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Hi! One more point, or analogy....Let's think of two Trigrams forming a Hexagram on the Tree of Life as a Dao / De  (Tao/Te) relationship.


So in Hexagram 32, "Returning' (Fu)


we have the Trigrams Thunder below, and Earth above. That's Netzah below, and Binah above.

I am reading the bottom ("inner") Trigram first, as Dao, then the top ("outer") Trigram next, as De: i.e., Netzah as Dao, Binah as De.    Netzah ----> Binah

That seems to be the Trigram syntax of the I Ching Hexagrams: bottom (inner) Trigram ----> top (outer) Trigram.


If the Trigrams are reversed, Hexagram 16 "Providing" (Yu)


then we have Earth (Binah) as bottom (inner), and Thunder (Netzah) as top (outer) Trigram. Here Binah is Dao, and Netzah is De.    Binah ----> Netzah


What I need to do next is go through the entire 64 Hexagrams, look at them in the same way via the Sefiroth of the Tree of Life, and see what makes sense as well as what doesn’t make sense to me yet! (I’m not about to expect that everything will make sense, by the way! It’s just an experiment. :) )


Then I’ll do the same thing with the 81 Tetragrams as Yang Xiong named them! (Those read as top Bigram = Dao, then bottom Bigram = De, which is opposite to the Hexagram direction.)


Wish me luck!   :)

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On 9/24/2017 at 2:34 PM, zen-bear said:

 When one brings the palms up the centerline with back of the hands touching and turn the palms clasped in "prayer" position, you actually bring the fingertips up to the third eye (brow chakra) for a split second, and then slowly lower the palms back down to the heart level.


See what that does for you.

Weil  I have incorporated the 3rd eye move ...  as is sometimes the case nothing new has appeared,  but I will continue to practice as there is often a 'lag' in the appearance of effect ..

this exercise has been one of the few resistant practices ...  i feel drawn to it,  but there is a resistance that is not present in the standing exercises.  

to be open about this I must also say that seated meditations are always less productive than are the standing exercises .. that has been true throughout my 40 year acquaintance with tai ji / ba duan jin / nei gong / qi gong ..


Jumping to another issue i continue to get  violet  flashes rather than blue ??   Recently i ran across Mantak Chia youtube which touts  the centrality of violet in Taoist teaching ...   what the difference is i am still not clear about .. though I am comfortable with my experience ...  remember as in earlier posts  any color image/flash is rare and uncertain for me  


peace   hoa binh  

just keep doing the forms!!!  



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