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  1. Basic, in English, sounds like something to "progress" from - it isn't. Fundamentals are your foundation and always benefits from practice. What you are taught, practice and enjoy is orders of magnitude more valuable than a theoretical "best practice" It seems that almost everyone, when talking about teachers, mentions they don't talk much (* waves at some old friends *)
  2. Diggin the new avatar. :)

  3. Horse

  4. What Happened To Gerard ?

    There is a time and a place for ttb in a person's journey - but it's just another step along the way not the destination
  5. ~~~~~~~ moderator warning ~~~~~~~~~ skydog, This post is clearly insulting Please edit it. ~~~~~~~ moderator warning ~~~~~~~~~
  6. ~~~~~ moderator action ~~~~~ RongzomFan I have warned you recently regarding you language. You have been warned and suspended several times over the years by administrators and moderators. And yet you choose not to treat other members with respect and post personal attacks. You are suspended for a week No more warnings. Next time it's a one month suspension. ~~~~~ moderator action ~~~~~
  7. Directed Discussion

    I strongly agree with your post dawei ESPICIALLY this. The pit is only on TTB because Sean doesnt want posts deleted. So this was a place to put content that is simply unwanted on TTB. Posts and threads are now routinely moved into the pit yet members continue to derail threads leaving someone else to do the clean up work. Well we do want people to :- Its just that some people seem to ignore the 1st part a lot more often than the 2nd part
  8. Directed Discussion

    And yet if you look at your posts in this thread - Your opinion was clear the 1st time you posted. But, if you stay true to form, you will continue to reinterate your opinion every time someone posts.
  9. Directed Discussion

    Well seeing you keep posting. How could someone discuss yin chi without you "contributing" to that thread? I can't recall you stopping at one post even with a "spam rule"
  10. Directed Discussion

    Yes Ideally it would be :- A please don't post B just stops posting But we have all been here for too long to even imagine that ever happening ........
  11. Directed Discussion

    Contemplating this - one person controlling a thread is a bit different from the virtual round the clock coverage of moderators and stewards so its certainly possible that the thread creator could come back after a few days away to pages and pages of posts that they didnt want in their thread. So if someone was already asked not to keep posting - but rather than respecting that request they ignored it - what should be done?