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  1. Cultivators would be like...
  2. Emptiness (sunnyata)

    Well, then you realized emptiness automatically.
  3. Emptiness (sunnyata)

    "Emptiness" is the most misunderstood spiritual concept ever.
  4. The perfect square has no corners?

    Taoist reasoning (as it was in the beginning before it became refined, when it still truly aimed for Taiji and not for pure yang) seems to have certain advantages over buddhist reasoning for comprehending the fundamental. Another reason which supports Jax' theory that dzogchen was originally born in taoism and later found a home (or exile?) in buddhism. I'd like to add: The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.
  5. The perfect square has no corners?

    That's a wrong translation imo, and as a quick google search shows, other philosophs come to the same conclusion like I did independantly concerning what the correct translation must be...
  6. New Here

    Always good to have the president on board...
  7. The Tao of disappointment

    Useful knowledge doesn't get served on a silver platter.
  8. Solid Qigong videos/youtubes

    Big Wave Nei Kung practice, created by Master Gary J. Clyman. I like the simplicity and full body effect in this chi flow exercise system. Very simple, very effective.
  9. Solid Qigong videos/youtubes

    Chi Kung and Wing Chun master Austin Goh demonstrating Chi Kung. I simply love this video!
  10. Tibetan Dream Yoga

    Imo, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche is the best dzogchen teacher alive.
  11. Temple style Taiji Quan

    Do you mean this person?
  12. Old boy, but young chicks still pay good money to get sexual massage by Multiorgasmic Master Mantak, how about you? Everybody finds the right master for himself/herself and the fools find Mantak Chia...so it's no miracle that he likely makes more money than all the other masters on the market combined! The guy is probably some sort of a genius and he seemingly mastered something that the other masters didn't!
  13. Society and Compassion

    Agreed.....so maybe you like this one here also: