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  1. Basic, in English, sounds like something to "progress" from - it isn't. Fundamentals are your foundation and always benefits from practice. What you are taught, practice and enjoy is orders of magnitude more valuable than a theoretical "best practice" It seems that almost everyone, when talking about teachers, mentions they don't talk much (* waves at some old friends *)
  2. Diggin the new avatar. :)

  3. Horse

  4. What Happened To Gerard ?

    There is a time and a place for ttb in a person's journey - but it's just another step along the way not the destination
  5. ~~~~~~~ moderator warning ~~~~~~~~~ skydog, This post is clearly insulting Please edit it. ~~~~~~~ moderator warning ~~~~~~~~~
  6. ~~~~~ moderator action ~~~~~ RongzomFan I have warned you recently regarding you language. You have been warned and suspended several times over the years by administrators and moderators. And yet you choose not to treat other members with respect and post personal attacks. You are suspended for a week No more warnings. Next time it's a one month suspension. ~~~~~ moderator action ~~~~~
  7. You thought you couldn't but you did...

    I never though I'd learn let alone teach Kung Fu and yet circumstances keep changing to make that happen when it just looks impossible.
  8. Kunlun is the book that changed the most number of people that I have seen.. And I do like "The Essential Qigong Training Course - Ken Cohen" (which I received as a birthday present)
  9. And speaking of trolling it was nice to see Isimsiz Biri sidestepping your post #133 Dorian
  10. Happy Guys Finish Last

    "Half of all clinical trials have never been published. This is a scandal" In the 90's my statistics lecturer called it the filling cabinet problem. Actually it can't have been my stats lecturer because I failed that class. Still with the girl I spent my time studying. I get a lot of complements on being so happy. But it's not actually that IME. People can tell when your energy is strong. That can come as being happy or powerfull or emotional - they are just the surface. I found Happy people and non - conformists thought provoking