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  1. Foxes---everywhere! ?

    I view nature as knowing the best way to bring light to my life through my soul, as it knows my future and what is needed Animal spirits are natural and different from person to person, so there may be one good way for one person to act and not so good for another to act I view animals and beings of nature like trees and plants as much more loving, and wise than many humans, trees are very respectful and offer the kind of respect that is very rare In this sense I view animals almost like gods and do not share buddhist beliefs of animals being some sort of low level form of reincarnation All of nature is interconnected and animals know when to fly south every winter or whatever because they trust and follow their feelings and instincts, just like people should, it is not psychologists who have the right to determine what is sane or not insane as in my eyes psychology is full of overly intellectual mind based insanity animal guides are a part of many cultures and time periods and I believe to be very helpful.
  2. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    Retention Comes from a strong spirit Where you are able to dream and play like and like a child, with confidence in your ability to achieve your greatest goals. When you have hope, your soul is strong Hope comes from faith/trust...relaxation, trust in the universe. Sungazing brings you more light Spending time around good energy fields, environments (everyone has energy which inspires/helps their soul and energy which might not so much) improves/helps your energy considerably, be picky about objects and where you spend your time.. your body absorbs a lot of the energy of the environment. Use fire/passion to motivate from when you are feeeling to lusty, dedicate to something related to love..something about hope after about ten days, libido aura is more pure DOing something to avoid something else, doesnt open your heart so much as something related to a positive intention Of course maybe there is time to cultivate and time not to cultivate
  3. Honestly it bothers me that most people reply to the OP with stop really bothered me
  4. I dont need to tell you my vision or request your support I just identified with OP Because I dont see anything wrong with a rebellious attitude, a desire to create, I dont see it as something that needs to be meditated away, and I am rejecting people who somehow try to insinuate something wrong in me because I desire to be involved in some part of a creation process that creates a more beautiful world
  5. So you put down someone for their vision because they might fail I disagree
  6. Ok if you really wish to continue this topic, I will have to further ruin my energy You know what happened to native communities the ones that didnt get wiped out They were approached by christian and buddhist missionaries People that told them right was wrong and wrong was right People that told them reject anger, be obedient, be a good little worker slave and obey your masters So what happened people became brainwashed and led away CT talks about me being a saviour complex You got no guts CT, you have a weak pathetic spirit. You instead choose to walk away from what is right, because you might fail You dont even realise you could be talking to one of those "masters" whose feet you want to kiss in 40 years but instead wiping your bum marks over other peoples visions and desire to help humanity If it was normal in a society for people to rape each other constantly, people might reply with some crap like "stop trying to be a saviour" Just pussy Again I dont need to prove or confirm my spiritual level to anyone I dont always choose to focus on such topics I keep it at the back of my mind, and think about harmony You know come to think of it Taoism is somewhat like that too "dont ever rebel" dont ever want to change things" nice political doctrine Funny how all the "gods chosen people" dont care about the other non gods chosen people because you think your the elite and you should have fity thousand times more wealth than others I was reading about colours of energy this morning.. Seems like most of the people arguing with me are at brown or black "desire safety above all and fitting in" "seek power to make up for emotional insecurities" "desire to conform to societys expectation" I am not. Why is it the people who love brown or black are telling me what is spiritual
  7. one pie drank some water then drank some more dreamed of pies and drank some more water
  8. All pies eventually drink some water so off to drink water and become a pie
  9. i know thats a subtle jab again, but most of the replys to OP were "stop thinking, conform, be balanced" I have every right to disagree and inform readers that they can and have every right to want social change.
  10. I dont agree that its a nonsensical justification I am frequently surrounded by animal and nature spirits, I hate the word and having to bring this up but what do that make me like a shaman. That means like them I have deep respect for nature and enlightened ways of living, do you see native americans or aboriginals decide to want to go and live like "white man" does they are angry at the destruction of nature, they do not conform they go and live on their reservations or some of them turn to alchohol and ommit suicide. I dont need to tell you what Im doing or what my plans are. Even my comment about animal or nature spirits will be met with derision by most on this "spiritual forum"
  11. I disagree thats just a judgement because you disagree with my views on society and you do on most posts I make unlike others like me who agree with some of my posts on society and dont say "your thinking too much" again because your rich and havent known too much of what I have Maybe I am a bit hostile, to people who say that you should never think of revolution or creating a new world because it makes you somehow bad.
  12. I dont see how anyone who has seen the things Ive seen and lived my life can defend this culture Its ok nothing to see here folks dont ever think of revolution or designing better social systems thats unspiritual Be in the ldt
  13. The lerner, brian, and joe blast are rich authoritarian types who always defend the ways of the world I have seen and experienced real poverty and adversity I do not defend the ways of the world I seek to create better ways of living Whether thats through doing or non doing I dont care
  14. I disagree, thats just a jab because you were probably upset by my comment
  15. Not neccessarily Making art, making a film, stories, writing etc Will most likely be seen as worthless by most Yet in being yourself, you may have been more productive than a high powered lawyer than sent 20 people to jail last week Doing something is very "difficult to judge" The thoughts and intentions I have "do things" But no one will ever know This is totally in line with the Tao