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Found 5 results

  1. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    How do folks here deal with frustration, anger, and rage? How can we go on in this world so filled with injustice?
  2. I have had this problem for so many years. I have been to monks, I have been to teachers, I have seen my guru many times, nothing ever, ever, permanently fixes this problem. When I meditate, energy moves into my head, it builds into a giant ball of pressure, and then anger, delusion, confusion, and insanity start to arise as a result. For years I have tried to fix it, I have been taught so many techniques to fix it, nothing fixes this problem. When the pressure builds up in my head, it starts to hurt my heart and lungs below. I have felt like I was going to have a heart attack before. Every morning I wake up, there it is, the big ball of pressure stuck in my head, i meditate, it gets worse and worse. Everyday is another day of suffering and misery. Horrible horrible emotions constantly arising day after day due to this energy being stuck in my head. Is there anyone in this world that knows how to fix this problem? I haven't met one yet :\
  3. Laughing in the Face of .... Anger Attachment Pride Jealousy Stupidity Ref: edit: tpoys
  4. Recycling Anger.

    Under my happy-go-lucky Philosophical Daoism there lies a depression that's almost as old as I am. I am by nurture (or maybe nature) a very, very angry man. I can get incredibly violent at times swinging to very dangerous extremes; IE: as a kid I got into a very nasty fight with a bully, where I began gouging the boy's eyes out with my thumbs, thankfully we were separated before any harm was done. Other time, not too many years ago as an angsty hormone-pumped teenager I nearly stabbed myself on the neck to stop me from stabbing someone else. I've manage to keep myself in check (save a couple of close calls) for a very long time but it's becoming increasingly difficult for me not to snap and retaliate for the tiniest of things. I've taken to obsessive wallpunching to quick-vent anger.Whenever I feel this anger I tried meditating but it just sort of pisses me off even harder and I ragequit. After years and years of fighting this thing, it's only after deep examination of the TTC that I've realize that I don't have to "fight it" anymore, supressing it and keeping it under check's done nothing for me other than making it slip away from control as time goes by. Instead... I can harness it. I can redirect all of that energy into something creative instead of destructive, I can use it to better myself. Brilliant, but how and where to start? You can help, I know you can.