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Found 6 results

  1. twenty twenty vision

    Howdy ya'll bums. How is the year 2020 treating you? Is it symbolism at work that in the year of the rat we have a worldwide pandemic underway? It's not the rat's fault. I'm certain that many of you are catching on to what is underway; the world as we humans experience it, is undergoing great changes. Things are never going back to the way things were. Pre 2020 civilization has become ancient history. Krakatoa rumbles as US fighter jets intercept Russian war planes flying into our airspace, as Taiwan fighter jets Intercept Chinese warplanes, as US Navy destroyers pass through the straits of Taiwan in view of the Chinese navy which is conducting exercises a few waves out. Of course the thoughtful Russians are merely checking on our well being as the Chinese are checking on Taiwan as good neighbors do in times like these, offering chicken noodle soup and other remedies and comforts. Yet, those activities happen all the time and will be looked upon with nostalgia, looking back at pre 2020 life. How many have lost their jobs? Well, I thinks economies will rethink things and bring industries back closer to local. It won't be the locals returning to work in many cases; industries will expedite restructuring in automation. Robots don't catch illness like humans are prone to do. We should all Pat ourselves on the back the way we entered into lockdown to ward off the pestilence at hand. Social distancing is here to stay in our post 2020 world. Brick and mortar businesses are going to become ruins. Delivery of goods to our doors , ordered online, is how it gets done now. Thank goodness 5G is at the ready! The tape markers on dollar store floors, the glass barriers at checkout. They will be refined and upgraded, they won't be going away. Virtual reality is coming into its own now, rest easy, you can hardwire yourself into the matrix. Right now you don't need a red pill or a blue pill to know what's afoot. A couple years from now pre 2020 civilization will seem some mythical distant dream. A fairytale. I won't keep adding on, I leave you bums space here for that. I told myself after my 2016 thread was locked after creating no small ruckus here, and the myriad following threads that altered the site for many~that I'd leave that sorta stuff alone. Hey hey here we are. Tricksters operate along the boundary lines ya know. As I type this a coyote just picked up a cigarette butt off the pavement here, not sure how he lit it, but there he goes trotting along puffing on a stogie. I implore the powers that be on this forum to allow this thread to continue, that othes may rebut or add to its message. This is in fact a very Spiritual time. One that demands attention, reflection, and some platonic affection for your neighbors and fellow bums. I am merely a harbinger of the portent. Or not! Share your thoughts about our current situation at hand; where do we go from here?!
  2. Do I have the ability to act on the world to add, change, or stop certain phenomena? Or am I completely a victim of circumstances and forces larger than myself?
  3. Those of you who have seen my other posts will know that I am an advocate of free sharing and distribution of all kinds of knowledge. This post is an open area by which those who are willing can share the secrets of their sect, or just any occult/spiritual mysteries they know about. I am interested in all groups/societies (ordo templi orientis, hermetic order of golden dawn, eastern mysticism, theosophy, or any gurus like Sadhguru, Yogananda etc.)
  4. I was writing about dreams and how mine were influenced by the movies and shows I watch. I realize I'm hooked on some pretty dark shows, like HBO's Game of Throwns, HBO's West World. I just started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. These are all very dark paranoid shows. They say there's a part of our consciousness that can't tell fiction from fact. If so, watching some of these ultra violent shows, like West World and Game of Thrones can't be good for my and perhaps societies collective unconscious. These types of shows aren't anything new, but the quality of them, and there graphic, often shocking nature probably is. Take Game of Thrones, good guys bite the dust more often and painfully then the bad. Woman, children even babies aren't safe. For all that, West World might be darker, with its paranoid musing on free will. We see the past(?) good guy rape his first love, and murder woman and children just to explore his bad side. Older shows on regular TV could certainly be violent, but rarely created the deeper attachments that these shows do over there long costly (West World episode 1, $25 million!) runs There is an emotional depth to these shows, especially once your hooked. I don't think such shows are part of a conspiracy, rather they're giving us what we want. Yet they're also costing us our.. well.. innocence. On some level these shows affect our collective subconscious.
  5. it is been a time since i awakened out of conditioned mind and noticed the reality and what the mind making me see and what the reality actually is. but whenever i increase my awareness, focus and mindfulness... a trigger reappears and drag me down to the conditioned mind and the misery airse back but in a deep sad way. recently, i m noticing the moment before falling into the mind and become a follower and loosing my awareness of the now and the present moment and dwell in mind and stories... i feel myself standing on the edge between 2 perspectives... perceptive of everything great and wow vibrant and such and another "social" perspective of sadness of seeing what really is and how the world is in a sad way. lets call one the social perspective and the higher perspective.... the social perspective attract me into it.. by saying lets be real.. society is like that and they see you this way.. and u are this and that ... and what u believe in is bullshit ... etc .etc. This social perspective was raised by society and people, values and such.. and they lead to beliefs in me about myself and about life that serve no purpose and actually hinder and make me struggle in my life. the higher perspective gets me into it ... when i focus and allow the "social" perspective to be.. it is great and vibrant the life become, but it never lasts ... i m always switching in and out of them. There is like an inner conflict between me awakening and trying to manage my life and myself in beliefs that serves my improvement and the other thoughts and beliefs that are conditioned by society and people, culture... the question is how to Merge them ? or how to break free of those social/cultural beliefs implemented in my subconscious ? Thank you!
  6. The Effects of Emasculation

    Pretty funny, I'm not saying I agree with it all, but I bet this resonates with a lot of guys these days-