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  1. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    It's easy to kick people when they're down. I guess herd mentality is what one should expect from cowards who need their hands held.
  2. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    I also think it's ironic how certain kinds of discrimination are apparently prohibited, and yet ethnic discrimination against other minorities are openly welcome. How tolerant and progressive of you.
  3. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Nope. Those are the English-speaking South Africans, they have a variety of different accents depending on where they came from in the second Anglo-Boer war, since they segregated themselves, Canadians with Canadians, Australians with Australians, Brits with Brits, etc. I'm Afrikaans, from the North-West originally so have a very Northen Dutch-like accent. You could also be talking about Afrikaners from the Cape, however we are different people, and have only recently been united under the Afrikaans blanket. I never said that guy is my role model. I pointed out that I regard him highly, he's been doing this for over a decade, without a teacher. He's dedicated to his practice, and practices daily. I wonder if you go tell some audience about the things you believe in if they won't start laughing at you? Hmmm. I guess there's very little to learn from such a sanctimonious individual. I highly doubt you have all the answers, nor any that I'm looking for. Have a pleasant day.
  4. Psychic vampirism and Qi

    So on the day that I do the Tree Gong I just skip the regular qigong sets that I do before seated practice? Thanks a lot man, this will probably help me a lot, I do appreciate it. Time is on my side for now, so when I feel ready to put this into practice I will try cutting out the Jing -> Qi part, by absorbing more Qi from external sources like trees. I have to try it out and see if it works, it would save me a lot of heartache, so it's worth taking a few years to try it out, advice still highly appreciated though, and will always keep this in mind. The moderate sexual activities is not possible for me, and won't be in the future, thus why I'm looking to try different approaches. I did hear Wa Mu's one book has an approach where you don't lose Jing by ejaculating with your partner, do you think this technique would be worth learning? If this solves the problem obviously the traditional route would remain the priority. Never heard of these, do they nullify the need to retain semen? Thank you once again RiverSnake, I really do appreciate you enlightening me. I wish you fortune, good health, and a pleasant evening man.
  5. Psychic vampirism and Qi

    Thank you very much for this post man, very much appreciated. A few questions though if I may? 1) What kind of refinement would be required? 2) With trees, would the energy from trees be easier to refine? 3) Would absorbing Qi like this on a regular basis nullify the Jing -> Qi converstion requirement in Neidan, in your opinion? I have read some of your posts and see you're also into Jason Miller's work. Than you for your consideration bud.
  6. So I've been reading Jerry Alan Johnson's book, Daoist Exorcism, and in the part about Psychic Vampirism he talks about the Psychic Vampire stealing Qi and storing it in the LDT, then later refining it based on the magician's Five Element Constitution. This made me really think. Since I've only recently begun to practice Daoist practices, but am not that new to the LHP in the Western Esoteric tradition, I am not completely unfamiliar with Psychic Vampirism and have a few books on the subject, but I've never used them. I think I'm changing my mind though. If what is stolen through Psychic Vampirism is Qi, then doesn't that bypass the need to refine Jing to Qi in Neidan? Maybe this is a stupid question, just thought this would be interesting to talk about.
  7. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    I'm not looking for superpowers or MoPai. I'm looking for all these "Authorities and masters" to go get scientifically monitored so as to determine whether they're really authorities, as you and your little cult of orthodox quacks like to claim. Why waste your time learning to achieve a state of immortality from somebody who cannot be verified to be one? If Chinese Traditional Medicine or Daoist cultivation can improve longevity, then why is the Chinese life expectancy not the highest? Maybe because they're talking shit. I'm not saying I'll "only listen to masters who levitate", I'm saying there's no use in spending your life blindly following frauds and people who aren't any more advanced than you are. If they are more advanced, the burden of proof falls upon then, until then they're all frauds out to make a fortune off gullible fools. Obviously I'm a spiritual person myself, but that doesn't mean I'm going to fall in with your submissiveness and willingness for blind belief in others. The conceit that you think spiritual wisdom is restricted to only a certain group of cultures from a certain geographical area, clearly stems from a lack of knowledge. It might hurt your feelings to hear that your heroes and idols aren't the only ones with spiritual knowledge, doesn't change the fact that they aren't though. I'm not looking for siddhis, I was looking for those who claim to be "authorities" in a highly subjective subject to come out and prove why exactly anybody should believe them to be authorities. Also, if people could not teach themselves, I guess your Daoist religion would not exist, because guess what, the original masters didn't have authorities, or masters, they taught themselves. The idea that you need to blindly obey people is ridiculous.
  8. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Fair enough. Seeing as they are not able to objectively (scientifically) prove themselves to be immortals, they are thus not objectively immortals, thus not authorities. And since I subjectively don't believe them to be immortals, they are thus both objectively, and subjectively not immortals, and thus not authorities.
  9. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Can you prove some spiritual authority has spiritual abilities? Scientifically that is? If so please provide evidence. Until then spirituality doesn't need gurus or masters telling people what to do when they can't prove their own claims.
  10. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    I wasn't aware that we had to prove anything to anybody here? Hmmm, I guess you're closer to a cult than you'd like to admit. What is it one would have to "convince" others of? Superpowers? The very real problem of colonialism, hmmm. Does that extend to Chinese, Indian, and Japanese colonization of others? Does it extend to Turkey having been a colonial nation since the 11th century after they committed genocide against the Byzantines? Or reparations from Mongolia, or North Africa for conquests in Europe? How about Bantu tribes displacing the Khoi people in South Africa? When are you telling the Turkish to fuck off back to Central Asia then? Or does nativistic ideology only apply when it's at the expense of the white people you hate?
  11. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    You don't have authority, and even though I have no problem with Walker, neither does he. Nobody is an authority on spiritual matters, not some Celestial Master, not the Dalai Lama, not the Pope, nobody, because it's all subjective. So sorry to burst your superiority bubble. Guess who the real supremacist is, the guy kissing some false authority's ass so he can talk about his supposed authority. You can't get to immortality by holding your masters hand.
  12. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    The funny thing is I'm a colonial, and I still like him more than I do you, so what does that say about how irritating and obnoxious you are? You didn't attack and insult me when I joined this forum and wasn't buying your bullshit? The reality is the vast majority of the people on here, including yourself are no better than people from Abrahamic religions, because what you practice is the Tao of Conformity. You need your hand held and can't think for yourself. If you're such a great master with such a great set of skills, why the fuck are you wasting your time complaining on an internet forum about other people? I thought an aspect of Daoism was accepting nature, I guess that's just another aspect you don't have mastery over. I remember a similar thread where you commended the censorship on this forum since it was in favor of your set of political ideals, you were thanking the owner and kissing his ass because other people were bullying you. I think you need to grow up. Once again, isn't politics somewhat beneath a great Daoist master who is working towards immortality? Everybody doesn't think like you do, you're not Jesus of Borg. There's a lot of alternatives to this forum, I suggest those banned for not conforming to check out OriginalDao. You do the same with your Orthodox Daoist brainwashing. Look at my introduction thread. You irritate people with your agenda, but when others do it to you, you beg for them to get banned? Strange... The average educated adult would say that other worlds and qigong is all bullshit. We're not dealing in average here. Didn't I ask you to stop on my introduction thread?
  13. If you pay for it I would love to. It does sound great, I am glad you live in such an amazing place.
  14. Too much life too little death. All that accomplishes is faster destruction of forests, woodlands, and jungles. There's already enough people in the world, I see people every day, I kind of see animals every day since I live close to a mountain and a small nature reserve with a river. The point is though, one day there won't be animals left to see, people will have to go to museums to look at modern animals the way we have to in order to look at prehistoric ones. Overpopulation is in my opinion the single worst problem facing the planet right now. You should check out the movie "The Time Machine".
  15. The biggest secret about Advaita Vedanta

    I do agree, however what you seem to be doing a lot of the time is dismissing anything outside your realm of experience. Maybe I'm wrong about that, if so I apologize. So you're eclectic as well, good to know. What does GS stand for? Are you a psychologist or merely being bias? I doubt everybody you disagree with is mentally unstable, though I am aware of people going crazy from practices in the Western spherical systems, this is rare. What you claim is spiritually false and fraudulent. Prematurely judging anything is ignorant, no one person can know everything, we are limited by our limited vessels in this world, and there isn't only one way to any one destination. Systems are authenticated via feedback from those who have practiced and assessed it objectively. While I understand you have sheeple that blindly do as those around them do, or do as they are told, if somebody well-versed in similar practices adopts the practices for a period of time and reports success, it has thus been as authenticated as any spiritual system in the world currently can be. Well I would hope that since you're a Master that you'd be willing to learn from others. But if you think you don't need to learn from others I guess you don't have to care at all. Have a pleasant evening.