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Found 9 results

  1. I saw a time lapse video recently of a guy holding the ball on YouTube and I liked the idea so much that I just had to do my own. ;-) It is faster by a factor 15.
  2. Hello everyone, Here are the alpha/beta versions of our xingyibaguazhang distance learning course. I hope you enjoy the videos. Matthew Parsons, Water and Will Blog - Xingyi Bagua Online
  3. I am intending to start a practice with what is often said to be the highest sinthesys of esential qigong, that is the Crane, turtle, deer breathing- meditation. As references I have the instructions by Ken Cohen in THE WAY OF THE QIGONG and the CHINESE SELF-HEALING by Dr. Stephen T. Chang. The practice it self differs in the standing position according K. Cohen and the sitting position in Dr. Chang. I will greatly appreciate your input regarding video descriptions and visual resources on what K. Cohen calls Balancing the Three Treasures. Also the sequence of events is slightly different in both authors. In looking for this practice I am concious of the phyical, mental and spiritual consequences inmplied in this combined trilogy of qi workouts. All the best to all, Fer
  4. mind over duck

    mind over duck ? video: or is it just getting in line for supper?
  5. Taijiquan / Xingyi quan / Qigong / Dao Yin / Inner Alchemy in London -
  6. These may be of interest: Video of Chime Phakme Nyingtik Drupchen Podcasts on a variety of topics