it works I am talking about lightning in your arms. You want Jing or power for Martial Arts this will deliver. It seems to be mechanical in that you get just what you put in. I have met him and tested his Fa Jing and he has it for sure. At the time I was 240+ pounds and he made me leave the ground and hit a wall. One thing to remember is that when he is presenting is Waysun Liao's entire system. This alone for me was a reason to train. I thought.... 'I can spend the next 20 years of my life to get some of this info from Master liao or I can get it all now' This is a wrong attitude but It was a long while ago and I was a bit younger. To put in short.... you fill the dantien, burn some pathways, open up your channels, vibrate the energy and more. I remember when I first got some effects.... I had been feeling 'heat' and tingling' for ages. Threshold stuff. Then one day while training suddenly my arms felt like I was literally holding power lines. This grew to be everywhere. After, I noticed that when not training if I got emotional it would start im my arms on it's own. If I hit something a freakin lightning bolt would fly down my arm and out of my hand. The focus in on the dantien. As well as the Chi Kung and Nei Kung there are other meditations like uprooting and sinking jing or Tai Chi connective meditations. It is powerful stuff. I do not do it anymore though because it does not mix with what I do. It is great for Martial arts as it covers Golden Bell etc.... In fact Grandmaster Gene Chicoine and a student of his met him. The student tried his Iron Palm on Master Clyman and just hurt is hand. Grandmaster Ch'ang Tung Sheng punched him in the face while he just laughed (to test his gold bell) I could go on for ages but I can't really right now. I will answer any questions from PM's. Lastly though I will say that for those that think him charging $3000 for his Nei Kung is outrageous.... think about it.... this is 20 years or knowledge that you can get only two ways. Train 20 years or pay up. I will warn that there is a reason that this knowledge is given over time and not to jump into advanced stuff without a foundation! take time with it. Before anyone criticizes I would say have the balls to do it to his face. Then come here you will have the right to comment. It's like a crazy man holding a bag of gold coins. You may think he is crazy and be put off by his madness but he still has the bag of gold coins. (I am not saying Gary is crazy BTW! he is a nice guy). Q: Does anyone know if you can practice the Clyman dvd's and still practice Kunlun? Not back to back of course. A: Errr that depends but the short answer is no. The reason for this is mostly because you cannot do MCO and Kunlun. At least, in the beginning you can't. Gary's system is huge, there is a lot in there. There are elements that you can put with Kunlun but it depends how long you have been doing Kunlun. In both of these methods there is an internal alchemy that is taking place. A very different one! In the Chi Kung of Gary's system you collect and condense energy to create the alchemical agent that is then circulated via the micro and macro orbits. When you get to the Nei Kung then that shit is a whole other level! Certain vibratory meditations are used to accelerate the vibration of the Jing you have created. This kind of stuff would not mix with Kunlun and I would not put them together. This does not mean you cold not do them both though. You have to wait for one alchemy to finish before you attempt another, and your goal is the deciding factor in what type of method you choose. You find this even within certain schools such as Grand Master Doo Wai's. You cannot train for healing and ging and the same time as your cultivating different energy. Opposites almost.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TTB member forestofsouls talks about his encounter with Waysun Liao here: http://thetaobums.com/topic/2126-actual-manifestation-of-chi/ I was perusing the John Chang thread recently, and it made me wonder: how many people out there have actually met some one who could provide a real, demonstrable manifestation of chi or chi-like phenomenon? I think that Mr. Denty is right: once you taste the real thing, there's no doubt whatsoever. Personally, I've met two. The most powerful was Master Waysun Liao. When I met Master Liao, I wanted to "test" him. We've all seen those martial arts demonstrations where the so-called master demonstartes mystical techniques on people of their own choosing. I had this in mind and wanted to test ML. Much to my surprise, he ASKED me to test him. At one point, I had my body wedged between the floor and his arm trying to keep him from lowering it, all to no avail. But the real kicker is when he was demonstrating how chi should feel when one is practicing correctly. Make no mistake, this stuff is as far from imagination as the law of gravity. What we did was we all gathered in a circle. Master Liao had us put our hands out in the tai chi ball stance, which is standing shoulder width apart, with our palms facing one another, perpendicular to the floor. Sort of like holding a beach ball in front of you. He placed his hands around my hands, without touching. Then he said, let me know when you feel something. Mind you, I was a chi skeptic at this time. I could feel vague light buzzings, but nothing substantial. What I did was try to keep an open, empty mind and a relaxed body. I was curious, but quite sceptical. What happened was it felt like suddenly I was hooked up to a power generator. When I was younger, I once grabbed a refrigerator that wasn't fully grounded, and was mildly electocuted. It was similar, but it felt good. It started out vague, then I felt a lot of pressure as though I was submerged under water. I said nothing, and the feelings got very strong. Then the pressure gave way and it felt like liquid electicity was flowing throughout my body, and it felt as real and vivid as an oak table. I also felt my lower dan tien and upper dan tien swelling and opening, and it was ecstatic. It also felt like there was a fine electrical wire connecting the two dan tiens. I felt giddy and high, and couldn't stop smiling. It also felt there was an actual ball between my hands. The main thought I had was "Oh my God I can't beleive this is real!" Master Liao said that the object was to cultivate oneself so that one could feel that way without a master "charging you up". To some extent, we all feel chi: when we are well rested and feel alive. But this was magnified many times over. I would say chi is energy, much like electrical energy. I've been told that some people can hear it, some people can see it, but most feel it. When talking about chi, I mean feeling electrical energy with no technological source that feels as vivid as physical objects. I agree with what you say, T. I firmly believe that most of the stuff on chi out there is imagined, wrong, or mistaken. Which is why I wanted to start a thread, to try to separate out the phonies. Now I'm not saying that Master Liao is the ONLY possible source of authentic chi exercises, just one. I think Wong Kiew Kit may be another, but I don't have direct experience and so I can't say. I hear Yan Xin does some amazing things, but once again, I don't have direct experience of it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://thetaobums.com/topic/28421-nei-kung/?p=438989 Water and Spirit Gary Clymans stuff is the real deal. I am qualified to make that statement because I purchased his Tidal Wave chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung. It changed my life for the better. I do it everyday. It made me more graceful, think faster, I feel less tired, I feel more effective at work and at home. I feel more powerful. It really helped me to gather chi at Tan Tien and circulate it. Dorian Black knows what he is talking about. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://thetaobums.com/topic/28356-here-because-of-gary-clyman/?p=432133 ssmith7 Hello Tao Bums World, I am a young taoist pursuing the way. I have decided to join this forum because of a promise I made to Gary Clyman in exchange for showing me his techniques. He said that if his stuff was for real, then I should post on the Tao bums to tell all those "assholes" it was for real. Now, I am not Clyman. I was not hypnotized by Clyman. I do not care if anyone takes classes or receives information from Clyman. I am not one of Clyman's students. All that said, the guy is legitimate. You may call him an asshole. I probably would. But, he has powerful internal power. He threw me against a wall with one wave of long power, on the floor, and gave me several punches each with a different feeling in the chest/stomach. These 5 strikes corresponded with the five elements (wood, Earth, water, fire, and metal). He named them before he hit me. I know that what he showed me was real because I had experienced other Tai Chi artists do similar demonstrations of power to me. Clyman's was just more of the internal power. Regardless of what you think about the man, please remember that the Tao gives rise to both pleasant and unpleasant personalities. I believe Gary Clyman is a good person. His approach and way of speaking may offend some sensibilities, but the guy knows what he is talking about. He is open to demonstrations, he has nothing to lose.
  2. The sheer mass of testimonials should speak for itself. I personally am rather interested in what people say about him who have no personal connection with him and are only his clients who just pay him for his services as a healer and therefore expect an actual healing success, but the testimonials also include two of his students whose lives and personalities were transformed for the better through his energy training.
  3. I already posted a playlist with video testimonials in this thread of some of the many patients he healed which prove beyond any doubt that he is one of the most powerful and successful chi healers in the world. I am sure that you did not willfully ignore those videos, therefore I point you again to said video playlist.
  4. Chang, I apologize that Master Clyman's great success as a healer, proven by the many video testimonials of successfully healed patients, which show his great achievement and mastery in the development of chi power, has destroyed your worldview and deeply hurt your sensitive feelings and beliefs!
  5. Btw, you didn't answer the big question how Master Gary Clyman (I really think you should address him like that) is able to heal all these people, no matter if they have physical or emotional sicknesses, if he was allegedly thrown out and his education was interrupted? How did he develop these amazing healing abilities then? As someone who is as objective as you and sees the forest (at least when you look out of your window), you surely have a good explanation for this!
  6. How exactly did I derail the thread? I thought the thread was about the topic of Clyman's abilities? I am completely objective and want to help you out of your delusion, I am just trying to help you to see the truth.
  7. All this bad talk about Clyman are lies from people who envy his healing powers and his success. If he was thrown out and his education was interrupted, why is he then able to heal all these people who testify for him? LOL! Where are the healing testimonials for those who accuse him? They don't exist. I think the truth is pretty obvious.
  8. I don't see you address all the testimonials of the patients he healed, those show the actual facts about Clyman which show his extremely high achievement in his chi development. Obviously you try your best to ignore them...
  9. Why is it insulting when I tell you that I have not seen any videos of you demonstrating something impressive? You are demonstrating forms and I see in those videos not even a hint of chi power. This is just my honest opinion.
  10. In case you are unaware of it, his skin tone pretty much resembles your own. I posted a lot of video testimonials of the patients healed by Master Clyman, which prove that his chi abilities are outstanding. I don't see any video testimonials posted by you, if your teacher taught you something of worth besides useless forms, you should have such miraculous chi powers yourself and therefore there should be even more testimonials of people healed by you than there are for Clyman. Ah, I forgot the video of you punching a wall which you posted at neigongforum, which if I remember right was supposed to demonstrate FaJin on a John Chang like level in your opinion.... I am not sure why you believe to be able to assess how Nei Kung looks like. Yes, some people have such red faces that the dizziness caused by their high blood pressure causes them even to see violet lights...
  11. Your complete denial of all these people who testify that they were healed by Clyman tells me a lot about your personality. I pity you.
  12. You guys have obviously not the slightest idea what you are talking about. Master Gary J. Clyman is one of the most capable, successful and powerful chi healers on earth as all these video testimonials of patients he healed prove without any doubt. All the bad talk about him is just foolish nonsense and lies from haters who envy his great success. Be my guest and take a good look at all these video testimonials, then you can correct your completely wrong opinion of Gary and his awesome abilities. "Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits." "Behind Every Successful Person Lies A Pack Of Haters." Both couldn't be more true than in Gary's case. I hope that you are man enough to admit how wrong you all were about him. Here is the video playlist:
  13. Where does he claim so? Please point me to your source! Otherwise please delete this false claim about him! I asked Gary years ago if he was a taoist immortal and his answer was: "I'm only human." An answer, of course, which every true master and taoist immortal would give...
  14. A thread initiated as attack against me and to slander my teacher because I asked Starjumper to post a video of him demonstrating his alleged Internal Power, which I still am waiting for...