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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm new here and I'm still learning. I have a lot of fears, anxiety and social phobia, and it was told to me to practice the INNER SMILE and THE SIX HEALING SOUNDS to solve these problems. Then I went to look for a book to buy about this practice and I found Gilles Marin book "Five Elements, Six Conditions"(which is a great book btw) and I just finished reading it. In the book he doesn't describe the six healing sounds practice, just the inner smile. So, I was thinking in practicing the six healing sounds from Mantak Chia and the Inner Smile from Gilles Marin book. -If there is something wrong please advice me- I have 2 questions: 1- Should I practice the six healing sounds before the inner smile or after? Because I read somewhere that the six healing sounds takes away the organ energy so you need to tonify the organ after, so I tought the right order is: The Six Healing Sounds before and The Inner Smile after, but I want your confirmation on this, please. 2- Since there are 5 organs, should I practice them every day(7 days of the week) or should I practice them separated, in example: Lungs Monday, Liver Tuesday, etc.. ??? I hope it's understandable, english is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes. Thanks in advance!!
  2. I have been noticing that different people use different tools, through which, they get over, or face their issues and fears. Some of different tools so far I knew about: - The use Lucid dreams through which they face the issue in dream world, - visualization. - The use hypoginia state - NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) professional or psychotherapist. - The use the present process, in maintaining focus on the now. - observing thoughts. What are your technique to release your triggers and problems ? how it works for you? did you try any other technique ? and you ever wondered that some technique may fall under the "escapism" way or maybe dualistic approach ? Thank you for your time
  3. Why are we afraid to die if it's inevitable? Why do we want to survive, even though no one really survives? Why do we want to leave a legacy, when all stories fade into oblivion? Why do we want the impermanent to become permanent? Why do we want for things to be other than they are? The same question in 5 variants. The answer shall destroy the world.
  4. I'm starting to recognise...maybe it is my career that is messing me up. Evidently, what we choose to do daily, is the practice that shapes us into what we are. I've been in entertainment, full time, for nearly 5 years, but my anxieties have really been present for almost 10. It was easy when I was young...I was sheltered and had little responsibility. I was still in the same field (about to leave school so still developing) when I started losing sleep and I guess that was because I realised, but would never admit to myself, that I was setting myself up for lack of stability and a lot of stress. All for the purpose of "doing something fun with my life". I think the fun has been over ridden. Last year was the best, but this year, things have quietened down and I feel like I'm back to stage one. I now inevitably practice mindlessness every day, because I am desparate for clients. Phone calls here and there, one half-sent email, there goes my twitter, then more calls, finish that email etc etc. It's all "business related", but scrappy as hell. I'm on a TV set tomorrow and I don't even know what time I start and finish until late afternoon today. How can one ground oneself with a lifestyle like this?? Nothing is focused, there is too much juggling and I don't think I'm alone in the world here. At the same time, I could carry on with all those in the same boat and we could all be mindless wrecks together, or I could exit stage right and take a new path. If anybody else has been in my shoes, I would love to hear from you. Bless.
  5. Hi all, Those that have read my posts before may be aware that I began meditating due to chronic anxiety and insomnia. Although overall my condition has improved, I notice it comes back in waves. I am going through a change right now with promising yet risky career prospects on the horizon. With this, and Christmas coming up (my parents and siblings are totally disbanded which is sad and difficult for me as I'm therefore responsible for keeping three different branches happy) I know this will be causing it. The interesting thing is, when I shut my eyes at night, I am not conscious of what is causing my anxiety and insomnia. I can be relaxed, and mindful of my breathing, yet my mind is screaming all sorts of things and being very disruptive. Like I say, all sorts of things...nothing particularly related to something I am consciously worried about. That is the background anyway. I don't expect any answers but the context might help people understand where I'm coming from with the next question: ------ So anyway, I am practicing breathing into the Dan Tien. I find that anything else is too advanced for me and I need to return to basic breathing practice. I have noticed that I am doing this successfully, and can gain peace from my motor-mind. However, I also notice accelerating heart-rate. Again, no idea what is causing it, something completely subconscious. But I will sit, and feel good about being sat in meditation, but slightly weirded out by my heart panicking by itself. Is anybody able to give me an insight into what is going on? Thanks in advance.
  6. SONIA BARRETT - "HOLOGRAPHIC GAME" A very enlightening 1hr 18mins. In fact it was enthralling and captivating. Its refreshing when something truly resonates. Namaste, gentlewind
  7. Limits of Practice

    Greetings. I have heard so much about cautions that must be taken during practice and how people burn their own systems with excess Qi. Did anyone actually experience a burnout or personally knows someone else that did so? What were the symptoms? I ask this because I recently attended to a Vipassana 10-day course, and it pushed me to the limit, I really thought that i was burning myself up, but the teacher said that the experiences were normal, so I simply continued with the practice. and today I feel normal, not fucked up. Here were some experiences I had, (please do not compare them with your own experiences, and do not hate me for sharing them, my intention is not to be proud of them at all, just to share, and forget them emptying myself for they are nothing but transitory, Aniksha): 2nd day at night, when I went to sleep I felt energy acumulating at my nose tip, zooming downwards toward my chest cavity and exploding over there. (I heard other people having the same experiences and sharing them with the teachers at night time, which said they were normal, those "explosions"). 4tth day during a sitting I was with eyes mildly oppen when i suddently percieved the arms of my neighbor meditator as a little girl standing in sand dunes in a desert - alucination - breath started suspencind, i Felt very scared and moved out of position to stop with the symptoms, which continued for about 2 hours, I went to eat some fruits while feelling that i was loosing contact with this reallity, I felt my Hui Yin constantly sinking as if it were loose sand. 5th day, Static energy acumulating in crown area and atracting alot of Qi over there, creating a great pressure in the skull with eventually made a sound of "cracking" on the top. I got scared and moved a bit out of position. 5th and 6th day, I could percieve energy in a form of a very thin thread of sound which felt as if it were golden in nature, especially on the central upper part of my spine, connecting with the center of my head. 7th day till 10th day. the extreme experiences were over, subdued, and i started to percieve an inner observator which was extremely silent and empty, I felt his as black or, even still, Voidness, the silence was kind of freaky but very very peacfull. througout the retreat I felt alooot of pain in the Sacrum area, as if someone were stabbing that area repeatedly with a knife, And I thought that the "Dragon Gate" was oppening, and alot of karmic issues were being delt with. During the whole reatreat I was very worried with the symptoms, i would go to the teacher and ask him if it was normal and he would always sa "normal, just continue, it is your fear that is coming up, stay equanimous, etc..." some times I would think that he did not understand my explanations (i spoke portugues, he was american and didn`t want me to speak english with him). anyways... I got to the conclusion that if there was a place that I could risk it all was during that retreat, and if I got insane ar something fucked up happened, I would spend somedays there to recover, so I just continued meditationg and meditationg .. and... the experiences subdued!! that is why I ask about wat are the limits... I discovered that I would always stop my practice as soon as something wieerd happened, and during the Vipassana course i "crossed the limits" and feel great now, as if it were necessary to "cross the limits" to deal with karmic issues. all kinds of opinions are welcome