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  1. Kuan Yin Magnetic Qigong

    Thank you for the clarifications, I'll play with it
  2. Kuan Yin Magnetic Qigong

    This is a nice angle Trunk/John Dao! I think your approach, reasons and results are more in line with what I would want to get out of KYMQ than the original. Brain development is fun but whole body integration and greater sensitivity in the hands is more my path. Anyway, I wanted to ask you, you do not describe in your article very explicitly what you do with the hands. Do you keep them one above the other and make circles (as in the DGS promovideo on youtube) or do you hold them opposite each other on the same level and expand contract as seems implied in what you write (and seen in SFQ: Or maybe even the joining of Yin and Yang from SFQ?
  3. Has anyone one of these DVDs and is willing to trade? I have The Terry Dunn Short Form DVD and a nice collection of Qigong DVDs that I'm willing to part with. PM me for more info. CMC Form by Ben Lo Mr. Benjamin Lo CMC 37 Form Postures Tutorial Demonstrator: Hsu, Yee-Chung & Students Publisher: Tong Hai Tai-Chi Chuan Center CMC Form by William Phillips Cheng Man-Ch'ing's Yang Style Short Form Demontrated and taught by Sifu William C. Phillips, direct student of Professor Cheng Man-Ch'ing. CMC Form by Tricia Yu
  4. Scott Meredith

    Hi Cheya, So what have you been practicing most and what are your experiences so far? How does a basic practice day of you look like?
  5. Scott Meredith

    I had huis book Juice, Peng and Surge for Some while, but because of other interests I never got to it. But a few weeks ago I got his video Bare Metal Internals on Vimeo and the accompanying book the Aiki singularity, and in the span of just two short weeks of practicing has Shiko/ Catstepping protocol, coupled with his YouTube video railwork #1, has completely transformed everything about energy work for me, open up feeling in the feet and has been the most intense and consistent workout to start feeling the whole energy body flow he talks about, which I can now take into every other Qigong or Internal art I like, or can do when I wait for the train to arrive ;-) If you want to get started, I would advise the book Aiki singularity, Packing, and then anything that you like or fits your practice style. I'm picking up Tai Chi because of Scott again, because after his drills I feel the energy in the form, and this makes the practice worthwhile. I'm amazed, and grateful that I tried his two short drills for 10-20 minutes a day for a few weeks. My practice will forever be better thanks to that time spend.
  6. Hi there

    After maybe years of visiting this forum for good quality info I decided to join and participate. I've done some martial arts in my youth (Judo, Taekwondo, Pencack Silat and Tai Chi). I practice and teach Traditional Japanese Reiki (my Reiki Practice Hatsurei in Arnhem, the Netherlands:, and Qigong is also part of my daily practice. I've experimented with different Qigongs. I'm attracted to how Damo Mitchell describes Daoist Neigong (very similar progression as in Traditional Japanese Reiki), I dabble a bit in Shaolin Cosmic Qigong through flowingzen (I like the simplicity of it), have some experience with Spring Forest Qigong, and am now exploring Flying Phoenix Qigong which resonates very well with me. I'm studying for my acupuncture license. Second year starts in september, looking forward to it! Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoism is such a vast subject! I have found a path of study, practice and work for life, with infinite depth. Jay! Nice to meet you, see you around.