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Found 5 results

  1. I found it while browsing old threads on the forum, not too long ago. It's my fault; I didn't give it the wanted attention. a daoist quote. I searched 4-5 terms looking for it but to no help. Maybe someone else has a better luck 7 treasures including jaded chi and crystal like bones (basically STRONG, natural frequency, etc.) The other 5 treasures were things like blood, bone marrow, skin?, hair?... - all bodily things (chi was the only 'psychic' treasure) But I'm not sure what they become like
  2. Maybe we all are trying to find meaning into things that have to intrinsic meaning. Nevertheless, this is a story both my wife and step daughter found interesting and while I find it a bit to new age like to my opinion, I must say it is quite well written. also @Earl Grey I thought I read a couple days ago that you would/did ask the Akashic records about covid. Where you able to and is there a message? Sorry if you already posted it and I read over it.
  3. Hello my friends, The crucial question of how to deal with destructive emotions that keep us from acting with wisdom, compassion and loving kindness has been raised in another thread. I take the liberty to quote some of the posts that particularly inspired me to start the current topic, including my own replies to them, as this may serve to highlight some of the complexities that are inevitably involved. Let me start by presenting a simple method from Tibetan Buddhism that I like very much and that I often practise myself. But most of all, I chose this particular method because, in its simplicity and beauty, it is something anybody can use anytime, whether they consider themselves Buddhists or not. And talking about that, by no means do we need to limit this discussion to Buddhist methods. Actually, I would love to hear also from people outside those traditions about what they are doing to deal with negativity they find in themselves and in others. That's why I chose to post this topic in General Discussion rather than in the Buddhist section. That said, I do hope specifically for my new Buddhist friends to chime in. Anyway, may I present now the so-called Tonglen cleansing method. This can be used whenever you encounter a negative emotion either in your environment or in yourself and you feel the urge to do something about it. Once this has been established, you turn your attention to all the other people in the world that are feeling that same emotion. Then you inhale slowly, and while doing so, you take all that negativity into your heart centre, carefully maintaining awareness. There in your heart centre, you visualise some kind of black hole absorbing that dark cloud of negativity (or whatever form you are giving it) completely. Hold your breath for a few seconds. Allow all negativity to be transformed in your heart centre! Now as you exhale, visualise and feel all this cleansed energy emanating from a star-like spot in your heart centre, right where the black hole used to be previously. Allow yourself to bathe in this energy and send it out to your environment and all those people that may benefit from it. If you try this simple exercise, I would love to hear back from you about your experiences. Armando
  4. These teachings are a combination of esoteric traditions and were traditionally practiced to free the physical, energetic and spiritual body from crystallize emotion in the body and transform that energy to move you forward in your path. This special workshop includes secret esoteric teachings from Daoism & Buddhism. This workshop will include both lecture and hands on application. The total cost of the three day workshop is $600.00. Payment includes a booklet of handouts and a certificate presented from the Internal Alchemy Institute to all individuals who complete the workshop training. A non-refundable registration fee of $200.00 is required to hold each applicants place, with the remaining balance ($400.00) being paid before May 2nd, 2014. When you choose to gift yourself with this experience, you are choosing to: Experience more positive daily shifts. Create healthy and sustainable new patterns. Maintain more balance in your life. Navigate life’s challenges with a peaceful heart. Gain insight and clarity into seemingly uncontrolled thoughts and behaviors. For more information: Call: (831) 204-8014 or Email: [email protected]
  5. Recycling Anger.

    Under my happy-go-lucky Philosophical Daoism there lies a depression that's almost as old as I am. I am by nurture (or maybe nature) a very, very angry man. I can get incredibly violent at times swinging to very dangerous extremes; IE: as a kid I got into a very nasty fight with a bully, where I began gouging the boy's eyes out with my thumbs, thankfully we were separated before any harm was done. Other time, not too many years ago as an angsty hormone-pumped teenager I nearly stabbed myself on the neck to stop me from stabbing someone else. I've manage to keep myself in check (save a couple of close calls) for a very long time but it's becoming increasingly difficult for me not to snap and retaliate for the tiniest of things. I've taken to obsessive wallpunching to quick-vent anger.Whenever I feel this anger I tried meditating but it just sort of pisses me off even harder and I ragequit. After years and years of fighting this thing, it's only after deep examination of the TTC that I've realize that I don't have to "fight it" anymore, supressing it and keeping it under check's done nothing for me other than making it slip away from control as time goes by. Instead... I can harness it. I can redirect all of that energy into something creative instead of destructive, I can use it to better myself. Brilliant, but how and where to start? You can help, I know you can.