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  1. This is really a continuation of this thread: But I did not want this information to get lost in the shuffle. What I am about to share came from what I call, "the Voice Inside." You might call it the Holy Spirit or your Higher Self or your Intuition. The process is that I type out a question, and then I pause, usually head towards the center of my chest, a sort of inner listening. Then I "hear" words which are the answer. I have tested this voice and it seems accurate. I really haven't spent any time trying to figure out what it is or where it comes from, but I also don't really need to. I know the words are not my own, even though my fingers typed them, and I am just thankful to have something outside of myself to consult on matters like this. For a variety of reasons I trust this voice and have faith in its accuracy. You are free to test these things out for yourself, and I encourage you to do so. I think we all have to come to know certain things in our own experience. So now, here is the material, from two different question sessions, the 19th and 27th of December of this year (2014.) The questions are my words, the answers are not, I will try to differentiate between the two. Everything, from the words used to the spacing of the paragraphs, is determined by this voice. I consult it even as I spell check and format. If anything appears in brackets [] I have added it. I have excluded some material directed solely at me. Some words come like this: faith/know. I think as you read them you will understand. The Law of Attraction Question Are the various teachings of the Law of Attraction I have been reading true, or directly pointing to the truth? Answer 12-19-2014 No, they are not true. Neither are they false. They are an attempt to understand the workings of the universe. They come from extra physical teachers who are doing the best they can to explain it in human terms. The translation leaves much to be desired and is not completely or totally accurate. The general principle is correct. You create the life you live, your life experience. It is up to you to change your circumstances if you do not like them or find them less than desirable. Many choose to live as though they had no control over their life. They blame it on their religion, their leaders, their life choices, the area in which they live, god, their parents and other authority figures. They choose to live in squalor, so deeply they are not aware of the choice they have made. In short they are asleep, and choose to remain so. From outside it would seem like their circumstances are responsible. But it is their response to their circumstances that is responsible. They have all these reasons why they can not just pick up and leave, or make a deliberate attempt to change their life circumstances, but the truth is they can. In most cases there is nobody preventing them other then themselves. This is something you have to learn as well. You are the greatest enemy to yourself right now. Your ego is throwing a tantrum and you think it responsible, to the point that you are going along with it. But you are really just acting like a child, throwing a fit because they are not getting their way. You have not learned how to act more maturely, so-to-speak. 12-27-2014 No, they are not true, but neither are they false. The question is not their trueness or falseness. It is not about bad or good These are duality. The teachings exist outside of duality. They exist outside of the dual mindset. They are non-dual. They either serve you, where you are in your life, at the moment you are reading them, or they do not. They are like a flashlight. When you are in the light, you have no need for the flashlight. But if you are in a dim or dark space/place, you can use the flashlight to illuminate your surroundings. For you, now, at this moment, there are dim or dark places that you need help illuminating, and these words are doing precisely that. You want to know if the words or good or bad, right or wrong. They are only words. It is only your perception of them that can make them right or wrong, bad or good truth or untruth. The ego is concerned with these things. The ego wants to know where the words fit in duality. You have an ego concern here. Think on this. Be aware of this. Practice presence with this. Question Does the Law of Attraction work as Abraham and others say it works? Is this, in whole or in part, really how the universe works? Answer Yes, this is in part how the universe works. It is not the whole picture, just a piece, and even that is limited by your human perception, caught in duality. You wanted to know if the Law of Attraction works as a sort of backdoor to knowing if the teachings are right or wrong. The teachings are just that – teachings. They are not in duality, as we said. The teachings are not right or wrong because this is, in part (limited by human perception) how the universe works. That the universe works, in part, in this way, does not make the teachings right or wrong, bad or good, truth or non-truth. You could say it proves the teachings to be accurate, as far as human perception can understand it, as far as the egoic mind can understand it. But accuracy is, once again, neither bad nor good, right nor wrong, edible or inedible. It is not caught in dualism. Question If they are true, am I applying and understanding them correctly? If I am not, how do I do so? Answer You are understanding and applying what you have been taught to the best of your abilities, as correctly as you know how. But you do not have the whole picture. You are not being mislead, but you are missing huge chunks of vital information. Never fear! You will gain the knowledge you so desperately seek! Continue to read them and apply them as you have. Having a part of the puzzle no matter how small, is better than having no pieces at all. The consequences of this action, of your study, will be for the other pieces to fill themselves in and for you to become aware of these important parts of the message. Question If the Law of Attraction is true, or pointing directly to the truth, but the teachings I have been reading are false or misleading, what is the truth about the Law of Attraction? Answer The truth about LoA can not be put into physical terms – relayed in any physical manner. It is a spiritual truth. It is something only known and realized at an energetic or spiritual level. The teachings you have been reading will point you to the other pieces of the puzzle which you can not understand in any physical sense. But there can be an inner knowing, and it is with that inner knowing that you will be able to see the completed puzzle. This knowing does not take place at a conscious level. It is like a sort of automatic tuning that is slowly being adjusted for a clear signal to get through. All the books you read about the Law of Attraction will make you aware, at a deep level, of this tuning in, and will make the necessary adjustments. Question If the Law of Attraction is false or misleading, what do I do? How do I get the life experience I want to have? Answer You can not get the life experience you want to have, it is impossible. You can only receive it. Be open to it. The teachings you have been reading, though inaccurate, make you open and receptive. They change you by tuning you into the big picture. So continue to read, study and apply the words of these teachings. Do not fear being led astray. Any wrong information will not stick, and will fade as you “tune in.” Any truths will be absorbed and help those inner adjustments to be made. It is your task in this life to “tune in” in this way, changing your inner life, and manifesting in a changed outer life experience. But you are not only doing this for you. You are doing it for all the other humans on the planet as well. The more of you tuning in, the more the collective mind of humanity is tuned in. Question Is there anything else about this? Answer Yes, there is. Non-dualism is just a label, an idea. It is neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, truth nor untruth. It is a way of looking at things differently, outside the egoic mind. A teaching or words that are non-dual in nature can not be understood well by those caught in duality. They will not be accepted as truth by those who are caught their dual nature, or who can only see the world in terms of dualism. So it is easy for the dual, egoic mind to brush such teachings aside, to point out into the perceived world and say, “See, it does not work!” But that is a falsity. It does work, the universe operates outside of duality. There is no right or wrong, bad or good, truth or untruth in the universe. There is just the universe and how it operates. A poor person on earth, liking in misery, sick, living in poverty, lives that way because they choose to live that way, even of they are not aware of making such a choice. You know this, you have always known this. It seems inconceivable that anyone would choose to live that way. If opportunity came where they could choose differently, certainly they would do so in most cases. The truth is opportunity has come, and continues to come, so that they could live differently, but they are not conscious of it. They are following thought patterns, caught on the rails, thinking in the same way they have always thought, thinking that brings them the life they now live. Changing the thinking may not change the circumstances, at least as long as the old thought patterns are there in the background, and they continue to think that way by default. But changing they way they think, becoming conscious and aware of their thoughts, this is the first step to changing those thought patterns. Eventually they come to realize that changing their thinking isn't enough, because others around them still think in the same old ways. They find that they must make serious life changes, maybe even leave their physical location, their home. Sometimes they are unable or unwilling to do that. So they fall back on the old thought patterns again. It is so easy to take up old, ingrained thought patterns to fall back on them, over and over again, especially if they are trapped by their current circumstances. Whatever they are facing, it is a mirror showing them what they need to change in themselves, and that is the next step to freeing themselves of their circumstances. First change your thinking. Become aware of your thoughts. Consciously choose better feeling thoughts, just as the teachings in the Law of Attraction state. Then become aware of what is around you, what is reflecting back at you in your circumstances. Become aware of what is being called attention to in yourself that you must change. Once the inside has been changed, the outside will change. Continue to practice awareness and consciousness, of your thoughts and your circumstances, and in this way, when an opportunity comes to change your circumstances, you will be able to do so. Understand that these steps are grossly simplified, to be understandable in human perception. The “Mechanisms of the Universe”, as you liked to call them, and far more complex than that, well beyond human comprehension, and this is in part because human comprehension is caught in duality, as most humans understand and know things only through the ego, or egoic mind. Teachings like this can only be, at best, like a flashlight illuminating the dark or dim areas in one's life and thoughts. It is only when humans can see things clearly, with no need of illumination, that the flashlight will no longer be needed. For now it is needed, it is useful, as long as collective human consciousness is ruled by the ego, or egoic mind. In a world of no darkness, there is no light. Light only exists in darkness, darkness only exists in light. The true nature of reality exists outside of both. Question Shall I share these words at my thread on Tao Bums, or anywhere else? Answer Yes, share these. However do not expect others to believe them. It is not your place to defend them, and they have no need for defense. Those who are ready for them will take from them what they need, those who are not will either not hear them or will not take anything from them. They may come up with examples of how these words are false. But the words are not false, and they are not true. They exist outside the human perception of duality. People will always find justification for what they believe about something. That is their choice, their path, as you well know. Focus only on your own path, on the choices you make. Thank you. You are very welcome [with a sense of a smile.]
  2. OK, so I have said this before, maybe multiple times. I find it, at the very least, discouraging, when "New Thought" and "Manifestation AKA Hay House" teachers become salespeople. Why? Because if this thing really works, then they should have no need to sell anything. They should be able to give away materials and teachings freely, or for just enough to cover their expenses. They should be pratcicong what they preach, which means they should nbot have a lack.limnitation mindset, so the have no worries about financial matters or money. They trust the Universe provides, as they so often teach, and it does, if this thing works! I just visted the Hick's Abraham page, and while they still offer the Introductory sessions of Abraham for free (you have to Google search for it as it seems to be buried in their site) the main focus of the site looks to me as if it is all about making money. Judge for yourself: Introductory Audio: Teachings of Abraham: I look at this site, and just like Wayne Dyer, I see cruises and who knows what else, which I haven't verified, but I'll bet cost thousands of dollars per person to attend. To my mind this casts serious doubts on the teachings. If what you teach really works, if you practice what you preach, if you have mastered the teachings you espouse, then where are the free cruises, seminars, workshops or materials? Now maybe I couldn't say anything if I was the same way, but as far as I know, I am not. I provide my teachings for free. I have also not made a penny on them. I know there is a psychological component here, if ytou offer something for free peole thing its worthless, so you give it a price tag and it acquire percieved value. But what other people should be none of my business. If I came into the place or state where I am manifesting anything I ask for, and teaching others how to do so, I would do so freely, or only charge a small amount for my costs and time. That's it. No thousands of dollar cruises or seminars. The focus is on sharing, on teaching, not on making money. I am troubled by this. I feel that the teachings of Abraham, Seth and Wayne Dyer are pointing the way clearly more or less to the truth. I know there is a history here I have just learned about. From way back in 1937 with Napolean Hill's, "Think and Grow Rich." He allowed them to edit out the word vibration from the manuscript, and never detail what The Secret was (whcih became the inspiration for "The Secret.") Apparently the original 1937 manuscript makes no such edits and gives the missing information. The point is that there is a history here. We have been taught this nearly 100 years in recent history, and it goes back further with the Kyballion (I think) There may be other works as well. And for as long as these teachings have been given to us there are those censoring or dilluting the message. If they are not driven by profit then they are driven by fear. I have no doubts that the original translations of the various texts that make up the Bible even have these truths in them. But the Bible as taught today, and the modern versions of, "Think and Grow Rich" leave out the important information about the universe. That is that there is an energetic aspect to life, otherwise known as the non-physical, which is typically beyond our physical capabilities to perceieve. It is from this non-physical energy that everything physical comes into existance. It is some combintion of our beliefs becoming our faith then directing our thoughts that allow us to manipulate things energetically, and this is how we can manifest things into the physical world. That is the essence of the teaching, to the best of my understanding and ability to write it at this moment. When you come down to it, the Native Americans have it right. This world is the dream, it is not the reality. It is a game, or, according to Alan Watts, a dance. I think I like the dream analogy best. At an energetic level we have collectively created this world in which we live. Whatever happens here has no effect on who we really are, that energy that is the energetic aspect of us. Really we're like a gaggle of children, ages 3-7 or something, who are playing with our imaganery friends, creating our own imaginary world, and the result is the physical world in which we live. But the dream anaology is better I think. We can sit back, let the dream run us around, or we can take control of it, make of the dream what we will and create the experiences we choose. It is always our choice, even if we choose to forget it or not remember it. In this case an elightened person is just someone who became lucid. They realized this was a dream and "woke up" within the dream. They reconnected consiously with that energetic aspect of themselves. So I think these teachings are true, but only in the sense of the truth that is finger pointing at the moon, these teachings, none of what we can teach while in the physical, is the moon. But these teachings at least point in the right direction. Still if that is the case, how come those who realize and teach this are trying to make money from it? If you are out hiking and someone comes along and asks for directions, do you help them without thought of payment, or do you demand they pay you a few hundred dollars? If you were the person looking for direction, would you want the one you asked for it to charge you? I know I wouldn't like that, and I would give direction freely to the best of my ability. And I have not, by any means, mastered any of these teachings. I admit that, I freely share what I have come to understand, I make it clear that at best it is a finger pointing to the moon, and I have no expectation of anything from those I help. How come these others can't do the same? I really don't understand. How can you not practice what you preach? What are your thoughts?
  3. I am reading Abraham's, "Ask and It Is Given." This is typical Hay House Manifestation teachings. But there is something else here. The book is doing something, changing something, in my mind. In terms of duality this change is good or positive. It has had an overall positive effect on me and my life. I do not think I have ever encountered this effect in writing before, with the possible exception of Rumi. It is very strange and completely new to me. But I find myself questioning the teachings. Because I used this sort of teaching once, a few years back, in an attempt to manifest the absolute best place for my parents and I to stay, to have a good Christmas, in preparation for visiting my brother. We had a huge fight a previous year and I did not want to go. But my parents offered to pay for a hotel so I thought I would give it a try. Long story short everything worked out, but nothing was as good as I wanted. For example, we stayed in a Super8 as I recall, not a nice place where my parents and I each had our own rooms. The main thing was that I did get along with my brother. But I was unable to manifest any of the niceties to make the whole experience better. Also it was exhausting! I had to constantly fight and struggle to keep positive thoughts about what I wanted in my mind, and it was an effort to keep forcing myself to have positive feelings. That tells me that this is not right. Go ahead, using your physical body act as if you rally wanted something, were really trying to manifest something. It's like straining to go to the bathroom. Your body tenses up. That is the opposite, to my mind, of allowing, openness and receptivity. Now look outside, go to a park or a forest. Look at a tree. Is the tree straining to get sunlight? Is it tense? No, it is the epitome of allowing, openness and receptivity. It isn't asking for sunlight. It isn't straining towards it. It is just open, sending out branches and leaves to claim what it needs. The tree teaches us how to approach Source, or whatever we call that energy or entity, for something we need or want. Here is where I need your help. There is truth in the teachings of Abraham, and truth in the teachings of the tree. How do we find the path using these two truths? What is the proper way to manifest something you want in your life? Abraham speaks of vibration. That implies something strikes you and you vibrate. So to use an example from the book, you have an old car that needs to be replaced, you are struck, vibrating old car the needs to be replaced. You think of a new car, how nice that would be, you are struck, vibrating new car and how nice that would be. But you are still, in this present moment, driving the old car. Perhaps it doesn't start or leaves you stranded on the side of the road. It is awfully hard to think new car and how nice it would be while dealing with old car that needs to be replaced! Somehow there has to be a way to effortlessly be vibrating the things we need and want in our lives, not the lack thereof. Because I do agree with Abraham that our natural state is abundance. Tree teaches us this. Our society tries to tell us otherwise. Our religions teach us that we can not be wealthy and spiritual. I think that is a big stinking pile of bullshit. I truly believe, at least in this moment, that life is meant to be enjoyed and lived. I am dubious about any teaching that, for whatever reason, tells us to suffer while we are here, or the need for suffering, or anything like that. I think Ryokan was a fool for living as he did with only a tattered robe, a walking staff and his begging bowl. I think humanity has it ingrained in them that they must come groveling for the things the need or want. That humanity has always collectively believed in ideas like earning and deserving. Humanity has always taught the members of its societies that life is something to be endured, that suffering is necessary, and all the rest of that sort of garbage. Few have stepped up and questioned this. You can count me among those few. I think, that if who we truly are, beyond our egos, our "I's", is the same energy or force in everything and everyone else, we have a right to claim whatever it is we need or want, because we already are that! We have a right to live prosperously as well as spiritually. We should not be cut off from any good thing. Tree does not ask for sunlight, or water. But tree's requests are simpler than man's. Still the principle is the same. If all that is physical comes from an energetic Source, that there truly is enough for everyone to live exactly the way they want, as long as we figure out how to teach everyone to manifest the things they need or want! Otherwise only the few who know how to to draw from the energetic to the physical that which the need or want will get that which they need or want. So there is a two-fold process here. Figuring out how to manifest that which you need or want for yourself, and then teaching others how to do the same. While physical resources are limited, energetic resources ate unlimited. Physically it may not seem there is enough to go around. Our society loves to perpetuate this half-truth. Yes, there is not enough physically. But more can be manifested into the physical from the energetic. What I am asking for help here is figuring this damn thing out! I would like some different viewpoints on this subject. Your experiences, feelings and thoughts. Maybe with enough pieces we can put this puzzle together. Because manifesting all the good things we need or want in our lives should be as effortless as a tree receiving the sunlight it needs to grow. We just have to figure out how to place ourselves in relation to Source, like a tree. The physical aspect of this is very easy. Stand relaxed, lift your arms up and out. Now how to we do this at a feeling and mental level? How do we live in a present moment with broken down old car that needs to be replaced yet still have this openness inside for new car and how nice it is? I want a minimum one week stay in a luxury hotel, as detailed or better than detailed in my writing for this. I want a beautiful, naturally born female to exchange an increasingly rare gift with. I want money to flow to me easily. I believe and feel I have a right to these things, and I claim them, just the same as the tree claims sunlight and water. I am open to earning and working. But if there is no fulfilling and meaningful work for me to earn with, that does not mean I should not receive money. It is a fallacy of society to think, "You don't work, you don't eat." I say fuck that! If I want to be lazy and have things served to me on a silver platter, that is my right, and you can't prove 100% that this is not the way things work. You are just regurgitating what your parents, religion and society have spewed onto you. I refuse to invest my energy into those belief systems anymore. I think anyone getting everything they wanted served to them on a silver platter would eventually, of their own accord, get restless and seek some sort of work that appeals to them. That having their needs and wants met in this way would empower them, not disempower them. I honestly do not feel that people are naturally lazy. I think they just don't want to do the crappy work offered to them by society, but offer them work that is fulfilling and meaningful to them and they will jump right in!
  4. I need your help to solve a mystery. Tonight, when making tea, I broke my one and only one gallon glass jar. Now I know science can explain to me the symptoms as to why this happened. A weak spot in the glass that finally gave way. Someone dropped it unbeknownst to me or maybe there was some crack I didn't notice. Or maybe all glass jars break after you have poured boiling water in them for a while. Science can certainly explain the symptom of the problem, but not its cause. In other words science can explain how the jar broke, but not why. If it is true that I create my reality, then I somehow, at some level, wanted the glass jar to break. I caused it to break. I set into motion the events leading to me getting that particular jar or whatever else caused it to break. Now I did not have continuous strong thoughts that were negative towards the jar. I didn't always think, every time that I poured boiling water into it, that it would break. I didn't have strong, conscious feelings at least, towards it not breaking. I mean I cared about the jar, it's what I made tea in, and I am obviously upset it is broken. But I was not obsessed with this jar or anything. I didn't have feelings or thoughts towards it breaking. There was a small undercurrent of wondering if it would break, a little worry attached to that, but that's it. Should not have been enough to actually cause the jar to break. I am sure that I did not want the jar to break, but that I also did not harbor strong fear thoughts about it breaking. Whatever worries I had were there only because I lost my previous jar, and it was some time before I received this replacement. I did not, physically at least, break the other jar. No, this thread is not really about a frikkin' jar. The jar is actually a straw that broke the camel's back. I have failed, yet again, to manifest the books I requested. I still do not have a clear idea as to what the hell I should do with my life or where the hell I should go. I am frustrated, depressed and feeling drained. I keep somehow forgetting to do things like work on my modeling, writing or through this singing book by Silvia Nakkach. Just the other day I has jazzed up after doing some of the early exercises in her book, and feeling as well as thinking I would love to attend one of her workshops – perhaps I could manifest the resources needed to attend. I have since lost all steam. It's like some vampire that feeds on positive energy has come to me and sucked my meager reserves of it dry. To put it simply, I am screwing up somehow, to the point I am causing these issues in my life, including the physical manifestation of a breaking jar and failing miserably at producing any requested physical objects. On top of this I have to deal with a very unhealthy environment for me right now. My mom and my grandmother have been fighting all day. Up until this present moment, for reasons I can not explain, I have been unable to astral project, lucid dream, remember little exercises related to these, perform physical exercises, or pursue any of my artistic or creative channels. I want to, I have a desire to, at least consciously. But for some reason I don't. I used to think there was some kind of resistance or block there. But I have come to understand that any blocks or resistance would only be in my mind, constructed by me. That I, and everyone else, are all connected to the Source and each other, and that these channels are forever open. They only appear closed or blocked in the minds of those who have these blocks, or this resistance, in their mind. Our natural state is to be perfect, like the Source energy that gives us all life. That means our natural state is also to be perfectly creative, just as the Source is. So by feeling or thinking there is a block or some kind of resistance there I only reinforce any block or resistance I previously created in my mind, or rather in my access of mind, assuming that mind is universal for all of us. One mind, many forms. Digressing... The point is that if I don't want to have blocks or resistances then I have to stop believing, feeling and/or thinking they are there. See myself in the desired state, a fully open channel between myself and the Source, which is my True State anyway. Here is my problem... If the Source is creative and loving energy, if it is light, if there is no darkness in it, then shouldn't positive thoughts be more powerful than negative ones? Because this is not my experience. I have to fight and struggle to the point of exhaustion to keep the energy and mindset needed to manifest something in my life. I am exhausted! Having trouble coming up with the energy to try again. Not sure I even want to. But if I think the briefest negative thought towards a glass jar, for example, it will shatter! It is so much easier to think negatively, to fear, doubt, worry, criticize, judge and do all these other low vibration things. It's far easier to manifest negative stuff in my life instead of positive things. And negative things that have been established for any length of time are nearly impossible to remove and uproot! While tending to the seed of any positive thing requires an immense amount of effort to allow it to grow, develop and put down roots. And even when you have an established positive mature thing, the weakest negative thought can decimate it utterly! Why in the hell is that? It makes no sense. Isn't negative energy the opposite of the energy of the entire frikkin' universe? The opposite of the Source? What am I missing here? I mean if force in general is not the best approach to any situation, but its opposite, flow, is (which is what has proven true in my experience) then negative energy should struggle to do anything, because if the natural state of everything is positive energy, then negative energy would have to use force to do anything. Negative energy should repel positive energy, and visa-versa. So negative energy should not be able to be used to create anything, as its nature is destruction. Negative energy should not be able to draw creativity to it. So how come negative things manifest quicker and with less effort than positive things? Then there are those that say there is no negative energy. But how exactly does that work? Please help me solve the mystery of the broken jar. I need something, not sure what, some guidance, some sign – something that can explain how this can be, what I am doing wrong, how I am messing up, how to get this right. I refuse to accept or believe that negative energy and low vibration mental states are more powerful than positive energy and higher vibration mental states. I absolutely refuse to accept or believe that! It is illogical and it makes no sense! The only way it could make sense is if the Source, what others call God, is actually the opposite of what I think. That it is actually a Source of destruction and hatred. That is the only way negative things could have more power. It is the only way darkness could conquer light. Nothing else makes sense! Let me urge you, whether you agree with or understand anything in this thread or not, to listen to your heart, your intuition, and post whatever comes to you. If its personal feel free to PM me. No response is irrelevant. Every single one is important. I have to get Sherlock Holmes on this things arse, so every clue is important! Please do not leave me in the dark here, help me understand this! I know that someone out there will share the idea, or say the phrase or word, that will unlock this. Help me figure out how to manifest a requested object and how to stop inadvertently breaking jars with my mind! Thank you for reading!
  5. Dear Ones, there are far greater things than only language alone behind what we (try to) manifest (each day) in our life. I am not yet fully aware of it but I know that for the unconscious part, when we do not have a precise knowing what parts of our body are used for doing so, so we can not yet do it purely from our minds, always coming out of our heart, then we do it with voice. These tones, these vibrations are then understood as a code by our spirit with the propper intention behind it that the certain tone already has created (without the mind) in certain areas of our bodies. As far as I know the vowels alone play a major role in it. What I am yet to figure out If you think I am nuts, thats okay for the time of being - if you dont understand what I have just written, that is fine aswell. Lets continue My question then is: Do Sutras only work in Hindu or can they be performed in any other language using only what we wish to change? For example like written in the topic bellow regarding eating. The translation of this sutra was: "throat, hunger, thirst, overcome." My information up to this point for mental manifestation includes the actual Mental Body, the Emotional Body and the Physical Body in order to manifest precisely but With a Dual Aspect. Leave your fingers off of it, it's just a demonstration. Throat = bodily ergo Physical - being aware of the throat, feeling the throat (merging with emotions) and more Hunger, Thirst = Emotional - feeling the hunger, feeling the thirst, knowing where it is located and what it actually does (merging with the physical location and with the mental idea behind it) Overcome = Mental - the intention what you want to do with it and how the state of having successfully done it will feel like (wrap it up) both emotionally and physically If it is possible to formulate this from the heart it might be instant, if we can locate it more precisely. The more precisely such a thing is formulate, the more "instant" it is. That means, the more knowledge you have about how manifestation works, the faster time and events are bridged. The less repetitions needed But again, the wholesome method is only from the heart. From the brain, you get the opposite right with it. Has anyone deeper information on this? Really curious... Kind regards.