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  1. Internal alchemy for everyone

    If only we can just blast ourselves with radiations and get easy superpower like in those Hollywood movies Too bad we'll only get supercancer instead
  2. How to find the lower dan tian ?

    There are many mental flaw that came about through energetic system flaws which are results of an unhealthy way of life. For these no amount of mental gymnastic will be able to heal you. Hell even simple posture fixing/light exercises can improve blood circulation and brighten your mind up
  3. How to find the lower dan tian ?

    Hey I feel roughly the same. I figured those contract/expansion meant that there is a clog somewhere so I spent a lot of time trying to find and unblock them. And it worked! Whenever I unblock one of those I felt a very pleasant sensation, like a weight got lifted off my body. I also felt Yang Qi in the form of buzzing on the skin/flesh and then prickling burn/shocks which I assumed it's when the Yang Qi got clogged.
  4. tldr: Fire Deviation. No the qi would not be released into the environment. It will get clogged up inside you and fry your brain, burn your nerve, keeping you in intense discomfort and eventually drive you insane. Refer to this guy as a cautionary tale
  5. The Skeptic thread

    Well his choice was deciding that all these qi stuffs is bunk and people here should agree with him.
  6. How/why does qigong work?

    Afaik visualization is entirely in the mind. It's ok if you are developing your mind, but trying to do qi gong with it is like trying to train yourself to swim by sitting home imagining yourself swimming. Not very productive.
  7. How/why does qigong work?

    I think if it sink when undisturbed then its natural tendency should be sinking down isn't it? And mind movements disturb qi to stir and rise which is against its natural tendency and bad things happen?
  8. How/why does qigong work?

    Yeah I get it, yi and willful focus is different which is why i was trying to ask if the methods of forcefully directing qi with intent like "strongly focusing on LDT" was in fact 'using willfulness to focus yi then qi will move to where yi are focused'. I'm guessing it's because willful thinking start in the head, it will cause yi to focus there which in turn stimulate qi to move upward to where yi are focused, which is the head isn't it. In order to stop this from happening you must prevent yi from being focused, which meant stopping willful thoughts in order to release yi
  9. How/why does qigong work?

    I think it might work better if you explain to them why it is harmful? After all qi-stagnation-and-why-it's-bad-for-you should not be too hard a thing to comprehend isn't it?
  10. How/why does qigong work?

    So the natural qi flow in human are also caused by yi isn't it? In that case the qi-follow-yi-directing-stuff practice is basically using willful mental focus to affect yi which will then stimulate qi movements am I correct? If then does moving practices work the same? using physical movement to stimulate yi which will then stimulate qi? This is a classic noob trap I think. I wonder how many noob traps there are in qi gong
  11. How/why does qigong work?

    Imo the qi follow yi thing usually doesn't work because the qi movements stimulated by yi will interfere with your natural qi flow, resulting in a chaotic qi movement in your body and end up doing more harm than good. Unless you have a way to quiet down your natural qi flow and ensure your yi-qi movement remain unhindered, you shouldn't try using yi to direct qi. It's also why you shouldn't try moving practices and yi-qi together because their stimulated qi will hinder each others Edit: On OP question, I figured if you are waving your arms randomly you will just produce random qi movements so of course you wouldn't feel a thing?
  12. Wang Liping Article/Method for Boosting Weiqi

    What are the differences between Hold Breath and Cease Breath?
  13. MCO doesnt work

    Well the reason you felt nothing is probably because nothing is being turned Cultivate your qi first before attempting mco. No matter how hard you beat an empty river no water will flow through there.
  14. Strengthening the Blood

    I read that Qi and Blood are closely connected to one another. Qi is responsible for moving blood and ensuring that it does not get stuck and stagnate in the vessels. Meanwhile Blood nourish Qi and provide a solid anchor to keep it from floating away. There are numerous pratices concerning the Qi, but are there any method or pratices concerning the Blood? How could one strengthen his Blood?
  15. Water above Fire

    I've found out that putting water over fire can also be used as a method to subdue the fire and prevent it from running out of control