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  1. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    ST, If you were to do some historical research on the laws and customs of the day you would notice that Thou shall not steal and Thou shall not commit adultery contains your rape issue.
  2. 300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia

    Being tormented by false findings doesn't automatically credit someone.
  3. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    Thanks buddy. What would I do without you? I bet you're so self involved that you'll have no choice but to respond to me.
  4. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    The way that I personally see this country is that of a joke. Right now we are waiting for the punch line. We are all about 'Rights'! Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of whatever. A post was brought up somewhere about the Westboro Baptist Church. These people protest funerals and cause a huge problem but when someone holds them accountable for their actions bynsaynbeating their ass, they get sued! I mean is it ok for them to do and say those things? No. The same thing applies with this satan monument. They are no different in that they just want some attention. If they really wanted that monument there why didn't they try to get it erected years ago? I don't care one way or the other but don't polish this shit up and tell me it's not shit. It's the sour grapes syndrome, to put it as MPG would put it.
  5. Life is my teacher and guess what...Life kicks everyone's ass
  6. Elves & humans relationships in Iceland

    I'd love to have her teach me
  7. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    You used W A Y too many fancy words to describe me. I'm not on a wing. I don't vote. I don't care much for politics. I know I know, I'm anti Obama but that doesn't mean I wake up with a stiffy and turn on the news. As i said, Im not american. Religious? I love Jesus. A lot. I love people too. Satanists, everyone. What I find offensive is when someone does something deliberately. Like this statue situation. It is offensive because they want to get a rise. Why do that? Why not push for the removal of the commandments? That'd be too non offensive right? Exactly. Understand this, I HATE the sin, not the sinner. So don't wrap me up into this right wing whatever, or do, it doesn't matter.
  8. I'm working off of an iPad so my patience grows thin trying to thumb type on this small, painful keyboard so I often times give up when trying to provide a rebuttal. Thanks a lot buddy.
  9. Post #74, which is yours, IMPLIES that Zoro was mentioned in the Quran, obviously NOT by name.
  10. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    Ah but you don't want to leave out atheists. You know how they love stirring it up. Take down all monuments. This isn't my country anyhow. I'm not american. I'm a Christian born in this country. You want to pull God out and assist in the declination of America go for it. Peace and blessings.
  11. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    Why not put up the spaghetti monster, xenu, Lao tzu, Buddha, Jesus, and Muhummad too? The Ten Commandments can be useful guidelines no matter which way you want to cut it. Worship of a demon is useful to about the entire population of nowhere.
  12. You are a funny character. You can't seem to grasp ....whatever. You see what you want to see and take it where you want to take it.
  13. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    I suppose you support these guys too?
  14. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    He picked the name. Not me.
  15. Satanic Temple *UP-DATED*

    You clearly didnt read my post. Intentionally erecting a villain monument is an attack and an insult. Over half the population of Oklahoma is Christian soooooooo, that is an intentional slap to them. Try erecting a satanic statue in a Muslim country.