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  1. Open and Close refers to the fundamental characteristic of the Universe which is pulsing. WHile you cultivate, you find this quality of pulsing everywhere from physical movements to stillness meditation. It is fun to observe.
  2. Daoism 101

    I'd agree that the goal in Daoism is to go XIAN 仙. The problem is that this is translated as 'immortal' to English which does not render all meanings of the character. Perhaps a better idea would be 'transcendent' rather that 'immortal'. I dislike the idea of 'going back to source'. The whole life set up in the Universe is about going against the current of increasing the entropy; while going back to source would just mean to dissolve in the entropy which is, how one of the Daobums members put it - just become a cosmic fart. If somebody's goal is to become a cosmic fart - sure. I personally don't find this motivating.
  3. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    I practised his system for about 3 years and found it with either little effect or, in some respects, even detrimental to my health. Although I did receive a few good tips from him in the workshops.
  4. In my current experience, alchemical daoism is indeed related to tantra and samadhi; and perhaps it even originates from early 1st millenial tantra tradition. Having said that, there is specific value in daoism that I can't see in other systems - alchemical daoism seems like more disciplined way to access and release all bodily energies from gross to subtle. As opposed to many yogic systems that are pretty laid back in this regard and mainly strive to move energy to the head right a\way.
  5. AFAIC the inner smile practice is very similar to one of the fundamental practices from vipassana or other similar systems. In daoism there are countless practices similar to the inner smile. Any teacher can make up their own names for the practices so for me the names don't really matter. What matters is what they do to the body.
  6. Your opinion on Damos neigong?

    I found his style wuji to be counterproductive for me. But this is how with any teacher - it is useless to gather anecdotal evidence, what matters is your personal experience, not somebody else's. His courses are very accessible, just try them at a nominal cost and judge yourself.
  7. Teaching authentic neigong

    One more question though: are there any benchmarks / signs of the progress? It is not easy to practice something for many years without any sign posts along the way. I'm also confused with your remark that there is no way to determine whether one has qi or not because sensation-wise the states a cultivator is with or without qi are identical - or so I understood your remark. I hope you could clarify.
  8. Teaching authentic neigong

    Cost is reasonable for the authentic method. The problem is that the goal - faqi - is not really inspiring. How do we move forward with accumulation of qi: - applications - higher level practices (middle and upper DT) and the central channel. Are they too far away from the accumulation of qi stage?
  9. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

    Hi FB group is active and it is accepting new members as far as I know. The last addition was a week ago.
  10. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

    I haven't met Wallis personally so I can't say from my face-to-face experience. Remote assessment is not easy. Just remember that if you only watched his free Youtube videos, you can be sure that he can offer much more when you become more involved. Overall, I have an impression he knows what he is talking about. The practices he teaches on his paid portal and in the retreats are deep.
  11. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

    Yes and he also teaches esoteric practices from the VBT.
  12. Final goal in Kashmir Shaivist

    I should have been more accurate in my OP. It is not the goal that I compared Kashmir Shaivism and neidan but rather methods and practices. Just read a meditation handbook 'Vijnana Braihava Tantra' published in 9th century A.D. and judge yourself.
  13. Swami Lakshmanjoo talks about the final goal in Kashmir Shaivism (tantra). From my personal study (which is very limited of course) Chinese neidan and Kashmir Shaivism are very closely related. I could also add to this mix tantrick Buddhism as well. Not talking about Hatha yoga which is a direct offshoot of tantra.
  14. Damo Mitchell? tell me what you think

    So you do not disclose any methods at all but you require that Damo Mitchell discloses his methods that he normally teaches only closed door. Am I missing something?
  15. Damo Mitchell? tell me what you think

    THis is a good point. Just to note that Wang Liping teaches only sitting meditation and has quite a number of returning students internationally (or pre-covid anyway). But generally yes, very few people feel connection to a sitting still method as a primary method of cultivation.