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  1. Strengthening the Blood

    I read that Qi and Blood are closely connected to one another. Qi is responsible for moving blood and ensuring that it does not get stuck and stagnate in the vessels. Meanwhile Blood nourish Qi and provide a solid anchor to keep it from floating away. There are numerous pratices concerning the Qi, but are there any method or pratices concerning the Blood? How could one strengthen his Blood?
  2. Water above Fire

    I've found out that putting water over fire can also be used as a method to subdue the fire and prevent it from running out of control
  3. Greetings

    Nothing much, it involve passively dispersing qi throughout the body and constantly milling down blockades. It was very uncomfortable at first but the results were good. I've already solved all blockades in the mental and emotional levels and was just starting to work on solving the physical level a few days ago. I feel much more full of life these days compare to how I was . People who know me even comments on how I became "much fatter".
  4. Greetings

    I've been practicing with my own home brew cultivation technique since a few years. Lurked this forum for a while but decided to check in now.