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  1. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    It's ok. I can relate to this. I had a periods where my Jing built up. I was feeling uncomfortable and hot and was probably quite "deranged". Like gasoline filled over without an engine consuming it. I think transmutation first happens when you go deeper into stillness over longer periods. It happens from the "void" so to say. This would be the "Yin"-part of it all. After such longer meditations the Jing is really converted to chi and then to Shien / Ojas / Spiritual energy. But this is just descriptions / models that more or less approximate reality. All I can say is that you feel stronger and more robust, get a deeper voice, have less illness and have a a general radiance. For me those practices is about higher quality of life. Also worth mentioning, the first month or so of daily meditations the general built up darkness and obstructions in the body seems to slowly loosen up and one may think nothing is happening, it is just uncomfortable and painful. But after a longer period light begins to be felt and you feel more and more of the positive effects. It's like big black blocks that are slowly melted and loosened and converted to pure chi. Then comes a point where you might feel more like energy / spiritual than material. The theories of internal alchemy talks about Kan and Li. The fire of awareness (mind / heart) enter the kidney waters and the chi starts to sublimate. If you just meditate without the "Kan"-foundation (that is a supply of Jing) it can lead to lightheadedness and general weakness. So both sides are dependent on eachother. (In classical Daoism they are referred to as Nature and Life). Weather or not testosterone is lessened by this I cannot say but you feel strong, balanced and have more vitality.
  2. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    This is a rather serious matter. Excuse me for a long post.. but I find it a subtle and important topic worth elaborating on. We are talking about transmutation of the creative / sexual energies. Basically the human body is an alchemical laboratory that digests and transforms grosser matter to finer. In Indian Ayurveda they identify 7 gross / material levels - the last one being reproductive fluid (the same for men and women by the way :-): * food * chyle or digested fluids * blood * flesh / muscles * fat * bone / marrow * reproductive fluids Now, first of all - in order to do transmutation at all - we need to have all the seven levels more or less complete and full. That is - we need to be bodily healthy (a sick person cannot transmute) physically fit (an anemic or a person that fast cannot transmute) and not over-train (in a damaged and tired body all energy will go to repair) overwork (the same as previous but mental) overindulge in the senses (food, etc - energy goes to digestion) over-consume social media, tv etc. (energy wasted on vanity, pride, envy, anticipation, worries, etc.) overdo the sex-thing (reproductive fluid wasted) (Here is a good thread on it: So when the reproductive fluid is formed in a healthy manner (and charged after a certain period of calm living) it is ready to be transmuted. If we want to be a bit methodological / technical there are two methods here that work in unison: 1. Breathing in Sushumna or spinal breathing (central channel - Governor - DU) This comes when we are very calm and focused and our nostrils are equally open. There is a small trick / key to measure. If one of your nostrils are blocked you are not in Sushumna - you are either to the right (Pingala) or left (Ida). If both are balanced - a calm will spread - and you will breath correctly. This breathing gives rise to more Pranic / deep breathing (less ratio of air to energy) and fetal breathing (breathing almost converge / stops in a point close to the navel). It is fairly easy to self-regulate this. Just "intend / feel" how the blocked passage is opened up. (here is a good primer on this technical stuff: 2. Combining rising chi (prana) with downward going chi (apana) by bellows breathing and locks (squeezing). Damo Mitchell calls the phase "fire breathing" since when the upper combines with lower there arises friction that will create heat. When there is heat down there the most subtle essence of the reproductive fluids begins to steam / transmute much in the same way an alchemist distill a tender essential oil form a plant. The more spiritual and volatile part of it goes over first with a little heat. Now we may ask - how is this possible since the reproductive fluids are physical? There is no such channel.. The answer is not only that it is converted to immaterial / spiritual chi. It has also to do with quantum tunneling. That is - the "ormus" part (the alchemical essence of the fluids) are the one that steams up and they can go trough physical barriers trough this process. So when that happen you can gently gently "lead" it up from the "perineum" trough the coccyx and up the spine as you feel the current. When it come up to the brain you can continue to circle it down again - and then up - etc., so a circulation is preformed - it is sometimes referred to as "refining the honey". I would also argue that you can leave it just by itself. Since when the brain - that is cooler - receives the steam - it will condense. Now you have it in the brain as "Ojas" - as the Ayurvedists calls it. From here on it is relatively safely stored. If you dont trasmute it up to this stage it will become old and will leave your body sooner or later (like apples that are not picked off the tree in right time and made juice of). Then our Pineal gland will filter it and convert it to a kind of soma-substance called "Amrit" or "Nectar". It is called so since it is a condensation of the Ojas into a rather thick, oily, cool and sweet substance. When the brain or the whole cerebrospinal fluid are saturated with this substance it begin to drop down and you can feel it in the mouth. I can attest it tastes sweet - like a sweet thickish flower-nectar. And what more: it feels nice - like being bathed in an elixir of youth that makes you really strong in body, mind and speech. (You will know when you have some of this. Depression is gone. Magical things will happen since this substance is intelligence and healing itself and close to the most perfect rejuvenative medicine for body and mind.) Note that before it condenses you might fell a little dizzy or like there is a cloud of energy - there actually is. But when it condenses to concentrated Ojas it will instead refill and invigorate your brain to youthful conditions (if you're older) or more towards genius if you are young. Now to your question. The fire-process can also be "stimulated" in a non-attachment way. But that is a secondary process. If you are young and have saved the energy that process should be spontaneous for example in nighttime when you naturally will produce much of this. It will linger on un-transmuted during the day. If you don't transmute it (don't care for breathwork and meditation anymore) and it is produced it will linger on and fall down your legs and it will just be troublesome. You can feel the warm current. It needs to be refined. At the same time you work on the "upper part" - that is the 3 upper chakras - the shien / light and cultivate that. It will ameliorate with the stored Ojas in the brain and the alchemy continues. An interesting thing is that I have studied and experimented with outer alchemy (for 3 years or so) and it is striking to notice how much inner and outer alhemcy have in common.. The Ojas - also the Soma - nectar - is something you can distill or concentrate out of a good source of water (that is - natural water or rain-water - or best dew-water).. It is the "ormus"-part of water. Ormus is a special state of matter - known to the ancient alchemists as the "seedform" and "rediscovered" by David Hudson in the 1990'ies. It is basically atoms that are freed from their bonds with other atoms - that is free from crystalline structures and having their electrons bound up in cooper pairs - dancing together by quantum resonance - and forming super-conducting Bose-Einstein-Condensates at room temperature. This new state matter can have properties like quantum tunneling, levitation, disappearance or reappearance, sympathetic resonance with substances far apart, etc., etc. Basically the air is full of it. That is part of the energetic prana or chi. I experimented wit making ormus the usual way with dead sea salt and potassium hydroxide - but instead of taking distilled water as the modern receipts say - I felt that that would try ormus-water instead. Lo and behold - the substance - after one-two months of low temperature digestion (something that in my view is essential that is also left out in the modern recipes) at summertime on my upper floor - it actually tasted like sweet violets - and really induced my energy. So I concluded this outer experiment was in certain parallel with the inner alchemy of soma-drops. Interesting.. at least to me :-) By the way: in my view everything about practical alchemy (WeiDan in Daoist terms) is more or less true. The elixir that rejuvenates, the transmutation of metals, etc., and it can all be explained by incorporating quantum mechanics and also understand that everything is modifications from the same source - consciousness and can be brought back to that. (consciousness->energy->matter->energy->consciousness). (If you feel you have interest to study this - very good books are: The way of the Crucible - Robert Bartlett, Real Alchemy - Robert Bartlett, The Elixir of Immortality: A Modern-Day Alchemist’s Discovery of the Philosopher’s Stone Robert E. Cox. Also About Mantak Chia I am VERY sure he is authentic in the way he studied with Daoist masters - and were taught the right processes. It is just that he is a bit light on it in his books - giving the impression that it is something you can go at very quickly. He is sometimes also not so ordered and updates his methods now and then and I notice that they have removed his book "Taoist secrets of Love".. But that being said - he has tons of knowledge and I have got some good info from him. However the method (maybe more related to men) where you are close to 100% and you stop by force and force it up.. it is really not good. It is a violence on the body since the prostate gland is ready to execute. This mode or "readiness" of the organs don't slow down so quick. It can be swollen enlarged for longer periods. In the end you can attract diseases.. So its best to stop with that anyhow. Damo Mitchell is clear about that a prerequisite for inner alchemy to happen is first of all removing a certain amount of your "body armour" - that is your blockages and stored emotional charges. Secondly it is saving up - as I wrote in beginning of this answer - "the 100 day virgin period". Thirdly it is a sequential application of inner breathing exercises that is to be followed very precisely. Then it could work and you may have real experiences and awakening what is called "kundalini". I also think - as previous poster said about Karezza - that it will work as long as there is true love and mutual intent to rise spiritually. But to just force it up - well - it can bring up wrong energies that is too coarse and it could lead to blockages and pain, fatigue and weakness. "Poisoned fire entering the heart". I have for a period experiencing this.. it was a period I should have rested but I tried to force such practices against my intuition - and I really felt like garbage circulating in my system..
  3. Well I just know that many people with real achievements has gone trough a period of some sort of asceticism in some form. It is like a fasting of the senses and body that makes us more stable in our Sadhana. That being said, Buddha realized that it wasn't complete, it went too extreme and that the real path required something more.. But sometimes we need contrasts. This is what I feel about it. However when such practices gets extreme they are obviously not good. Anyway most likely we are far from the strict rules / discipline practiced even by the monks and nuns of Buddhas first monasteries so there is no need to worry we overdo I think. Baghavad Gita also warns about the extreme regarding asceticism. However Sivananda (a realized being I respect very much) had his "ascetic" period or period of austerities.. many years. He was very intelligent and didn't do that just on random. He practiced in cold Ganges water and many such feats. Holding your arms stretched out at sides is not easily done unless you have achieved some yang-chi (outgoing chi) circulating in your channels. It isn't actually hard then, it is quite nice. And you will feel the steam coming . But we are all different and different practices might help so I respect very much your view here on those points. Here I edit / add the practice in more detail since what I said before was not intended as direct appliance: 1. Sit in one of the following postures: 1. Burmese, 2. Siddhasana, 3. Half-, 4. Full-lotus (whatever you can stand for 45 minutes). 2. Begin by extending your arms outstretched. Note: make sure you keep your bodily alignment (we don't want to become crooked ) and arms are outstretched at sides and palms facing up. Direct your inner look at your crown. Rest it there lightly. 3. Begin by 5 minutes. 4. Then switch to resting lightly in LDT for 5 minutes. (This is the "yin"/consolidiating-phase) 5. Now alternate 2,4 until 45 minutes. This will give 5 minutes more of nr 2. And this is intended since a focus is on yang / sublimating up. 5. Make sure you don't allow random thoughts but check yourself frequently and revert to practice justresting in light awareness. Your body should be very still and stable in the positions. 6. When more skilled. Make three periods of 15 minutes each. Then if you are up to it and after feeling a lightness in upper part of body you might try the whole 45 minutes of stretched out arms. One can do this in morning (1-2 sessions) + stretching witch breath following movements. Also drink pure water and do not consume any food before Sadhana. One can do this in evenings too. This will in time give a remarkable lightness and stability in your daily life. After a while you will not feel arms at sides since you will be fluffy with chi. Well.. we remember here the story of Bodhidharma (Damo) that went to the Shaolin temple and saw the miserable state of all the celibate monks.. They didn't have those "Doing" exercises that is a required complement. So he taught them some form of active martial arts, stretching, etc., as complement to their still meditations. Speaking about the "coal" I mentioned in my post.. We can think about sometimes when we waking up early in morning.. You feel a blob of dark Tamasic energy / laziness. And you feel it heavy to start the practice.. So you want to skip all your morning practices and meditations.. But if we only realized how much energy this "coal" contains! Once we start our practice with doubled zeal we liberate this black blob and gain that much light from it. So anything we do to combat our lower nature will liberate the energy blocked there from our own resistance and inertia. So be it a cold shower! This is why self-discipline and doing what we don't like sometimes can be good IMHO.
  4. The reason (as per the question of OP) why you can be full of Jing and have no sexual desires is that in order to really restore the Original Jing you have already became an ”upstreamer” (or in Hindu terms Urdhvareta). That is a passage is opened below in middle and up that allows the steam from Jing to be further converted to Chi that reduce / distills the raw state of newly produced Jing and refines it when it come back down again. Many confuses a full Jing with a person saved his fluid long and not converting it. Then he is full of postnatal essence and that will be like building a damm wanting to break if not let out. From a conventional point of view - yes it is unnatural (as in ”goes against nature” - its predicament) - and its healthy and sound to have desires. And also the more a man abstain the more we wants to fulfill it. It is all true in the conventional world. But to become a Urdhvareta is a special calling. It is not conventional. It is an advanced phase. Some people have been trough a pre cleansing sometimes strong and call it kundaliniawakening before it. But before even that to happen there also has to be a gradual getting used to Bramacharya. That is diminish leakage in thoughts, feelings, desires and of course physical juices. To understand how to become an ”upstreamer” we need to study in detail what Daoist means by the 3 barriers and passage of the river-chariot and also what means with closing the magpie-bridge. I think it Is easier to explain it from the Hatha-yoga / pranayama framework though. There are 4 locks / Bandhas that will ease the passage of prana / chi as it ascends along up-channel (du / spine). They are called the root, belly, neck and thounge locks respectively. They will also sometimes occur spontaneously in children and pure (=energy-purified) people practicing meditations. The first three of them open the passage up but blocks the passage down (note now a block at the same time can be an opening). The fourth open the right passage down, but only after prana has ascended to the crown / brain. The first three locks will indent out the spine so it so to say straightens it. This will make the passage easier. This is something to consider when opening up and becoming an upstreamer. A wonderful analogy exists in an old fashioned train that runs on coal / steam. The coal is the raw jing as well as postnatal aggregations as unstransmutated desires and ego blocks. It is lightened by the fire of Shen (attention and yi). Then it will warm up the water in the chamber creating pressure. This pressure is now converted to movement that makes the train go forward. It is the same with saving up and converting. Once we have a full storage of ”coals” we need to burn them and steam them upwards. We are the upward-streamers and our train is going forward. To leak the jing is to loose the coal. You will have nothing to burn but an empty chamber and will not go forward until you have enough coals again. In meditation there is two opposite phases of the cycle: transmuting and gathering. Opening up / refining and gathering / consolidating / coagulating / fixing. The fixing part means in a certain stage to fix the original spirit in its ancestral abode (to borrow some terms from the Daoists). It means to coagulate the steamed energy to spirit energy. It is collecting and enhancing the spirit. It is a prerequisite for NedDan but if not practicing this very special discipline it will lead to long life (since life drains from brain down the spine in many people). The transmuting part is the conversion of Jing to Chi mention with the locomotive-analogy before. What it means in practicality is that when you have saved up for (I would say at least) 100 days of non-leakage (physical, emotional and mental) you will be ready for scorching the yin-waters below (Jing) with your Spirit fire. That is … first collect the spirit with both eyes merge to one... Then direct the attention to the Lower Dan Tian (I feel the ”sweet spot” 1-2 inches below the Navel and actually more towards the spine than the front.. I feel it has a relation to Ming-men as well) and with perfect but light focus you will soon feel a warm current raising there.. It will make you intoxicated in positive way. You might waver from side to side and feeling some bliss. This is indication that the steam goes up. Note again: for all this to happen gathering (as called ”100 days period”) is a prerequisite. This time we are living in now - what is considered normal in terms of sexual liberation - would be seen not so normal and not natural in older times.. (even if people had the same desires back then as now). Especially in India and sometimes even today there in some unaffected areas. The exploit of our Jing also our Prenatal Jing - since even a part of that is lost.. - has lead to a lifestyle where people almost only relies on post celestial nourishing in form of extremely energetic and nutritious foods, drugs, long sleep, healthy lifestyles, etc. But at same time because of that have to consume maybe what 2-3 people needed in older times. Everything is extreme. Fulfilling any kind of desire, 2 hours gym training, eating loads, music loud, boasting yourself, fake news, media, tv, internet, etc., etc. And between those extremely rajas / active activities there are a lot of tamas - blue times, depression, laziness, sitting in sofa, drinking, ”hanging out” and who knows not.. I would really advice a person to stop watching TV and mainstream news first of all. All those channels contains subtle energies that serves to uphold a worldview that is flawed. They bring back all to a common kind of consensus of what is right and wrong, cool or not cool preventing original thinking. Since I gave up those things, save up, my life has not at all been boring. I am very open and quick / youthful. And I partake in really interesting things instead. And I also deeply understood what we are doing to our Planet right now.. is a reflection how we exploit and treat ourselves.. This cannot continue for long I have to sadly say.. Something will happen first on an individual then reflecting on.a global level. I also has been in state very sensitive to desires some period of my life (I am a normal man, have a lot of ”energy” and had to work a lot to stabilize all).. But that extra about it is just a mental conditioning. Its like the addiction to meat or certain foods.. It takes some time to change your mind but by right self-discipline (ruling your own mind) you can check yourself every time it happens.. And there will be a transition period where you are not yet an upstreamer and where you still have to check yourself. But this period will not go on forever. But you have to exert effort and have patience! Diminish foods is good. Coffee is distracting, scattering to the chi. The inner organs, especially those of yin nature don’t like it. Little should be OK though. Bread, pasta, potatoes, rice = grains and extremely energetic food creates a lot of postnatal jing and fluids.. We have to experiment and know for ourselves. Diminish sleep if you are still ok with it = good. If you need a lot of sleep you are exhausted. Ok.. some give up here since they feel it feels ”unnatural” and they damage themselves. This is really the voice of our society and desires. The fruits of Bramacharya is not easily won. You have to have faith, endure both ups and downs. But after lets say 6 months it will be very natural. You will have an feeling of lightness, clarity, intelligence, intuition.. Trust me! You just know what is right for you and others at every moment. If you don’t succeed to produce a pearl of immortalirt.. something quite difficult - You will at least channel your energy in so many constructive way.. You will contribute to the world just with your presence and energy-field. So we can easily conclude that all that has reached high states of spirituality (men or women) has had tis basic foundation. What I mean is not that it is necessarily hard or even un-delightful. It can be very easy and happy once you are very strict and don’t fool yourself. What happen is that you will start to shine in your prenatal centers in your belly and your crown. This happen very gradually over months / years. Not only due to practice. You might not see or feel directly. You will notice indirectly. The world will also seem paradisiacal, more light.. The crown is Yin / Silver and belly is Yang / Gold. When the zeta-potential between those poles reach a certain level they will attract and a true Yang-fire will start to grow like a sprout from the lower elixir field up to the crown. This mergence and back again to belly will gradually produce something original. After the fused state this essence is more of a whole and not prone to disappear or be scattered since it is of ”another world” not mingling with affections and people like before this coagulation. And nothing of this will happen without Bramacharya. Also I know some are of the opinion that it is wrong to save. OK it is if you do not steam it upwards.. That is transmuting it. Sometimes you have to do physical labour to use it up at that level. Then maybe cultivating finer emotions. Then maybe pursuits of the intellect. Then one can hope to take it up all the way up.. And also bring it down again to refine.. If you save wrongly you will build up a log of Jing-fluids. This is not healthy. Science is in agreement tot his. Prostate gland will be overloaded with generative fluid. So it is about making a new channel up to your brain where the refined part of the newly created jing (from kidneys) will go up (not the physical but the quintessential part). But once you indulge in sexual desires the essence will take its residence in the fluid and be ready to create offspring. This is the natural mechanism to ensure that the new offspring will get the finest spritual essence from both father and mother. This is really very beautiful. But when it is used to exploit our own lustful imaginations and other violent emotions like anger, agreed, power over others, etc., it is really not beautiful anymore and harms precelestial essence - also in brain… Also my opinion is that the steaming is not foremost a concrete practice. It is the refinement of ones nature. That is to have a humble, respectful and calm character and not let desires and thoughts rule you (cultivating de). Just being right in whatever you are doing will steam. On a certain sensitive intermediate stage just one thought (with sufficient intention / fire) can burn the essence.. So there is a need to be a master over the mind. I know some Daoist practitioners disagree here. They claim it is about the exact methods and their appliances. It is probably also true but without Bramachanrya and de (true virtue) I am sure it will not be built on a very stable ground. The whole gist of Sivanandas book about Bramacharya is that you can do this practice if you want, or this or that, he gives many suggestions (all of them good of course). But what matters most is that your lifestyle is sattvic and that you preserver in Bramacharya. Results will come in time. Sometimes you get impression that knowing the ”secret” method you will help you to see lights and attain quick results in alchemy. That is not the case. Its like a tree growing from a seed. It takes time I would say years of right lifestyle. And leaks must be prevented also refinement must be done and protecting the centre. Sometimes we carelessly think about others and letting others energies penetrate us. This is not right. It is also ”mingling with the world”. Doing more ascetic like Sadhana in beginning is right. Don’t try silence and forcing calm directly. Practice with eyes open and fixed. This is building Yang. No blinking. Make penance like practice sometimes. Holding arms out while meditating 45 minutes. It is a sign you love yourself since that is a medicine that builds self-discipline and resistance to discomfort. Don’t worry about the pain. Stiffness is also a kind of karma that must be overcome. Later on.. maybe many years later (with the Bramacharya condition), meditations can be done with eyes closed very silently. Then it will be REAL meditation (more like Buddha under the tree), not just ”trying to”. Never imagine for a moment that Buddhas 6 years of penance / asceticism and hard practice was in vain!! It wiped the ground for a great enlightenment. The authentic yoga-system begun with HATHA-yoga (Asanas that was to be practiced for hours) then PRANAYAMA - breath control.. Much later on Dhyana - silent meditation. And all the time observing strict Bramacharya. It is exactly the same with Daoism. Beginning with the doing .. and gradually shifting to non-doing. So since it is so gradually sometimes we don’t notice the improvement until we ”fall” or we slide back to old ways. Then there is like a feeling of being cast to hell. Also be sure that all kinds of ”temptations” will arise. Everything conspires you to go back the olds ways. Even spiritual friends that tells you you are too extreme, your ideas are wrong or old-fashioned, you must relax, the ”we are all enlightened”-attitude etc. Just don’t bother and tell them with a smile not to worry.. Sometimes, even if it operates at unconscious levels, the way the world works is that it tries to confuse and baffle you, take you down to its level and beat you.. it is wise to try to avoid such things
  5. What constitutes Taoist alchemy?

    Little from my experiences thoughts of it. If you resonate with it, I can share more.. this is just some observations / notes. Also: this is not only form a Daoist perspective but more general. Can be like this: You start by entering into silence. Look from above down. Feel the bliss. Eyes will merge into one. You will naturally enter reverse abdominal breathing (if not - just have weak intention to). Then you will naturally lift perineum. This will stimulate the downward-tending apana (earth / water in alchemy) to be warmer and tend to rise. It is the ”beginning of the awakening of the dragon or snake”. Later on in-breath will naturally be longer. Also out-breath. Note: if they are labored / forced it is not the right thing. You are not there. All this should come naturally from natural mind. Its like you ”melt down” into the breathing and it start to melt / dissolve body. Also breathing will be more energizing. I am not here talking about ”hsi” or total stoppage of breath. It is a much later stage between in and out breath that can last very long time. When in and out are long, smooth and energized you will also feel body filled with prana (upward tending apana). Later on the naturally upward tending prana will go down as well.. but not yet.. Next step here is that you will naturally pause between in and out breath. Also you will make ”clicks” in the beginning of each phase of in / hold / out / hold phase. Its like becoming very robotic but yet powerful. Next stage is naturally staying longer in Hold after inbreathe. Now ”Chinese” breathing will naturally change to ”Tibetan Tummo” (”strong fire” in Daoist terms). You will be doing vase-breathing. (Again: This is naturally.. not forced). Now you are beginning to mix the red now upward going (naturally downward tending) apana with the white upward tending prana (air and fire in alchemy). These two elixirs you hold ”in the middle”. That is in the centre of your central pillar - the lower Dan Tien. (This is one of 4 natural places you can work with). What now happens is that the red and white channels will empty, mix and holding it will sublimate it (by non-thought) and on out breath the pure part will rise.. The residuals will stay or be ejected for later purification. You have reached a balance-point. It is the coming together of the toad and the raven. So many different alchemical allegories exists where two animals (in western tradition they begin by being chained) coming together.. A ”terrible fight” ensures (”water / fire”) And later they devour each other.. Leaving a confused mass.. the old body ”dies” to be putrified in ground at them same time the unified energy is capable (trough series of further transformations) of giving a new birth - this means the advent of a ”new body” within the old one. The continual nourishment to this new body happen since energy flow now is now inverted / sucking inwards not outgoing anymore. Among else upward energy will condense down like rain (fountain of youth / soma), salivation is greatly enhanced, and one becomes more blissful, vast and direct like the archetypical hero or a wise child. Many have reached this state / new body.. read about the Christian saint ”Christina the astonishing”.. she rose from the coffin in the church at her funeral and continued to live astonishing. But before anything of this can happen an energetic awakening / meltdown and purification of the elements should first have occurred where the channels are relatively empty / pure. There are practices for this written in many books, but the traditions have until now been kept hidden. I can write more of this. But it is of no use if not studied and meditated upon again and again by reading the western and eastern true alchemical scriptures and by doing practice carefully and consistent so all can be verified for oneself. This reversal and interplay with apana and prana, up and down, conjunction, fixation, is expressed in the ”Emerald Tablet” - a small text contains ”the whole three staged secret” - belonging to Western Alchemy (but gives no practical clues though). A general note about such practices: they must be done in a non-forced way from stillness. Forcing breath and doing it while having random thoughts could lead to ”wind / chi”-problems. That is some sickness, headaches, tiredness, paleness can come. If you hear cracks and pops in the walls of your house, don’t panic, its no poltergeist ;), in fact it can be a good sign. This pertains to shedding unwanted energies in your aura while becoming centered. Also: Don’t take this as a guide, just general outline. All this is very much detailed described in the true Nei Dan or Haha Yoga scriptures. And even with them you are better in having a true teacher. Avoid temptation to ”cool down” practice with talking to everyone about it, except for inspiring likeminded, have integrity and honesty. Bodily health is said to be a requisite for alchemy. What is it really? Well when I was an employee working 8 hours 5 days a week my body weren’t deeply relaxed. The gut-brain axis has a deep relationship to our overall health. Now when my eyes meet in centre and I look down to my navel-bliss-centre I experience bliss and joy and deep relaxation. I am seldom depressed (as I were in my 20’es sometimes with school and all) and seldom stressed. Depression and stress are due to taking life too seriously, taking in others problems and trying to manage the boxed life-style. It ends quickly our batteries, vitality and energy due to leakages physically and mentally. So heal your gut / brain by eating much natural Whole Foods, probiotics (fermented foods like sauerkraut), good protein, fats, less of stimulants, remineralize yourself with shilajit, natural herbs, green juicing, etc. As little vaccinations and medicines as possible. Exposure to the 4 elements - sun, pure water, pure air / wind outside, earth, barefoot if can. Yoga retreat and vacation.. perfect combination. If you can.. try to fix a more easy source of income (I rent out my summerhouse and have an own small IT-business requiring about 3 hours daily) so you can ”get away”, really come to terms with yourself and your practice. Allow yourself downtime - rest often. And slowly start study and practice. If we are stressed.. its like the light of wisdom cannot penetrate and bliss cannot melt and flow since we are always in a tensed mode. Here comes the work with body amour, tensions, etc., in muscles and emotional things.. The fire of alchemy can work that out but also Vipassana meditation and to constantly center yourself. If I sit down to take a cup of coffee or tee in the sofa.. and I start to think about something that happen.. I am far too the ”right”.. If I start to daydream about someone.. I am to the left.. If I just sit down and enjoy the cup relaxing, center myself in my body as well.. I am in centre.. there is practice of middle path. Note about heat: heat is not a goal. But fire is the thing start kindling that will allow alchemy to work. Alchemy without fire is impossible. But some uncomfortable heat is ”wild fire”. IN fact heat in Tibetan tradition is sometimes a sign of unbalance and sidethoughts. But heat can be felt in two occasions: when finer energies devolve to grosser (like becoming upset, forced, angry, etc.) or the reverse. The reverse is better. Therefore it is felt heat in the sacral chakra when we begin to ”rise the dragon” and when stale earth-energy in legs begin to melt (like molten steel) and travels up to purify. This is good fire at right place. But any uncomfortable heat spreading in body is likely ”false fires” or ”clumsy fire”. Alchemists have talked about a ”natural warmth” like spring warm. Like a perfect balance of earth, water, air and fire. This is the stone, just chaotic in beginning and perfect in end. This is the alchemical working matter, the mercury. Like warmth of hen hatching her eggs. You can also think like this: in an electrical board very high tension can be running and making some very complex, wonderful and useful device. It is still cool and calm despite its immense power and versatility. But if there is a shortcut it will burn, become hot and break down. SImilary in a nuclear power station. Also, one could not overlook the rebirthing and alchemical power of true love between opposite sex by not forcing the sexcenter. It can truly make some change in a person but not to forget is that the ”true marriage” is between our True Yang and True Yin poles.. of ”Heaven and Earth”. The talk of ”left” and ”right” path just means beginning with ”body / energetics” or beginning with theory / knowledge side referring to the two first primal divisions of the One - left and right. Both paths if practiced correctly leads to the Middle path - the central channel - the balanced path - if not - it has little to do with alchemy. Also very advanced stages.. it is said mostly are occurred between in and out breath. That is with apana / prana - red / white - female / male perfectly balanced in the middle central channel. Various ”siddhis” can occur according to the four characters of the planets (macro) chakras (micro) levels. It is said that the first 4 lower levels corresponds to mastery / absorption of the four (or sometimes five) elements. Each level is protected and involves challenges. After this you become a wise white ”Gandalf” - that is a magician with power over elements (wether you want it or not is another question altogether Everything ”incredible” in western and eastern alchemical texts applies here. The next three stages in the brain - (throat to crown) is the last third crown / work of alchemy - where you will completely transformed. It is a question of 1. Right understanding of theory.. leading to.. 2. Right practice (also food, lifestyle), 3. High etics / vibration / intention. Some make mistake of saying that kundalini rising is one-sided since it doesn’t ”bring back energies down”. What the true ancient Vedic and Yogic Sutras ment by Kundalini-rising was in fact the ”whole work”. It was jing to chi. Chi to Shen. Shen to Tao. The ”coming down”-idea belongs to a stage when you first start to purify the MCO and other such stuff. It is important but has nothing to do with kundalini absorbing the levels of existence. Kundalini rises in the central channel - that is in the ”prenatal” not in the derived channels. It is the final absorption. And it is said alchemy scriptures were brought long time ago from India to China, Tibet, Middle East and also Europe. Thus we have their likeness. But there is some hesitation here maybe .. A partial rising of prana and balanced states with various heats, imbalances and blisses. This occur in a semi-purified body and will result in semi-relative-awakenings. This can be good to experience but will force you to retrace the practice and begin again at some level where you have not worked it throughly. So alchemy if done properly is something very great (if not ”all”). The preparation stage is the purification and sitting, etc. Its middle stage is true HA-THA-yoga (SUN/MOON-MIX-YOGA). It is NEI (inner) DAN (pill) - the fixated result of mixing and heating the white and red elixirs. It is the process with AL-(God powered)-KHEM (black fertile mass). Its last stage is ”RAJA / ROYAL” - yoga and growth of the divine body. It is Birth of Embryo (Daoism) and ejection from brain - spirt reborn in Tao. It is the rebirth and Crowning of the Red King (western). The stable state of the Clear Wisdom / Illusory, Diamond and Rainbow body of Tibet. It will give ”stabilization” (also called ”immortality”) in spiritual planes even after shedding physical body at natural age. About this mysterious mercury or force always to be kept hidden by the western alchemists.. the Prana of Yoga and Chi of Daoism.. The one pertaining earth and heaven.. makes connected and spacious.. Well..Yoda in StarWars (George Lucas had this kind of knowledge by the way) said it well : "For my ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you. Here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere! Yes, even between the land and the ship." ―Yoda, lecturing Luke on the Force Worth reading: Daoist: Damo Mitchell - White moon on the mountain peek.. - very good explanations! I like it a lot. Another view of the Practical Process of Daoist Inner Alchemy (translated by Hu Xuezhi) The secret of the golden flower Taoist yoga and immortality (Zhao Bichen) - often referred on TTB - good but read carefully with intuition. Requires much understanding to convert to practices. Yoga: Parana and Pranayama - Swami NIranjananda Saraswati Complete teachings about Prana - fundamental for alchemy - from one of the real lineages today in India - (includes the great guru / teacher Swami Sivananda). Very good since the tradition has many roots from India / Tantra. Patanjali some 2000 years ago was one of the first one to really formalize it. If one reads with intuition one sees all the similarities. Some people involved in NeiDan claim that ”they don’t work with the kundalini” and such. Kundalini or the Evolutionary Force is the one real alchemical agent of reality / awakening. One cannot bypass this. The mechanisms in body, energy body, levels of existence, pranas, etc., are the same In all traditions - how could the not be?? But the descriptions and symbology varies but with intuition and openness one can read ”trough the lines” and see similarities between Western, Chinese, Yoga, Tibetan etc. Tibetan: Bliss of inner fire - Lama Yeshe - inspirational readings - not complete path. Loco Austrico on Tummo - - a personal experience - not a ”complete teaching”. Western (somewhat obscure - needs some familiarity with western alchemical ideas and a lot of intuition) "Alchemy and Mysticism" by Alexander Roob - super inspirational if reading and pondering over the images.. "The Hermetic Seal" - Old Print: Thomas Vaughan - "Coelum Terrae" - Jean d'Espagnet - "The Hermetic Arcanum": Mixing different traditions? Well its good (IMHO) to have a general understanding. It will benefit practice. But if you find a school with knowledge you will follow their technique since the teachers there will be able to correct mistakes or give feedback / inspiration when needed.
  6. Need help with Cultivation (semen) and energy

    I just stumbled into this..! Its loaded with essential info.. Btw. the use of "quick fires" mentioned in this compilation can also be done with Buddhas Vipassana - breathing (sometimes called Sung-breathing in some taoist schools). Once you come into a postnatal blockage the breathing automatically change to quick, you begin to sweat, you almost choke, and after some time it begins to lessen and melt away. It takes several months to cast of a good part of the aquired layers of our ego with persistent, daily hour-long meditaton sessions.. but after time we begun to feel lighter, breath more freely, have more vitality and feel like young and fresh. Working with the energy centers directly cannot be done until a big part of the stagnated aquired energy-layers is freed up. Also when the author mentions "visualisation" I take it to mean letting the light etc. come or happen. We should not do things with aquired mind but let the energy and spirit guide. When light come, we see light..
  7. Need help with Cultivation (semen) and energy

    Yes correct !
  8. Need help with Cultivation (semen) and energy

    I'll just take the opportunity to flick in another comment here. I can second to the connotations of the word "SR" - its not really relevant. If there is no emissions in a person for years.. without struggle.. with heightened bliss, light and calm.. it just means this person is doing first part of the alchemical cycle (the dissolution / steaming to "pure snow chi" or "newborn jing") in right way, it is not that the "no emission" is a cool thing or such, it is just a case of "cause and effect". But even if he is doing the first half of the cycle - extracting his jing and convert it further to refined chi and shen he can be using it for genius / art / mindstuff without actually recycling it to later on stabilizing it at a quantum-stage known as the philosophers stone or golden child etc. (second or coagulating or down-cycle phase). Well what is known as the "sacred marriage" means a connection between the Pineal Crown (female) and Pituitary "Third eye" (Male polarized) energy-centers in the brain. It makes the persons eyes merge into the inner eye and from there it connects and streams upward to the crown-center. When this happen you will feel it very strongly. When this connection is established a silent cool fluid will come down on the persons eyes / face.. dropping down.. This takes away the necessity of blinking the eyes. Eyes is pure, clean and open. And bliss is coming down slowly. Bliss and peace in brain is also felt. But for this to happen the blockages in the acquired and pre-celestial orbits (micro / macro) must have been cleared to a sufficient degree and the mass melted down to a "lava" or "refined honey" circulating and refining even more. Then this connection can happen after long time meditations.. Now the "bath" starts (Taoists Bathing or alchemists "May / morning / spring Dew").. This further melts structures down.. Samadhi comes easier.. Meditation is effortless. Care must be taken as not to be entangled in the worldly business.. since you are responsible for circulating the very pure energies of creation! Then comes the phase of integrating heavenly and earthly chi into the body (from outside), this is where we have thick magnetic energies in our hands and whole body to heal (firstly ourselves and possibly others). And we quickly replenish it. But it is not possible until we are fairly clean. Another thing.. that was really a key-point for me at least to realize.. Is how the post- and precelestial centers and channels relates to eachother.. Nature always prioritizes body first. It means if we burden our body with heavy, negative food, situations and impressions, if we squander the sexual energies, if we live careless, chaotic, etc., chi will be spent on the post-celestial channels (that is our body, blood, semen, hormones and chi in the acupunctural network) leaving very little to the precelestial centers and channels. Even high level cultivators can feel their energy diminish after a lot of stress or heavy foods for example. From a pure natural or bodily viewpoint the precelestial centers is more like "buffers" of energy if body needs extra.. But from the other side, from timeless reality they are the only thing that matters. Thats why advanced cultivators cut down food, sleep and live very efficient and simple (but did it gradually to replace loss of post natal nourishment with prenatal). That means most of energy will overflow to the precelestial channels and thus creating true yang-chi, energy and light. If you see some miraculous things from a Himalayan yogi - like levitation or someone very old etc. - you can bet that his lifestyle is very simple and food habits very moderate. Another thing.. I really would recommend going on a 10 days Vipassana-retreat if you just want to start the purification in a real way. You don't need to buy into their teachings or system.. just get a feeling for what breath / mind can do in these terms. The right way to start is to melt down the blockages and impurities in our post and pre-celestial channels and continually purifying this in meditation. I also really recommend the book "The Secret of the Golden Flower" (preferably translated by Tomas Cleary if you don't read Chinese directly - should be even better).. I don't know how many times I've read it It is a bit obscure but feeds our "heart-intelligence" with the right ideas and seeds in my opinion!
  9. Need help with Cultivation (semen) and energy

    I definitely second Arramus comment. There is no such thing as "storing energy" really. To really try to store the semen without converting it would be a bit dangerous and nature would not allow that, it would flow out in dreamtime. If the pot if full.. we must put a fire under to make it cook so that steam will be released (else the pot will flow over) to nourish our body / energy. Chi is abundant in the cosmos, nature and our surrounding and it is more like a frequency or the information quality aspect of energy. Don't think of it in terms of storing or loosing something tangible even if immaterial. To have a body / spirit in perfect condition is to have empty chi-channels, being fluid like water, and no tension in body or energy system. Bramacharya is a lifestyle were you live very balanced in every aspect. You only allow good information to come to you and if bad you transmute it in your daily meditation sessions. You also practice mild, regular exercise of body, eating a very good / healthy diet, drinking lots of pure and structured water, being in nature and lots of other things. To throw out such thing as TV, newspapers, etc., is for me a must because 95% of it is of low information quality and that will inevitably lead us to negative and wrong views. If you follow this lifestyle (even if being relatively young) you are on a good way of not having any emissions anymore since you simply do not cheat yourself with lower information or make petty excuses. Jing (generative force) is simply the higher vibration or essence of the generative fluid), they convert to each other easily by the way we use our mind. A bramachari is an "upstreamer" meaning he has made the jing to convert to chi to rise and circulate in body, this is a special threshold to come over. And relating to that - if you have had no emissions for a year - either from dreams or masturbation (Latin: mas = mass, turba = turbulence = craziness) - you are pretty safe. But if it is a struggle and a "thing" then it is wrong. If we try to hold in the semen but we are at same time full of lust - then it can be a struggle and Dao is never achieved trough tedious struggles. On the other side, it doesn't mean we should have a weak character and betray our goals. So it must be tackled from the right angle. Its a bit like our inner waters are calm.. like a peaceful and cool ocean.. no turbulence anymore . There is no difficulty and semen-retention is just a byproduct and an indicator on that our alchemy is working.
  10. Bliss Energetics level 2

    Congratulations! Be careful of this inner bliss.. manage it well. I can only tell that what you experience is a very important stage in the inner transformation.. I have myself experienced those levels. We can experience with a real person, or trough a romantic "platonic" love that is very intimate, deep and real, or just by meditation on embrace and inner emptiness like in the Tibetan tummo / Kagyu traditions. Sometimes they start with a real partner and then only the memory will suffice to repeat the inner process.. A bit more personal from my own experience (17 years ago).. For me it all started with a current of energy that grew to a ball of fire that like a chainreaction melted down the gross black matter in the pathways, spine, etc. It begun in the middle of body, front side, then spine, then up trough all chakras, then arms, legs, etc. It was intense and all my cylinders (with inner orgasm, erection without sexual thoughts) was on full for 3-4 hours daily for almost 2 months. I was lying in bed, no other position could give me the freedom to experience this 100%. No kind of krippling meditation posture.. . If I circulated this fireball of energy it would generate a friction of inner bliss that was quite intense. However if I went to low with this rotation I understood it could lead to ejaculation.. and caput mortum I felt that this was similar to the relation with the sun and the planets - although on an entirely different scale . The feminine polarized planets dance around the male polarized sun in a continual ecstasy. It is our own inner yin pole that have love with our yang pole. It is an alchemical love-affair... The inner energy melts down our old structures to a thick oil, then it becomes finer and thinner. Then come a stage where the aura just "ferments" and expands evenly outward. It is a great bliss. Another sensation can be an opening in the head, like a smoke coming out.. The borders to outer world disappears and you connects and could communicate with everything around. The heightened energy also allows to see your inner organs as to a certain degree. Prior to this state you might have been introvert, closed, dry and depressed and longed for "spiritual water".. I opened up my du/ren pathways by a meditation called "circulation of light" also prior to this. Ohh enough of my story. I just wanted to relate and confirm those kind of experiences.. Maybe there is someone out there that can relate I highly recommend the book "Bliss of the inner fire" by Lama Yeshe. I have read it many times. And it describes how the inner fire is managed and how the inner alchemical gold - the "kundalinidrops" (to borrow a term from that book) melts in the spine by a particular method of breathing and focusing. As tumoessence explains, it is important not to get personal with this, even if it is a love or similar that might evoke it. Always see the innate blissful emptiness in it, and realize it as a part of your inner essence. If one externalize it, if one projects outwards, if one use it egoically, one can get into a lot of energetic imbalances and troubles.. We have such a potential just if we do the right practice and have right understanding (this is by intuition - not so much by techniques even if a particular technique we choose can help as an opener and trigger to the process..).. You know when yang (dryness, fire and the depression of separation) is extreme, yin come.. If it is in form of a woman, a kundalini awakening or other.. It means blissful water enters to balance everything up. I didn't know the techniques and theory I know today of nei dan, fire breathing, etc., it just started by itself and I was semi-directing the process with my intuition and it had an own intelligence. I think we as westerners sometimes want a linear process we can control, confirm and manage with our minds / egos but those things can happen when we have a totally different mindset and map (in my case I studied Gnosticism and some western alchemy.. not very much into daoism or tibetan Buddhism). Another process that is more technical and outlined is within the Daoist system of Nei Dan (litterary "inner pill") that is explained in the book Taoist Yoga and Immortality. However there are many alchemical systems (as mentioned the Tibetan Tummo) and also the more unknown western / christian / alchemical system, we have also the egyptians, the Hebrew.. All lead in some stage to this inner bliss..
  11. Hi bax, I will explain a bit about "dark night".. and give little of my conclusions from my own path: You are going through a kind of "withering" process much like what happens in autumn in nature where the old plants whiter down to earth for the winter to come. So next year it will bloom again but with more beauty since the winter has cleared all weeds out. Congratulations, since most peoples life is about resisting this withering / change to always uphold their habits, routines, likes, dislikes, etc. There is a reason we are left with lesser energy. With lesser energy we aren't able to uphold our old habitual patterns, desires and ego-structures anymore and after a certain time, ranging from months to years depending the individual, a period not without reasons was named "dark night of the soul", we will get back our spirit / energy in a pure form and then it will shine in us and operate very efficiently, since the old structures are smoothed out. In meditation, one day, our new spirit will return like a sunrise of a new aura of clear light that will make us feel reborn and fresh anew. Call it awakening if you like, but you can also call it purification. This not only happen one time, this cycle is repeated, it is like a Sinuswave, but its amplitude are higher and frequency lower first time then it evens out more and more until you come into a kind of stable balance between action and nonaction, between death and rebirth. In my path the worst blockages and patterns were delt with first so the first "winter" was the worst one. It was a period of deep states of depression, weakness, insomnia, emptiness and feeling like being possessed by various energies. Once the process has started there is no return. You cannot repair a broken vase. Sometimes you might feel you have to "act" when dealing with "ordinary" people. But to act consciously is enjoyable since you will not take things so personally or seriously and between the acts you sink back to your source.
  12. Thanks for understanding RV! ) I just felt to add part II of that story to make it more complete.. About one year later, 6:th of may year 2001, that morning after some practices, I felt a new energy descend down trough my head (as I now interpret as the heavenly chi) and at same time an earthly one coming below trough my feet. It forced out all bad energy in me and I became gradually erected and I understood it was what I now identify as the TaiChi-Pole forming and at that time I felt it like "being a pillar of light in the temple of God" (sorry for the pretentious words, but it was how I felt). After having this pillar erected it came down to harness and strengthen it by long walks in nature, some qigong-like exercises and meditation on rocks and natural places. Then it also expanded outward as I felt. There were more like a transparent spirit-field, not the thick energy with colors , phenomens etc. anymore as one year before.. I also felt it was quite sensitive, that you had to take care of it and living in balance, else it could shift, it was like this state wanted to say "You protect me I will protect you". The thing is not to be preoccupied by energy for its own sake, because if you do, you will likely work with a false thing, only search the impersonal truth.. But for that to happen to (me at least) I think a kind of "rebirthing" was needed, since before 1999 I was a quite closed person full of blockages and with a thick shell. So all that potential energy had to melt down to harness vitality. So it is three things at least from my way / perspective 1. Being able to recieve the higher heavenly chi from above trough our brain, descending as it were in Christian terms "The Holy Spirit coming down in us". 2. Absorbing up the Earthly Chi of Mother Earth from below to make it connect with 1. (Right grounding). 3. To circulate your own energy (Jing) in microcosmic orbit. (meditation). When this foundation is established you are really healthy and feel erect, light and strong and your aura expands and grows by itself. I also want to add: All peoples path are different depending on our conditions and mindset.. I want to describe my own experiences and try to extract some points in it.
  13. Jesus a fictional character?

    Mantak Chia is a Chirstian and considered Jesus an Taoist. Trough Taoism and Alchemy I have come to a new understanding of Christianity, even if I have much to learn still. There is an ongoing debate wether Jesus existed or not.. To that I feel that the truth is in between: he didnt exists in the image chuch gives to him, but the character behind definitely existed! He was a wandering mystic that tought people Gnosis and he won reputation as a healer and teacher in concurrence with (the more intellectual) Appolonius of Tyana, Simon the Magus and some more influential teachers that gathered people around that times. His father Joseph belonged to the Essene-community (an early ecological community actually) and he taught his son a lot as well. Too much mysticism, solemnity and sacramental rituals has evolved around Jesus.. He was a practical and charismatic person, that recommended a simple, "sinfree", daoist, spiritual, ecological lifestyle with daily Sadhama as opposed to big houses and comfortable lifestyle (the same as the Daoist masters). Its also suggested that there was many similarities between the Pythagorean group and the Essenes. I have an interest in how the Essenes lived.. To understand more of the ecological brotherhood that was the Essene's I suggest: another good read:
  14. ...

    In answer to the op you are totally on the right path. Preserving Jing and transform it trough meditation is the simple path that will take you home. Also to be with a woman that balances you is right. I am not surprised that many qigong-masters are married and have family. There are absolutely no contradiction and totally normal. Mans energy are mainly like a line |. Womens are mainly O. If you cross a movement along a line with a circular one you get the C (Spiral). Just I makes no energy-consciousness-space, just O also not. But the spiral is energy in movement and creates light-consciousness-space, creative room. Whole universe is built on that. All particles rotates and they rotates along lines of other rotations. The cosmic dance. The planets creates our space-time-matter by spiraling movements. This could mean exchanging energy just by being near eachother (man / woman). Alternatively you cultivate your own yin/yang poles in yourself in meditation / celibacy. Or making both work with the right mate. If your partner is not in your phase he / she will benefit and learn and eventually catch up. Wrong partner will drain, right will make you happy, shining. Also ordinary couples that don't cultivate consciously have the "couples happiness" that shines in them and make them strong as long as they keep their hearths faith. "Space of polarity" (From Mantak Chia - Taoist secrets of Love). Ancient Egypt (Akenathen Epoch) Selfcultivation (celibacy) of own yin / yang poles by meditation alchemical mixing: However to use sex as an excuse to "lighten your pressure" and squander your lifeforce is self-destructive. Anyway this path is practiced by 95% of population so its totally mainstream and not a very interesting one.
  15. There is a very interesting intermediate phase in cultivation where we melt down our old structure giving birth to an open energy-field. I have felt extremely real energy-sensations in myself. After some weeks of "circulation of light"-meditations about 15 years ago I triggered a process that was like a nuclear meltdown (in a positive way:) in myself. It released two energy-balls going up my spine, trough my body, working in all centers, brain, arms and legs giving me a total "washout". This period lasted about 2 months for me. I was in an ecstasy and the released energy gave me an expanded field of magnetic energy. It involved sexually, emotions, brain, all at same time. I experienced an expansion like "yeasing of the aura". I distinctly felt the sensation of black matter in myself, actually not so metaphorical but rather literal black floating oil that after time became more white, thinning and became more volatile during the process. But I regard that phenomenas as a part of an opening process. In Daoist terms you could express it as all qi-pathways are totally cleared out and your original prenatal energy activates in them. Imagine what a revolution when the larvae-puppy opens up to become a real butterfly. Then after that you live as an "energy-conscious" person. Its like going back to normal but your consciousness field is expanded and blended into the environment. I have to say that period was ecstatic, paradisaical, blissful and extremely invigorating, like being reborn. This period might followed by some "siddhis" and the like because of the heightened energy. Healing abilities might be one of them. So that is the phase of "fiery water" that melts down the "four elements" in ourselves with the fifth essence as an ordering one. So I think we should not seek these things, they come a result of a phase in our development and it is a blessing. It might follow a period of adjustment time of some years that is not totally happy. But ultimately we must learn to handle energies in wise ways. Even what you think of will have direct implication! If you are open energy goes directly to where your thoughts are, you will be a creator in your time, you will really affect things and the mental atmosphere. So its important to understand to be open to energy requires some maturity. Below some pictures of this alchemical process.. I cannot say how much Adam Mcleans website about alchemy ment to me during the process. The images on his site really describes the inner process in great ways. I recommend you to visit this site and even if the pictures are from medieval times they are timeless in its profound symbolic expression. In those times people lived with less distractions and some of them diligently pursued the path of inner sanctity and liberation and the most profound philosophers of them all were the alchemists. Some pictures from that site.. First picture.. dark matter meltdown and four elements in chaos.