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  1. More_Pie_Guy KenBrace Brian
  2. The internet is full of fake news claiming that "the Pentagon confirms"! Just do a google search. LOL! in fact, no such thing happend!
  3. Second video 0:30 "The Pentagon now confirms [...]" When and where did the Pentagon exactly "confirm" their UFO study? Fake news!
  4. Please search for yourself! No recent official releases concerning UFO's! https://www.defense.gov/
  5. LOL! Where is the official release??? https://kb.defense.gov/PublicQueries/publicQuestions/FaqsAnswer.jsp?Subject=Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)&FaqID=84&nHit=0
  6. Nungali seems to have a yuge emotional problem with the probability of UFO's flying around in our airspace...