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  1. The Center has no Location

    As long as you LEARN, dear, that yours is a TEMPORARY assignment and that I do not follow your directives. I APPRECIATE YOUR EFFORTS TO GRASP THAT FACT.
  2. The Center has no Location

    dawei wrote: Duh.❤︎ I will add a little more now that I'm back in the mood… Creation happens. Michael is a perfect example. He just wanted to have fun and I didn't go along. Why? Michael has been on a social whirl as of late and I took note of it earlier this week. I actually liked one of his posts because he was able to hold several points together and took the time to address each point in turn, logically. He knows how to argue properly, orderly, and thoroughly (at least it felt that way, as I did not actually read his post). It seems he was having his way with the hapless bum he was addressing (whether or not that's true is immaterial as Michael was acting like he was). I didn't even care what Michael wrote. I just liked how it felt~ confident. Besides, it was pure rhetoric— why would I care? Maybe he's an attorney. It is the only post I've read other than those that appear on my threads in quite a long time. At any rate, I decided to unlike that post shortly thereafter as I did not want to taint his reputation with any association from one such as I~ heehee!! So a few days later, who decides to grace me with a second-hand glance by way of a "too-hip-gotta-go-but-here's-this-titbit… like I'm supposed to be impressed? Not. That's what this is all about. He was screwed before the first thought. And on top of everything he's got nothing to offer this thread. Poor thing feels misunderstood— I get that much. Feeling misunderstood is how you feel when your potential gets ripped off by creation for no reason. Then he got to feel validated by the moderator spraying about "anyone can say anything about anything anywhere… blah, blah, party-line, blah, blah"). Creation happens. If only Michael could address the OP, he wouldn't have to be a dashing, dabbling, social-media dervish on his way to somewhere more important than where he's at right now. Yawn. If he could address it, he wouldn't have to, much less be in suuuch a rush to act like it's a simple matter of rhetorical slap-dash. This was a mark he had to make look easy. It's not easy, Michael. But it is simple. It's called open sincerity without words. ed note: add everything after "Duh.❤︎"
  3. The Center has no Location

    As for Nestentrie's observation… In terms of the Center having no location, where can there be agreement? It is immaterial. It cannot be discussed. It can only be corroborated by those whose experience in its application is verifiable by knowing. The one who would agree has no knowledge to corroborate. If he didn't already know that, he STILL doesn't know that. The point of knowing this Center has its inherent application, which is not a matter of doing. Those who see, have this applied by virtue of inherent potential in ordinary situations such as this one. It does not require doing, only seeing. The mod doesn't see shit. I don't need agreement. I already have a thread of my OWN making with a topic that cannot be approached by convention. The working definition of delusion is not knowing one is deluded. The one who would agree doesn't know he doesn't know. Here's what I know: THERE IS NOTHNG TO KNOW. What is there to discuss with one who would agree with something unknowable? I cannot help these people. They are helpless of themselves. I'm not here for them. Those who don't, don't know where to begin~ therefore in putting on a show of belief in agreement, those invested in reason (the moderator and the recreational philosopher) only wish (as was proved) to usurp terminology. biG w00p. Now they're gone. I DO NOT DISCUSS TOPICS BASED ON REASON OR BELIEF. Nor I do not court favor or avoid censure. In other words, not agreeing later is the same as not agreeing before. Nothing has changed here. Creation came and went. Before and after, right and wrong: Who decides it's all the same? The social moderator and the social butterfly on the social media site got stuck with that.
  4. The Center has no Location

    In the context of this created cycle, I would have to say that dealing with Michael the way I have is to acknowledge that I am not speaking of physics nor philosophy. I do not pretend to be reasonable. Recreational philosophers do that quite well, it seems. Therefore there is no basis for discussion with one who cannot see that his premise is ignorant of the topic. Presence is a quality of immediacy. Off-hand treatment of an ill-conceived glib repartee completely missing the point of the title of this thread is unacceptable. The moderator has a job to do and I have MY job to do. The social butterfly has nothing invested.
  5. The Center has no Location

    I will determine what I shall. If Michael is unable to regard the OP and posts unconsciously out of habit, That is not EVEN off-topic. It's called pissing on a post.
  6. Abiding here

    Much better, thank you, Mark.
  7. The Center has no Location

    The infinite BY MY DEFINITION, is creation. On my threads, you will use MY criteria— therefore I dissuade you from talking about a "center" YOU DO NOT KNOW. Having stepped OVER infinity— that is my prerogative to do so. Now go play Star-Lord on a thread of your own making and go to town with it— I won't be following you. That you cannot grasp that which is beyond philosophical speculation defines your inability to meet the criteria for contributing at a level of MY determination. Exercise your free-speech elsewhere until you can turn the light around yourself, and prove it in actual affairs. I expect you to raise the bar, Michael. Do so and thank me in another lifetime.❤︎
  8. The Center has no Location

    I am speaking of what you cannot, Michael. Do not bring down the nature of my content to your recreational level. That's called pirating. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?
  9. The Center has no Location

    This is not matter of the created universe, Michael. You seemed to have had a grasp of this already from what I had gathered from your earlier posts elsewhere. Evidently, I was mistaken. Though it may work for you conceptually, since it is a matter of inconceivability, those with the will to enlightenment must invariably step over eternity to enter the Way in reality. Therefore, why not just drop it altogether from the very start? That it has no location is not dependent on anything. It is the created which depends on this. Arriving at its pivot is beyond your ken to cleverly consider by such nonsensical logic. Honor you essential nature and arrive at its basis which is the homeland of nothing whatsoever. Then you will come to discover that infinity, space, center, ALL, higher and lower (in your current lexicon) is neither here not there (in terms of my lexicon). I don't disuade you from using the created as an example to describe reality, but do not pretend to manifest something in the way of rhetoric where it does not apply— even when you might have an eternity to throw away. So don't go off half-cocked and be cheap with your posts on my threads, mr Star-Lord. When you actually have dispensed with eternity, we might have something to talk about wordlessly. It is the province of adepts to use creation to arrive at the real within the context of each created cycle. This is the working definition of immortality, being the fact that one does not go along with creation. There is no order for you to contrive in the sense of the topic of my threads, Michael. Either you get it or you don't. Getting it is not within the realm of any order you might contrive intellectually. Either you know it or you don't …and you don't. ed note: add last line
  10. The Center has no Location

    Yes, Brian, it seems to open up of itself when we stop using mind in the same old reasonably self-reflective way. Real Knowledge's application is activated in NOT using the intellectual/psychological apparatus. That's why it is called the nonpsychological. People do not understand that the nonpsychological is spiritual. How embarrassingly simple is it to stop employing the shining mind to validate the false identity of the human mentality? "As easy as turning over your hand." Yet another facet of The Secret of the Golden Flower's brilliant term turn the light around. ed note: add last line
  11. The Center has no Location

    There is no new center. What is new (to you) is having gone through yet another typical creative cycle and gone along helplessly with the change and calling that you wandering, Jace. What it is, is you subject to kinetic subterfuge (karmic momentum) without you knowing it. That is the working definition of ignorance, mon ami. What's the point of that? The point is that you do not know you are not created, therefore you are subjecting your illusionary existence to delusional forces and their consequences. That is beyond philosophy, that's what. It is not even that you are unaware of your essential nature… the mystery can only be experienced intimately oneself and matured within (incubated is the taoist term) over a long period of time before one can even begin to manifest what it means to realize it. It has nothing to do with understanding. There is nothing to understand. The Center is not relative to you. When you come to the practical realization that you do not exist separately, outside of a particularly functional aspect that has falsely usurped the natural spiritual order, you will then begin to develop an affinity with this Center. Please realize yours is a very typical notion relative to philosophical speculation and does not contribute to the basis of this thread, as I do not write for those who have no affinity in this basis. Sorry. There is no place, and this is it, whether you know it or not— such is the homeland of nothing whatsoever. The difference is whether or not you can use it to take over creation, steal potential, step over eternity, and enter the Way in reality. The authentic traditions of spiritual perception on this planet have always been kept alive by their application, not by the verbally reasoned pastimes of philosophically speculative hobbyists. It seems, that at this point in time, your concern, ultimately, is for your own comfort. Don't be petty.❤︎ The point is to have the full capacity of your uncreated awareness present, intact and activated without dwelling on the temporal aspect of phenomena (especially your own self-reifying concepts)— which is the entire buddhist canon in one sentence. ed note: add to 2nd paragraph; add 3rd paragraph
  12. Abiding here

  13. Abiding here

    Enlightening being is the incipient pivot of the creative, arising undifferentiated radiating aware essence. The “creative” is itself potential, if one sees. If one doesn’t see its potential, it is eternal karmic evolution. If one sees, then one can use it to take over creation, steal its potential and step over eternity. This is immortality. "Arising undifferentiated" is Complete Reality; just this is the Center: this being the substance of the immaterial body of awareness, one’s own inmost heart. "Radiating aware essence" is presence. This is one’s function. There is no doing, it is itself the basis of one’s state of affairs. The world comes to this. This is not some other place. It is here, right now. In the midst of ordinary situations, accept your function, take the forward step and share yourself freely having walked through the boundary of karmic evolution. Just this is oneself abiding here.
  14. The Meaning of No Meaning

    Hi Asmo~ ask Apech about it— he's the one I showed.❤︎ It's just that I only stumbled on it myself by accident and PM'd him about it immediately because he is into Egyptology and such, so I knew he would relate to it. The effect of the change is quite striking, but I only did it the one time myself before I described it to him (then I never did it again). Maybe he has the PM or perhaps you might doodle around in the interim. It's a (scrawled *that's key* haha!!) star-shape with some sort of pentagonal line tying it together as I recall. Apech was able to arrive at the effect by my description easily enough, Asmo~ ask him if he can conjure it up again for you! As for an mspainting, I am web-illiterate, myself— I don't know what one is~ heehee!! ed note: add explanatory note below 1st line
  15. The Meaning of No Meaning

    Just google wayfairie.tumblr taobums (because my content is evidently keyed to my "title" here on taobums), enough of the old threads will come up to keep anyone occupied… There are five years worth of threads, even though I have only posted 1700 times since December 2008. I used to be able to go back to my first post when rain responded (and I PM'd her~ heehee!!). And just a little before that (date in time), was the last time Sean posted in the Articles Section. ed note: write out my ttb title in the 1st sentence