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Found 6 results

  1. The Dragon Revealed -

    Thank you for making this opportunity available for others to share their experience in the Chinese Internal arts. My name is Eric Wilson . . . I trained and taught Chinese Kung-fu, Tai-chi, and Qigong for more than 24 years. And while I did realize a great manifestation of "internal" power, I also experienced some very strong negative effects. I am sharing my story and these experiences at the links below, and it is my prayer that these will be of help to those who also have had questions about the spiritual source of Chi and "internal" power. Thank you, Eric Wilson and family
  2. Those of you who have seen my other posts will know that I am an advocate of free sharing and distribution of all kinds of knowledge. This post is an open area by which those who are willing can share the secrets of their sect, or just any occult/spiritual mysteries they know about. I am interested in all groups/societies (ordo templi orientis, hermetic order of golden dawn, eastern mysticism, theosophy, or any gurus like Sadhguru, Yogananda etc.)
  3. Yes, that is how I define myself. I'm both at the same time, therefore I could as well be none. I don't believe in believe. That being said, I believe that we are all transparent to Nature which we humans make part of. All things known and unknown are plenty as they are, so much so that everyone is biased to conserve their own identity that is the manifestation of that which is stranger than we can suppose. But one thing I know for sure! I am an animal, I have the same necessities as other beings and there is the unfathomable mystery. And at this constant contradition lies the conservation of infinity. Besides that all is poetry, and I like poetry because knowledge without emotion (hence biased) is sterile and has no use.
  4. Have you been born?

    I wanted to liven up everyone's day with a series of questions. Most of us customarily consider ourselves to have already been born from a union of a mother with a father. How many of you here can see a different point of view? Are there any people here who can see themselves right now as having been conceived, but still gestating in a pre-birth state? Are there any people here who can see themselves right now as being in a pre-embryonic state before conception, but destined for conception? Are there any people here who can see themselves right now as being in an indefinite ongoing pre-embryonic state, but not destined for a future conception? These are not easy questions.
  5. Neil Style Strauss

    Since Non's suspension must be coming up soon On Jimmy Kimmel- On the View- One of his teachers Mystery-