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  1. Again the tunnel vision! I am a male talking to a male, and what might sound "mysoginistic" to you (and I assure you, no, surely not everybody smells mysogyny all the time and at every corner), fyi is exactly the tone used by most males in a "matey" conversation! And exactly like that was my comment intended to sound!
  2. Looking at his .gif, I was actually asking myself if castrates lead a happier life and was evaluating that by contemplating our local cat population and how the non-castrated male cats basically fight all the time. If I was a mod, I would look at posts from a distance and would consider possibilities of intentions beyond my spontaneous first impression.
  3. Sorry, your ponies look to me like castrates who are happy because they never had to deal with broads and stuff.
  4. Out of the frying pan, into the fire.
  5. I understand. Well, depth depends on the individual understanding. What for some individuals is just a part of a nursery rhyme, is for other individuals the concept that has the potential to lead them to enlightenment...
  6. That's what I meant. But it surely helps to look at the words of those who invented it before...
  7. That's true but I was not talking about schools and systems, I was talking about ideas, concepts and insights which are universal and not dependant on a certain culture, school or time. Concepts which can be understood, experienced and explored by every lay individual in every time and culture and which have been and will be discovered and explored again and again.
  8. In history, people of all times and cultures who supposedly achieved enlightenment came up with similar ideas and insights. Some of those similar ideas and insights, if understood and explored extensively, are imo all one needs to get pointed into the right direction and to understand what to do.
  9. I also agree that it's not so much about sessions of sitting down and meditating, although that in itself surely helps too. Instead, the method should be implemented into everyday living.
  10. I am convinced that in history many lay people by themselves intuitively found a similar and simple way to complete enlightenment, so I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to achieve that too if you invest enough time and energy.
  11. Actually that was my own idea and intuitive conclusion, but it's good to know that you read about it somewhere and that therefore other people came to the same conclusion.
  12. I personally consider a third possibility to be the most probable: The emtiness aspect Alaya (kun gzhi) is like one unified empty field. The luminosity aspect Rigpa is individual and every individual has one. The dharmakaya in which the emptiness and the luminosity aspect are one is therefore individual concerning its luminosity aspect, but universal concerning its emptiness aspect. To picture this, visualize a boundless and dark empty space with countless candle lights floating around in it.
  13. Even inside dzogchen there are strong disagreements, for example if the thodgal light visions are just delusions and should be ignored or if they reveal the highest truth and should be concentrated upon. I read dzogchen scriptures and books which differ extremely in this point.
  14. Most likely your mind would remain like muddy water, to use the picture of Jigme Lingpa. Otherwise everybody would become enlightened at death.