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  1. Tibetan Dream Yoga

    I just learned about Tibetan Dream Yoga. If you have more sources then please share them. I am a sponge for anything lucid dream, dream and sleep yoga related.
  2. Tibetan Dream Yoga

    Anybody ever practice Tibetan Dream Yoga? What was it like? How did you do it? With who? You know, tell us your story.
  3. Anybody notice in their dreams the cycling of earth (caves, tombs), water (rivers, lakes), fire (war, fighting, traveling), and air (flying)?
  4. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Good choice. I've got the "The Art of Dreaming" by Castaneda.
  5. Yeah. I agree. People also like to point out that he died of liver cancer, like that is supposed to invalidate him. Buddha died of food poisoning and Jesus was executed for treason against Rome. I think Don Carlos Castaneda's real test will come a hundred years from now. Will he still have followers then?
  6. Temple style Taiji Quan

    I'm a big fan of Waysun Liao and very happy that we have a high level student of his here. Thanks for posting this, dwai.
  7. Yang Taijiquan and I was taught the method of The Secret of the Golden Flower by my first Taijiquan teacher. I don't practice qigong outside of Taijiquan. You?
  8. Bums I am missing

    You're Yoda?????
  9. Bums I am missing

    I miss Yoda.
  10. Forum/Site Name

    Back in the day there were no moderators. It was the Wild West here.
  11. Forum/Site Name

    The sage acts by not doing. Tao Teh Ching #2
  12. Forum/Site Name

    It's a name play on The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac.
  13. Tao in the human world

    I love Livia Kohn. I've read all her books and highly recommend "Sitting in Oblivion". It is not just about meditation, but has a lot of stories about Taoists ascending. As for Chinese religious frauds..... I've encountered a few. I heard once the reason there are so many fake teachers is because there are so many fake students.
  14. The converted Qi travels up the central channel. The full circulation goes up back and down the front. What system do you practice?
  15. I thought I would share my videos here since they are Daoist related. I can take criticism so if you have a problem with anything I say or do, please don't hesitate to mention it. I always strive to improve.