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Found 3 results

  1. Hi - Just joined. Looking for others in central Florida area who might be interested in helping me to organize an event with another Floridian, LIVIA KOHN, or who just might be interested in attending a workshop in Orlando area (near Rollins College). Livia, a prolific author and retired BU professor has a lot to teach and share and her only other classes coming up are in France. I suspect everyone here already knows her, but for me it is a recent gift of the Tao. Please let me know if you might be interested in an event in the Fall, if not sooner? Feel free to email me direct, [email protected] dot com Ralph
  2. Do you think your own thoughts? Or those offered by others? Between any two thoughts there is a magical place. A pregnant pause. The next thought could be any thought. There is no limit here. Predispositions perhaps, but no limit. The next thought could be any thought... even none. Awareness returns to this lately, so I chew it and share it here in case it intrigues. These are open questions, requiring and perhaps having no firm answers. Do you think your own thoughts? How many of your thoughts arise from within? How many arrive from without? From where do thoughts come? Does it matter? How many of them are repeats? Do you choose what you eat? Do you know from where you eat comes? How much of your food do you grow? And how much is brought to you by others? Awareness returning repeatedly to the parallels between what I eat to maintain health and vitality and what I allow my mind to eat and its effect on my inner world and experience of reality. If what I experience is my effective reality. Then thoughts are a major portion of this reality. Buddha speaks to it. What will I allow my mind to ruminate on... what will I feed it? Where will I go for and what will I do with, the thoughts that arise today?
  3. Periorbital puffiness and periorbital dark circles are noticeable under the eyes of many people, and to me there seems to be a relationship between the condition of the fine skin under the eye and the level of health and vitality of a person. I have noticed that since I started preserving or treasuring vitality, by abstaining from sexual arousal, the skin under my eyes have become firmer and 'hugs' my eye firmer underneath. Ever since this observation, I have tried to see if I could notice a correlation between a person's potential lifestyle and the condition of their periorbital skin. It almost seems like the periorbital skin is an indicator of the level of vitality that is hard to fake, and sometimes it is a dead giveaway if a person is not wearing makeup. I'm surprised how difficult it is to get the periorbital skin to a pristine condition, mine has improved somewhat but I have a long way to go. At the risk of wrongful speculation, I would like to still visually explore this correlation in a show and tell fashion featuring a known person (current or historic) and how their lifestyle possibly explains their level of vitality. In the realized masters the overall skin condition is obviously very good, but the periorbital skin under the eyes of Yogananda is pristine even on the day of his mahasamadhi (if I have that correct) as shown below. Yogananda's energization exercises are basically Qigong, and there are many accounts of his Qi feats and feats of strength. More to come.