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  1. Missing your presence, wit and wisdom old friend.


  2. Daoist Alchemy: Jerry A. Johnson

    Please understand that one really really needs to go train in person with someone to fully understand what is written. The simple words which can be expressed in a book, or expanded upon in great detail in person. Also, more advanced techniques beyond visualization are given after one has completed the more basic ones and not screwed themselves up. Further, some things just aren't put it public, even by Johnson who puts more than most . Further, what may seem like a visualization, when taught in person, is much more than that. If one is only at the level of visualization that is how they would read and understand it, but if they are at a level of more physical things, that is how they would read it. Again though, in person please. Doesn't have to be with JaJ obviously, but look for someone legit. Book learning really isn't the way to advance very far or very well.
  3. Cultivating Chi/Energy for the novice

    Unless you are in your 20's I'd recomend listening to your teacher and not healing in that way. There are several reasons to not give up your personal energy when working with others. Some for your well being and health, and some for theirs. Your own personal energy is not what should be used anyways, and most definitely not without training. I have seen a couple of healers end up extreely ill from giving too much of themselves. Basially your life force is getting taken; the thing you need to stay healthy. Instead of giving less of yourself away, you do sitting down Zhan Zhuang instead of standing... may want to do some internal work to check into why you give too much of yourself. Personal boundaries are extremely important (not too little nor too much) and they tend to be out of whack for various reasons, things which have happened in our past which shouldn't have, generally.
  4. Back to Agrippa :)

    ZYD, do you happen to remember my original source PDF I was c/p from? I love Peterson's site, but I don't want to go and just c/p heaps of his hard work....
  5. Back to Agrippa :)

    Just for fun:
  6. Back to Agrippa :)

    There is a local bunch of people who wish to go through Agrippa as well. This will keep me motivated to post a bit again. Now just to remember which copyright free edition I had been using.... (that isn't the Tyson one). With the in person group, we will discuss the chapters in order, part 1 chapter 1 from book one and on, but also to keep things lively and interesting, we will covering random chapters from part 2 of book one, so we all have something to go home and work on. Would the folks here prefer I just stick with the order we have been doing, or whould I add the part 2 bits as well as we cover them in person?
  7. Holy Guardian Angel

    Well I have to say that beleifs such as "once one hits portal it is Abramelin time" or "magickians are supposed to do the Abramelin rite" are quite a good thing I must say. Though also there is the whole shortcut can do it in 2 months without changing one's life much approach, I think doesn't quite go as far as 6-18 months, with quite a bit of seclusion and hundreds of hours of practice.
  8. So has anyone started up the next challenge yet? A new thread so people can find it would likely help... Also, I have NAJA's address, if the 2 others who practiced most of those days could send me their address that would really help. I have been quite busy with work and practice, not getting online much lately. How about an outdoor activities which aren't work 100 day challenge for us all?
  9. How did your Dark Night of the Soul end?

    That sounds more like depression than dark night of the soul to me personally; though each person does have a unique experience of this. As to how does it end... well it gets far far worse than you described first.... for me it ended sort of slowly bit by bit. I was much spiritually sronger after. There are some mini dark nights, and also 1-2 really big ones I have found (so far lol). The paths like to test us .
  10. Holy Guardian Angel

    I would completely and entirely disagree. Well aside from the perspective of every single thing is god, including my coffee table. The tradition comes from much much earlier than the GD/Crowley approach (and neither are my bag of tea at all). Have you read the Abramelin books? The Greek Magical Papyri?
  11. Yeshe Lama Thogal book?

    A path isn't going to work so well for a particular person if the ancestors and main deities on that path don't like a person.
  12. Oh I think a new thread, for a fresh start . Should we limit it at all you think, or narrow it down to specific practices?
  13. So anyone post more than 37 days of practice? Going through this thread to see what qualifies as martial arts, qigong or neigong (just regular meditation doesn't count, walking down the street doesn't count, trampolines don't count ), would take forever... so I figure each person can count up their own.... So NAJA, would that be a qigong book or a buddhist book? PM me your mailing address.