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  1. Concerning the topic of this thread: I came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as absorbing energy from Tao. It's a widespread misinterpretation of several schools of what happens in theory during exercises which work in practice. Schools which developed practices which work not necessarily came up with the correct interpretation and understanding of why these practices work and what actually happens during these practices. The proof for this is that many schools have similar practices but completely different theoretical interpretations.
  2. I am not sure about what happened during the experience you describe, possibly energy was released from your upper tantien and then circulated through your body. What do you mean with "initiation"? Some kind of energy transmission from a master in a personal meeting? If so, then no.
  3. My comprehension is without any question ingenious, as proven through repeated scientific cognitive tests. Your estimation of it is therefore proven completely wrong, which allows rational conclusions concerning your own comprehension ...or honesty. Again: Case closed.
  4. I fail to fall for your afterwards twisting and relativization of what you said and what I quoted. I caught you lying. The intelligent people will come to the same logical conclusion that I did. Case closed.
  5. My pleasure.
  6. I am not the one with the red face, considering that I proved through quoting you that you first claimed that the exact technique which caused the illness was part of the official material and then you suddenly claimed it wasn't. In other words: I caught you lying.
  7. plus That's a contradiction. Seemingly you claim here whatever helps your agenda, no matter if it's the truth or not.
  8. I am interested to understand every system that's real. And the only real systems I know of are Mo Pai and Mind Light Nei Kung. That doesn't mean that I train in Mo Pai.
  9. I know two of his older students personally who have developed internal power through training Gary's Mind Light Nei Kung system. So, you should rather ask how many of the "official" teachers have produced students with internal power? I dont know any. All I know are deluded people as dwai who believe that pushing each other around with muscle strength like cows locking horns on the field means that they developed internal power, which is just delusion. I personally simply didn't invest enough time to develop internal power yet.
  10. ...and which is part of the official school material, right?
  11. If they are recruiting people at your level, then I rather assume that they are presenting you magic tricks. I prefer systems that lead to real abilities.
  12. He was thrown out by Master Ron Hoffman, went after that to Grandmaster Waysun Liao and Liao himself took care that he could complete his education properly under another instructor plus through countless private sessions with Liao himself! BOOM! That's the reason why Gary was able to become a true master of the system through developing internal power, while other "official" masters of the system never developed it!
  13. You yourself claimed that he got terribly sick because of practicing the official school material exercises. But now you claim that others got over 100 years old by practicing the same material. That sounds logical.
  14. In school legends and lore at least, how old was the contemporary guy you wrote about and you seemingly knew personally?
  15. That explains why your teachers are killing themselves off with those. So, good luck...you'll need it.