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  1. Thanks for the post Phore, your definition of being in the center means just nothingness, emptiness, no tequniques, no guiding of energy, if I take a 15 minute walk, just sit or do the dishes this is pretty easy for me. Today I did the Sat Kriya Kundalini Posture which is meant to be the king exercise for sexual energy and the lower chakras, I started crying for the 3 9 minute rest periods, and my heart chakra was burning and even though I was lying down in shavasana my hands couldnt help it and started self healing. I would rather get rid of my lower chakra issues with a quick and powerful exercise like this and spend the rest of my time in peace and doing what is natural. Than spend all my time doing a forceful method that makes me grumpy/overthink. I am actually much more balanced when i dont spend my time in the lower dan tien.
  2. hmm I see So if one finds one starts thinking a lot with attention/brain on ldt and finds it hard to be present instead of just letting go as phore has mentioned. This has nothing to do with relationships blockages?
  3. actually I feel pretty balanced and normal (having fun, not thinking too much about cultivation) if I just let go...and no attention on lower dan tiens..I guess I will have to experiment with the advice shared here, in order to make my own real opinion
  4. Hmm this post interests me, and is what Ive been thinking too, it seems very contrary to the other stuff, and as you say there seems to be advantages and disadvantages to working with each center. I am unsure exactly how to comment on this. As I agree and am not sure if my lack of comfort is as you say because Im working below my centre or am blocked in that area, apologies, I just have no idea how to respond here.
  5. Hmm yes thanks I will "attempt" this, easier said than done though.
  6. Hi Yamu Yes perhaps I should make more of an effort to keep a gentle awareness there as oppose to "focus", seems so difficult and forced to do this, but yeh will give it a good go, I guess. I am reading about the second chakra, and it says "he second Chakra is the relationships Chakra. It's about relationships to anything – people, objects, even money. The energy here is a combination of "relating," sensuality, sexuality and passion. If the energy is blocked in this area, the language is usually, "I feel dead from the waist down." There is a heaviness to the area, and pressing on the lower belly might be painful. The person with blocked energy here might have issues around the lower GI, or with the lower back or with the sexual organs. Blockages in this area also lead to loss of interest in sex." I do feel I have a lot of sexual blockages, and perhaps with relationships, and being grounded in the world and sometimes passion. So Perhaps this is why Im having difficulties here, If I rest in lower dan tien, this should help this stuff clear right? I can see what you are saying about being balanced, I already feel that it is difficult to live in the world and Im 22, so if I was even more unbalanced this would be difficult. Yes Im aware of that move, guess I will practice that more, the other methods for the other centers are in gift of the tao? Well with wuwei I would like to say I have had some days where life seems like a spontaneous movement and im just following the energy and very relaxed and balanced, but with resting on the lower dan tien this doesnt happen so much because as Ive mentioned I am not so relaxed and feeling harmonious. I see. I guess I dont really want to skip any "difficult neccessary stuff" and I have time to not have to work before I start university for Chinese Medicine, I have attempted to work whilst being in the lower dan tien and the results havent been so great (emotional trauma, feel tense etc) So I guess I could just give it a shot.
  7. Intuition tells me to stay a couple of hours a day awareness of lower dan tien meditations, and the rest let go. Recently I have just let go and feel great generally until my physical energy feels unbalanced. Sometimes I do certain Qigong with attention on the Lower Dan Tien and then it feels like my lower Dan Tien is naturally open by itself and there is no need to focus on it. Different dan tiens have different flavours of energy, the upper dan tien is very spiritual and heavenly, the middle dan tien seems more about love and emotions, it seems the lower dan tien is a lot more about power/physical/sexual energy. Also walking/standing seems very awkward if I keep attention on lower dan tien. When letting go my posture is very good.
  8. Hmmm I agree with that But why the need to focus on any part of the body, letting go seems so much easier.
  9. Well it is interesting you mention that, many very high level teachers emphasise keeping your attention on your heart, many high level teachers say dont keep your attention anywhere this will only lead to you feeling blocked. Some will say change your focus depending on what you need. I would say maybe I feel like this because my lower dan tien is comparatively weaker than upper dan tien and also my heart chakra is probably more blocked too. So again what one high level teacher says is often completely different to another and my own experiences, I have no idea if everyone feels agitated when "keeping attention" on certain parts of the body, and finds it difficult to let go. However I was reading on this site about a zen master who got sick very often so he practiced a melting butter technique to ground himself and keeping his attention on his lower dan tien.
  10. I am familiar with methods that ask one to stay centered in the Lower Dan Tien. The theory behind this is that one powers up the whole body by accessing the specific energy of the Lower Dan Tien. It is also considered to be the physical energy center and to be one that grounds people. However the theory is that it will open other "chakras" naturally. Such as the crown/third eye, connecting one to "home" I currently have the opinion that keeping awareness on the lower dan tien is by no means natural and by no means wuwei, sure some people can dress it up as somehow being natural but for me it feels very forced and makes me tense and start thinking a lot. If I let go of being aware of the lower dan tien, all the energy goes to my crown/above my head/third eye and I get very high easily. Instant enlightenment, If I start thinking of my lower dan tien, I become agitated and feel forced and start overthinking, this is annoying to me, as apparantely this means something is wrong with me when I am already there in a way. However often I get too high and need to be grounded so things like being aware of the lower dan tien would help. Also sometimes my physical/sexual energy is out of whack. No matter how much people try to convince me trying to be in the lower dan tien however phrased just seems like trying and effort taking me out of wuwei. I see some advantages and some disadvantages. I am interested in hearing some views/advice on this that are unbiased and undogmatic. Thanks.
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