MCO doesnt work

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On 11/3/2019 at 1:44 PM, Zhongyongdaoist said:

A lot of people think that they can just start doing the MCO and that is enough there is a warning about this at the end of Chapter Four:


This advice is close but did not quote enough of the book to give the proper advice - go a little bit farther up on page 40 for the proper answer:


these stages are involved in each in and out breath. The method should begin when the penis erects at night and consists of blocking the genital gate with pointed concentration in order to drive spirit into the cavity of vitality (under the navel). This is like a blacksmith using his bellows; the air from it blows the inner fire which, becoming intense, transmutes the generative force into vitality. The latter is then gathered and sent up and down in the microcosmic orbit.

So there are various "levels" to the small universe meditation.

The first level is to empty out the monkey mind.

The second level is to use the quick fire breathing with the meditation - as described above.

The finally as the celibacy is maintained as increased sublimation and purification then the "real" MCO kicks in.

The real "MCO" is also called the Inner Elixir or internal alchemical agent - so it is the Yuan Qi and then is used to increase the shen.

So the real "MCO" is also called Nirvikalpa samadhi in yoga.


You want to make sure you REALLY STUDY the Taoist Yoga book (in complete opposite to the imperative here previously to NOT read the book at all!!). Why do you need to "really study" the book? Because the above stages are also accelerations! As the energy level increases then so does the rate of change of the stages needed.


So if you don't understand the next stage already then by the time it kicks in - it will be too late and you'll fall back two stages back in practice.


Also you want to practice the small universe meditation while in full lotus padmasana preferably with the left leg on top.


As for "how long" you do it - keep in mind that advanced training for this is the 49 day cave meditation - no sleep the whole time. Just full lotus. So if you can't sit in full lotus NONSTOP for 1 day much less 1 week - then don't worry about doing the small universe meditation "too long." haha.



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You can sit for 5 lifetimes doing incorrect practice and still go nowhere.


MCO happens to all of us NATURALLY, you'd be dead by now if it didn't.


One practice never sees any discussions which is IMO one of the most important ones:


-Bring all the massive amount of Qi you have in your head down to the feet instead. A lifetime of study, schooling, watching TV, overthinking,  accumulating information, staring at a computer screen hours every day are the cause of this.


Not many are aware of this problem. Ba Gua people on the other hand are very aware of it. Vipassana meditators who spend many hours a day walking are also aware.



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On 13.11.2019 at 5:03 AM, Gerard said:

MCO happens to all of us NATURALLY, you'd be dead by now if it didn't.


Cause of death - mco stopped working.

No, thats a false statement. Guys who say everyone has mco or everyone can see energy.

Just have no idea themselves, what mco is and what energy is.


I know only a few people, who got working mco and energy making full circle. It is a different state of life and a different state of abilities. Everyone would have superpowers if everyone would have MCO working.


Among esoteric community people who reached small accomplishment with mco are 0.01%


It is a system that generates excess energy constantly. And if you put energy in untrained uneducated human vessel, its gonna boom and die.

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I would add to this that as much as a simple thought could stop MCO from ever functioning or moving QI.


So if your head is a mess you can forget about MCO practice forever.


And the practices shown as "opening" MCO where you need to think about certain points or visualize stuff, is exactly a thinking process that should never be used or applied to neigong - internal practice.


Which is the very most likely reasons, why the guy trained for 8 hours without getting any results.



Before opening MCO people would spend a dozen of years in meditation practice and basic Qigong practice.

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