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  1. Tai Chi Zen "master" david dorian ross

    Vajra Fist, sorry to take 2+ years to reply. But I've been busy frying some very big fish all this time: I'm glad you love Total Yoga. As mentioned above, I'm good friends and allies with the producer of that series, Marsha Posner Williams and respect the work of Ganga White and Tracy Rich. Top quality yoga on DVD. Yeah, it's a shame that according to Marsha, Gaiam ripped her off by more than 1 million units worth of royalties. Sifu Terry www.taichimania.com/chikung_catalog.html
  2. just checking in ... no response to my last missive

    hope everything is good with you ...

  3. Hello Sifu,

    today I received 'The Great Courses' advert / catalogue.  Low and behold David Darian Ross is being touted as a course Essentials of Tai chi and qigong ... I like the mixing of qigong and tai chi shows real insight ... not. 

    It is probably none of my business but I hope your suit ended successfully in some way


    oh  also much energy from FP,   it seems to energize my traditional tai ji as well as other forms  I  happen to try  ... eg  bone marrow cleanse,  and some yi jin jing.


    peace harmony and health to your life

    thanks for all you have contributed to mine (79 v. soon!)


  4. Hi Charlie,
    Happy New Year.

    I am still back east in Lenox, MA, teaching in residence at a beautiful holistic spa/retreat center called Eastover Estate.  Now going on 15 months.  All going great guns out here...although it's freezing cold with lots of snow these past few days.

    Your notice about your 2nd retinal detachment event made me think that perhaps one of the FP Qigong seated (MSW) meditations might help.  It is  one the remaining 15 MSW meds that are not published on the DVD series (and probably won't be). It's also not any more difficult to do than any of the published MSW meds.

    If you are interested in learning it, I can teach it to you via Skype in a 30-minute private lesson (at the usual rate).  Again, no guarantees, but this MSW med works directly on the eyes and face.


    1. ridingtheox


      Sorry to be so slow responding.  I have had a busy period with life on the ranch.    The detachment has stabilized and actually retreated slowly.  

      Also our fixed income situation continues to tighten.   Would love to have a face to face,  but just not affordable  ...




  5. A. If you had reached a very high level in any internal art, then you would certainly experience that bliss ceases intoxicating you after enough karmic purity is reached. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Thank you, Virtue, for citing and punctuating this universal truth about every yogic/spiritual tradition created by humans: bliss and rapture are experienced in the "lower jhanas" or levels of concentration/absorption/one-pointedness--which the Buddha defined and described in the Visuddhimagga (His map of higher states of consciousness--best translated for the West by Daniel Goleman) as the four "material jhanas". If one is to progress beyond the lower four material jhanas to the higher FORMLESS jhanas, one MUST become so PURIFIED such that bliss and rapture are known, felt, and regarded as obstacles, impediments, and GROSS DISTRACTIONS to deeper absorption/Higher Consciousness. If bliss and rapture are not dispensed with, then the subject will never attain the Fourth Jhana. NEVER. And as many have undoubedly noticed on the FPCK thread starting around page 190 (early July 2018), that thread was recently invaded and polluted (as it has in the past) by trollers trying to insidiously divert FPCK subscribers to scam-sites such as "ausar.org" and "ironpalm.com", which sell illegally obtained videos of 6th-generation Grandmaster Doo Wai of the Bok Fu Pai tradition demonstrating some advanced BFP practices. So blatant is the trolling and so phony, deceptive, and potentially grand-larcenous are these websites, ausar.org and also "ironpalm.com" that ALL the moderators of Daobums are vigilant to instantly ban any account that they determine through (their sophisticated IP analyses) to have any overlap with these 2 scam-sites. One particular scam-site, ausar.org, btw, fatuously conflates and merges GM Doo Wai's Bok Fu Pai energy arts with the also stolen name, "Kriya Yoga", which is the sacred Yoga of the great Yogi, Parahamsa Yogananda. That GM Doo Wai could have taught any person in the Kriya Yoga/Yogananda tradition--other than Swami Yogananda himself when he was alive--and commissioned or instructed such a non-existent person to "enlighten" the world with Bok Fu Pai energy arts is and impossibility, absolute bunkum, obvious horseshit, and should be a huge red flag for any person with basic knowledge of yogic traditions and a modicum of common sense. Both "ausar" and what the moderators call "sock-puppets" (avatars donned by these scammers and fraudsters) have been banned from Daobums. All this is to say that this particular con-artist, "ausar", and all like him, promise "bliss and enlightenment" through purchase of their $10,000+ -priced stolen videos of GM Doo Wai (see Youtube condemnation and disavowal), and a few inexperienced naive and gullible beginners in meditation have actually fallen for this ridiculous con and been fleeced of big money (multiple thousands)...when they should have known fundamentally that: bliss and rapture ARE NOT THE ENDS of meditation and spiritual practice, when Bliss and Enlightenment are absolutely INCOMPATIBLE with one another because bliss is only an OBSTACLE TO ENLIGHTENMENT. Grok this basic fact of yogic cultivation, and one will not fall victim to scams such as those foisted by "ausar.org" and "ironpalm.com" •••> This Youtube video posted by Grandmaster Doo Wai in 2007, explains in most clear and vehement terms that the videos showing him demonstrating advanced Bok Fu Pai meditations were STOLEN from him by an outlaw student, whom he condemns and disavows, and thus such practices were never meant to be released nor authorized for public consumption. Therefore, buyer beware! Back to your very thoughtful and relevant point, Virtue: And as I've stated on several occasions on the FPCK thread when the posted question warranted this answer: FP Qigong is a supremely powerful meditative vehicle that streaks one through the first two jhanas and if one practices correctly and is free of perverse views about oneself, can bring one straight to the threshold of the third jhana--of which there are of eight, according to the Buddha. FP Qigong and Sunn Yi Gong practice can provide almost instant "access to concentration." "Access", depending on one's intelligence level--and ability to concentrate and focus the mind--and depending only upon that, is what some meditators spend years trying to attain and never attain. "Access", the first gateway to the 8 Jhanic absorptions are not even entered upon my millions of meditators if they are not practicing correctly. B. The demonstration speed is for the sake of learning. If he moved slower, it would be bad for establishing muscle memory. Maybe I recall this wrong, but Sifu Terry has also stated that the FP energy can move advanced practitioners a bit faster and still impart same effects. Thank you, Virtue, for pointing out what should be obvious point on many levels. (1) My instructional videos teaching Flying Phoenix Qigong, which first made in 1994, are programmed at a speed where any beginner can follow easily. If I did it at actual training speed (of which all my students practice at, btw, as seen in the videos on page 174 of the FPCK thread--even beginners) it would take 50 minutes to go through the capstone meditation of the FP system called "Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditation". Not only would such a demonstration make for a bad video product, but beginner/novice would ever watch 50 minutes of "Movement at the speed of a shifting sand dune" let alone have the neuro-muscularl coordination to practice at that speed. (2) My demonstration of advanced FP QIGONG meditaitons at the "speed of a shifting sand dune" is reserved only for my in-person students-- and then only to initiate and advance to further levels. To demand or expect that I put such practice on any publicly available product or medium is either an naive and unrealistic expectation based ignorance of how Qigong is properly taught by any master, on or else is the most impudent and disrespectful of demands that is based on an extremely supercilious sense of entitlement and false pride about one's yogic level. (3) *If one has read the FPCK thead over the past 2 years, one will see that numerous FP Qigong practitioners throughout the world--including my in-class students in Los Angles since 1996) are posting reports of their practice of the Vol.4 Capstone Meditaiton ("Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditation") at proper slow speeds upwards of 40 minutes (ridingtheox is one such pracitioner that comes to mind). (4) Finally, to believe that I personally do not have complete mastery of the FP Qigong system because I haven't posted my highest level demonstration of this art on videos available to the public, while ignoring the 9 years of my answering every question posted on the FPCK thread about FP training--now with more than 700,000+ views and some 4,600 postings, and still continuing--indicates an extremely low and limited level of cognition in anyone who believes that. The aeons-old tradition in the Chinese martial arts is to: NEVER SHOW TOO PLAINLY. But I have shown the "Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Meditation" System more clearly and plainly and in its entirety--and was able to do so because it is PURELY A HEALING QIGONG. IT'S ENERGY CANNOT BE USED FOR MARTIAL OR DESTRUCTIVE PURPOSES. And for those who view it as merely a beginning level practice, just to to let them know and to let the world know what's what and what does what, I will in the near future post a 1992 video of Grandmaster Doo Wai clearly stating on camera that just ONE of the Flying Phoenix Qigong Meditations--let alone the entire FPCK System (that I was about to put onto videos back then)-- is enough to empower one to bring back to life small dead creatures. This means, for those who can't put 2 and 2 together to make 4, that one FP Qigong exercise--if practiced properly-- just one FP Meditation--is enough to bring back a human being from the brink of death. BUT THE FACT IS THAT ONE CAN NEVER ATTAIN SUCH YOGIC EMPOWERMENT JUST FROM PRACTICING FROM A STOLEN DVD--OR FROM 30 DVD's. And any person that believes that spiritual growth and enlightenment can be gotten from just paying money for a media product, and practicing to that product, is grossly misinformed and frightfully deluded. The final transmission completing any student's apprenticeship of a Chinese internal energy art with a Master is always done in person. For the truth is transmitted MIND TO MIND, without any words, sometimes with a symbol...but never in writing or the absurdity of a moving picture. "The wrong person with right information (the true art) Will still come to no good end. But the the right person with even the wrong (incomplete) art Will succeed and make it work for him." Sifu Terence Dunn www.taichimania.com/chikung_catalog.html
  6. Ark Wong's Five Animal Style

    Hello GreytoWhite, Thank you for posting the link to this footage. Grandmaster Seming Wong's kung fu system that he inherited from his grandfather, the great GM Ark Yue Wong is one of the oldest and original Shaolin Temple arts. We practitioners call this art Southern Sil Lum (Shaolin) Five Animals Kung Fu. It originally mimicked the movements of the 5 animals--tiger, dragon, leopard, snake and crane. To keep the historical record straight, the Buddhist creators of this art did not combine 5mother existing animal-based Kung Fu styles to create it. Also known as the "Five Formed Fist" or Five Family Fist"(Ng Ga Kin). It was conceived of 5 distinct animal fighting arts combined into one. Other single-anmal Kung Fu styles either evolved independently of Shaolin 5 Animals kung Fu or devolved from it. I studied this art from 1975 to 1983 from two teachers (one of them Master Douglas Wong [no relation to GM Ark Wong]) who studied under GM Ark Wong and from Master Albert Leong, later a highly successful Hollywood stuntman and action actor, who learned 5 Animals Kung Fu directly from GM Ark Wong alongside his friend, Seming Wong. Throughout the 70's and 80's, Al Leong swept the trophies and medals in forms competitions at all martial arts tournaments with his Sil Lum Combination First Form and his self-created Kuan Dao (halberd) form. His were the favorite Kung Fu demonstrations of American Kenpo karate founder Ed Parker who always asked Albert to demonstrate at his annual International Karate Tournament in Long Beach. I do not consider myself a master of So. Sil Lum 5 Animals Kung fu. But I practice and preserve one of the capstone forms of this art: the 350-movement "Five Animals Form", which begins with a salutation with 70 movements/techniques that itself has an introduction of 14 movements that demonstrates 2-4 movements of each of the 5 animals in this order: tiger, dragon, leopard, snake and crane. The rest of the form's salutation features a tiger sequence followed by crane sequence. Then the actual Form itself consists of 32 dragon movements, 73 tiger movements, 81 snake movements, 66 leopard movements, and 68 crane movements. Yes, GM Seming Wong demonstrates advanced body mechanics unique to 5 Animals Kung Fu style-- conditioned over a lifetime of practice. High athleticism is inherent and built into this classical system's forms and martial applications. Advanced practice is also shamanistic, where one imbues oneself with not just the energy but the spirit of each of the five animals while he plays or "acts" each one. Each of the five animal forms condition and highly develop a corresponding aspect of the human physiology: bones, muscles, sinews, energy, and spirit (shen). Each of the five animals moves energy differently in terms of physics on the plane of mental control. For example, the Snake style enables one to focus and deliver energy to a point in space. I personally witnessed Grandmaster Ark Wong during downtime after a demo our school (Sifu Doug Wong's) did in in Las Vegas in 1977, "enlighten" a younger classmate of mine, Juan Ferlini, but pointing his "snake hand" at Juan's "third eye" and most lightly and softly touching the center of his brows, caused Juan to pass out on the bed in the hotel room briefly. btw, if you want to recover from any kind of meditation burn-out and try a authentic Taoist monastic system of healing Qigong, visit the lively worldwide discussion thread here on daobums on Ehrmei Mountain Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Kung ("Fei Feng San Gung"). It's been going on for 9 years, 660,000+ views and 4,530+ postings. I am the sole 7th generation preserver of Flying Phoenix Qigong and have been answering all questions posted on this thead since it was founded by an very enthused practitioner using my DVD series. Thanks again for posting. Most refreshing to see GM Seming's form. Sifu Terry Dunn
  7. Tai Chi Zen "master" david dorian ross

    LDMB, To tell you how much I follow this thread that I started as a Public Service Warning Announcement, I just revisited after 2.5 years and saw your post. Thanks for your correction on the founding date of the Republic of China. I am also impressed that you learned Chinese as an adult. I'm glad your eyes are dry. I didn't start this thread to elicit anybody's tears. As for your comments below in italics, they deserve my response: 1) Total bs. I would rather be deprived of my 'physical necessities and comforts' than have someone beat the snot out of me. That's your stunted worldview, shallow logic, and free will to react as you choose. But someone can be deprived of physical necessities and comforts to a level where one's physical health is damaged to the point of disease, degenerative disease, injury through accident, and even death... And many people robbed of their rightful assets have spiraled down to such an end. No one can "earn" that much money. You can get it, but you can't earn it. Now if you told me that 100% of that money (since, again, you also made other money through your regular sales) was ear-marked for starving children or something, I could shed a tear for you, No one can "earn" that much money Wow. That incredible, reality-denying belief and the very cynical and dismissive-of- if not hateful-of-all-earners attitude behind it should serve you very, very well in life. So how do very wealthy people making millions or tens of millions or billions of dollars a year make their money if they don't "earn" it? All they are thieves? or black magicians? I obviously disagree with your belief that "no one can 'earn' that much money." And i'll use part of my business history as an example. In 1989, I produced on a shoestring budget (less than $25,000 total of savings), two 2-hour programs called Tai Chi For Health Short Form and TCFH Long Form. I pulled off the production by getting lots of favors from friends who were professionals in TV production. TCFH Short Form and Long Form were 2 of the earliest instructional videos teaching Yang Tai Chi and they did so well throughout the 90's such that I was able to quit my corporate job as a management consultant in 1992 and devote my time to producing more instructional videos, and enlarge into producing television and theatrical films. From 1996 to 2003, according to Nielsen Videoscan (an independent market share analysis service) my two DVD titles accounted for 35% of every bar-coded DVD program that had the word "Chi" in its title. On that list of 1,180 execise and fitness DVDs, Tai Chi for Health Short Form as ranked No.100 and the TCFH Long Form title was ranked 120. Hence during that heyday period, I had several years in which my net royalty income from the DVD sales exceeded $1 million. That was money that I EARNED--not just for myself but for my distribution companies (Healing Arts Publishing and then Gaiam), and for every retail establishment, mail order catalog, Reader's Digest, COSTCO, WALMART, airline catalogs, Signals Catalog, and every DVD wholesaler in the industry. None of that gross revenue from millions of Tai Chi For Health being sold would have generated had I not taken the risk and created those programs on my own dime on my own time and having written, directed, produced, and appeared in them as the principal talent. Today, despite the near complete disapperance of brick-and-mortal retail outlets, my Tai Chi For Health titles are still the highest rated and best-selling Tai Chi DVDs on amazon.com and other platforms. Now if you told me that 100% of that money (since, again, you also made other money through your regular sales) was ear-marked for starving children or something, I could shed a tear for you, Not that I ever asked you to shed a tear, but the fact is that during very good years, I have given up to 30% of my net income to carefully selected charities and good causes. One is the Bread and Roses Cafe in Venice, CA which is a restaurant that feeds the homeless while being staffed with homeless people who are learning restaurant industry skills. The others are all educational in function. One is the Teton Science School in Jackson, WY, where every year a scholarship fund I helped found in 1994 takes 48 inner city kids from 2 high schools in L.A. and they get to study science for a month there. Most have never been out of Los Angeles and the positive transformation of their self-image and their life goals and possibilities is nothing short of amazing and miraculous. but "I'm a hard working tai chi guy who practiced for more than a million years" just doesn't cut it. To date, I have been practicing Chinese internal martial arts for 42 years. You have mischaracterized me with words that I have never spoken, written nor conveyed--and alleged AN ATTITUDE I HAVE NEVER COPPED TO ANYONE...just to enable yourself to state that you have no sympathy for my situation. That everything I have written on this thread "doesn't cut it with you" is fine with me. But don't fabricate words and put them in my mouth. I am just not going to cry for you with the kind of money you are making. I NEVER ASKED YOU--NOR ANYONE ELSE-- TO CRY FOR ME AND I NEVER WILL. I STARTED THIS THREAD AS A PUBLIC SERVICE, and yes, also as a channel by which I can vent a little bit BY TELLING THE TRUTH. if you have a problem with its "tone", which you seem to have, you are free to abreact and continue expressing your snide poverty-consciousness and disdain for those people in the world making "that kind of money." In contrast to you, I don't begrudge the wealthy and I do lend sympathy and support to all my friends and allies who have been wronged and cheated in any amount--whether by predatory individuals or corrupt corporations, especially those in the very treacherous entertainment industry that I happen to work in. e.g., Marsha Posner Williams, a successful TV producer and friend who produced in the 90's thee most successful yoga videos in the western world, "Total Yoga" with Ganga White and Tracy Rich (her 2 titles were rated #5 and #6 between 1999 and 2003 out of 1,180 fitness DVD's--just behind the four "Tae Bao" DVDs), told me that she was informed in the most IN YOUR FACE manner by Gaiam, inc., the same distributor that I sued in the year 2000 and by 2003 had gotten my rights to my Tai Chi For Health DVDs back, that they had cheated her out of royalties for one million units of DVD sales that they failed to report to her when they were made. I advised her on her options and shared my experience with her and the remedy I used. The point I make here is THEFT IS THEFT, no matter how much is taken. 3) The tone of your thread comes off as very junior high schoolish. It could have been done differently. Thank you for your opinion about my tone. Sifu Terry Dunn www.taichimania.com/chikung_catalog.html
  8. Lama Dorje

    Hi Oolong Rabbit and everyone else on this thread, Nice DB screenname, btw, Oolong! I just happened to see this thread now in the list of forums and I decided take a look... and the daobums software took me to this page where the first thing that met my eye was this post of the text on the back panel of my Chi Kung For Health DVD series teaching the Ehrmeishan Flying Phoenix Qigong. *I had posted to on this thread about Lama Dorje in 2014 when one of my Tai chi/Qigong students went for a week-long training he gave at his center in the U.K. All I know is that Lama Dorje was quite controversial at the time in the U.K. And to answer your question: NO. This would not be similar to what Max (Lama Dorje) would teach anyone. There is no Qigong art similar to Flying Phoenix Qigong. The closest thing--which isn't very close, actually-- is the Sunn Yi Gong art that is taught by my classmate, Sifu Garry Hearfield, in Sydney, Australia. There is nobody else in the world learned in "Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Kung" ("Fei Feng San Gong") or sanctioned to teach it because I am the sole preserver of this art since my teacher, Grandmaster Doo Wai retired 8 years ago. And I have not taught this art in its entirety to any of my students nor authorized any of them to teach it. (I do have a few advanced students who are nearing an instructor's certification.) Flying Phoenix Qigong is an authentic Taoist monastic Yoga that was created in the early 1600's and impeccably preserved by 6 generations of my teacher's family lineage called "Ehrmeishan Bok fu Pai"("Ehrmei Mountain White Tiger Kung Fu School"). As a stand-alone Qigong art, it is a vast system. Just the Basic Level of the art that is only partially taught by my DVD series Volumes 1 through 5, consists of 3 static standing meditations, 9 complex moving meditations, and one long and very complex moving meditation (on Volume 4)--capstone of the art and subsumes the practice of all preceding standing meditations, and 24 seated moving meditations, collectively called the "Monk Serves Wine" Meditations. These are video clips of this capstone Flying Phoenix Qigong exercise, circa 2004 and circa 2016, respectively: One of the Kung Fu systems contained in Bok Fu Pai is Ehrmei Mountain Bak Mei (White Eyebrow) Kung fu, which my classmate and friend, Sifu Garry Hearfield, in Australia is the sole preserver of. Information on Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing Chi Kung can be found here: www.taichimania.com/chikung_catalog.html • And a lively worldwide discussion about FP Qigong practice, now in its 8th year, is on this daobums thread that was started by a enthused FP practitioner and DVD customer in Nov. 2009: http://www.thedaobums.com/topic/12639-flying-phoenix-chi-kung/page-255?hl=%20flying%20%20phoenix%20%20chi%20%20kung Ever since the initiator of the FPCK thread, "Fu_doggy" asked me to join and answer questions in 2009, I have been answering all posted questions there on a weekly basis. As of today: 4,067 posts; 516,000+ views. The reason for this longest-running thread on daobums: the Flying Phoenix Qigong system, as taught on the DVD series, produces results--and does so instantly for thousands of people, who then naturally have something to say about their practice. Thanks for quoting the back-panel text on my Chi Kung For Health DVDs in your post. Regards to all, Sifu Terence Dunn
  9. Lama Dorje

    Yeah, right.
  10. CHEEZ-WHIZ REDUX. Time for my quarterly or bi-annual doubling-down on my initial public service announcement warning against wasting money and, more importantly, TIME and MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ENERGY on the "Tai Cheng" workout course on DVD produced by Beach Bodies and hawked on late night tv infomercials with Regis Philbin and a lot of paid actors who don't know any better. As I am now in my early 60's (aka, "beyond the age of tolerance for horseshit"), with more than 44 years of experience in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, Liu He Ba Fa, an extremely rare internal art you've never heard of called 8 Sections of Energy Combined, Tao Tan Pai Kung Fu, and 3 complete Qigong systems under the umbrella of Ehrmei Mountain White Tiger (Bok Fu Pai) Kung Fu, I will renew my last critique with slightly different words this time: Tai Cheng is the worst "Tai Chi" program that I have ever seen--I think in my lifetime. It is Tai Chi in its subtitle only. The current web advertisement is very telling: the price of the Tai Cheng program is now slashed from the original $120 to $59.85 and at the bottom it touts that a woman who is now a Tai Cheng coach lost 53 lbs. at age 77. I'm sure sure did. But my guess is that they can't give this product away. I mean, good grief!--not only is Tai Chi training not enough, but I noticed in the add that the program also features two "treatments" called "Ultimate Reset" and "Shakeology". While I agree to a certain extent with Harmonious Emptiness above who says that raising popular awareness of Tai Chi--even with such an obviously terrible product--will eventually lead people to find the authentic traditions and sources of knowledge and that such an increase of generic Tai Chi brand recognition is overall a good thing, as a teacher keenly interested in process, I just hate to see people wasting their time thinking that they're doing Tai Chi when they are not--but are actually doing nothing but a bunch of random ho-hum calisthenics with gimmicky props (e.g., footprint map and elastic strap) that don't impart one ounce or iota of health benefit derivable from Tai Chi practice. Having only seen the past infomercials and the web ads for Tai Cheng, I can only surmise that the only value of this product is the cookbook and the calendar, if only the latter was blank. Again, as a creditable Tai Chi instructor and a Kung Fu and Qigong master recognized by Chinese physical culture, I ask other instructors or Tai Chi adepts to just look at the postures printed on the DVD labels in the photo at the top of this webpage for this product from a remote distance. I would be interested in knowing whether you agree with my professional opinion that not a single one of these seven images emblazoned on their DVD discs show correct Tai Chi postures according to the principles of the art. Well, maybe the woman (in red tank top) doing Single Whip posture gets a C- and can barely pass. https://www.beachbody.com/product/161654.do?ch=gse&CSE_SHOPZILLA&szredirectid=14783118046992884554810080301008005 The old picture book and VHS video from the 1980's titled "Nude Tai Chi" was a lot more edifying. At least it has real Tai Chi postures in it. Hey, and the posture in the video's key art is better Tai Chi form and focus than any of the images on the Tai Cheng discs--see for yourself: https://www.amazon.com/Nude-Tai-Chi-Bert-Rhine/dp/6304291817 Between the two, give me Nude Tai Chi any day before the CHEEZ-WHIZ ! Help and Health to all my brothers and sisters! (Traditional Lakota blessing). Sifu Terence Dunn www.taichimania.com/chikung_catalog.html
  11. Kung Fu Panda Lawsuit: Terence Dunn v. Dreamworks

    Gendao, Thank you for making this point. In June 2008, right after dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda was released worldwide and in China, Chinese cultural leaders were actually asking each other: "How come no one in China came up with such a creative and innovative idea?" And "How could we let the Americans take China's national symbol, the panda, and one of its cultural treasures, martial arts, and turn it into American low-brow, slap-stick Jack Black humor?" There were plenty of Chinese foreheads banging on walls inside the Cultural Ministry in self-recrimination. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/07/11/AR2008071103281.html Reading about such reactions to Kung fu Panda within China of course just added salt to the wound of Dreamworks theft in 2002 intellectual property theft (as I will allege in a forthcoming copyright infringement suit in federal court). *If you look closely at Timeline's May 29-June 2, 2002 cell linking to the Hollywood Reporter article and then review the monumental trial defense theory contained in Chris Kuser's March 15, 2011 signed Declaration with 27 attached documents, you will see how much money, energy, brain-power, and diabolical thinking Dreamworks spent in creating this totally bogus defense theory--all ordered buy Jeffrey Katzenberg (who said at trial "the buck stops here (with me)" and carried out by Dreamworks lawyers at Loeb & Loeb, which all unravels and stands as a brazen lie to hide its theft forever because its lynchpin, Michael Lachance, is seen lying transparently as the professed creator of the Kung fu Panda movie idea in his deposition videos. Lachance's performance as a bad liar in this whole sickening affair is at least entertaining. At any rate, 5 years after my first trial was derailed by a prejudiced trial judge and 3 years after my first appeal was quashed by what my lawyers and I content is public corruption in the California Court of Appeals, anger no longer clouds my will, and now it's steady dispassionate work on my part to get the entire story of Dreamworks' method of idea theft that I testified to at trial in 2011--which my lawyers and I believe includes witness tampering, fabrication fo evidence, and bribery of public officals-- out via news media, publishing, and the internet. Forthcoming is a book with titled (what else?): "The Theft of Kung Fu Panda". Also a series of national magazine articles by the two most respected journalists in America specializing in reporting on complex big business scandals (e.g., 2008 financial meltdown and a recent big pharma scandal) , and a new copyright infringement suit that I will be filing in the near future. Again, the whole story of my development of Zen-Bear, the Kung Fu Panda, and my communications with dramworks is contained on this Timeline exhibit that I recently updated: http://www.kungfupandalawsuit.com/Timeline_Hotspots_New.html (The governing website is currently being overhauled and updated and will be up in a week or two.) Thanks for your support, for seeing into the heart of this matter, and for sharing the truth far and wide. Terence Dunn www.taichimania.com/chikung_catalog.html
  12. Kung Fu Panda Lawsuit: Terence Dunn v. Dreamworks

    It's taken a long test of patience and faith over several years to get out from under the fall-out of this I.P. theft that took place in 2002 and to see the karmic cycle finally approach just resolution 14 years later. So 2 weeks ago, I uploaded to the web this enhanced Timeline Exhibit: http://www.kungfupandalawsuit.com/Timeline_Hotspots_New.html --especially with people working in news media and internet news. It's finally time to get the full story out through a forthcoming book, national magazine articles, and web news articles. The governing website for this Timeline exhibit, http://www.kungfupandalawsuit.com, is going a major overhaul and renovation from its 2012 version and will be up soon. Thanks for your support of Universal Justice--i.e., perfected justice. Best, Sifu Terence Dunn
  13. Kung Fu Panda Lawsuit: Terence Dunn v. Dreamworks

    Hi ZenYogi, Thank you for asking--and sorry for taking this long(!) to give you a reply. The 1.5 year delay in response gives you an indication of the level of pressure and oppressive fallout I've had to deal with after Dreamworks prevailed against me in my lawsuit against it for breach of contract in August 2011 and then was able to quash an almost bullet-proof appeal to get a new trial in Calif. Appeals Court in April 2013. My lawyers and I contend that my Petition for Retrial heard in April 2013 should have been granted immediately by default (because Dreamworks' written opposition had no counter-argument whatsoever for any of my grounds for a new trial citing 4 classes of "reversible error" (as defined by state law) that were blatantly committed by a prejudiced trial judge in instructing the jury), but instead was summarily denied with no legal reasoning whatsoever that rose above "because we say so." That said, one update is the uploading to the internet last week of this newly expanded informational Timeline that describes and documents my 16+ year development of my "Zen-Bear, the Kung Fu Panda" project starting in 1991, my in-person and telephonic communications with Dreamworks executives from Nov. 20, 2001 to April 12, 2002, and all the events leading up to the filing of my first lawsuit ag. Dreamworks Animation on June 1, 2010. http://www.kungfupandalawsuit.com/Timeline_Hotspots_New.html Please share this link far and wide. This Exhibit, where almost every dated event captioned in a vertical "cell" on the Timeline is also linked to corroborating documents, presents overwhelming evidence that Dreamworks did indeed steal all the story elements that I pitched to it over the 5 month period end April 12, 2002, and then published in the press in June of 2002 a very clumsy and sloppy defensive posture that it would contradict 9 years later with its "new" trial defense theory of "independent creation"--all resting on the shoulders of this transparently lying butterball known as Michael Lachance. This is kind of entertaining (in a sick way) if you simply look at the May 29-June 2002 cell on the Timeline, and then scroll to the far right and read the last 5 cells dated March 15, 2011 and later. Under the June 6, 2011 cell describing Michael Lachance's videotaped deposition, there are links to 7 of what I call his "greatest hits". All 15 video clips are available on this Youtube channel known as "Eat Your Panda": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC83iB8wGWMa8fgqWS8qFD-w The new TIMELINE is an in-depth reference exhibit for anyone, including law enforcement, to closely examine the anatomy of idea theft in Hollywood. Further details and all the implications of the information on this Timeline will be revealed in my forthcoming book as well, titled (what else), "The Theft of Kung Fu Panda," and in a series of book excerpts and web articles coming soon. Part 2 of my update: I can publicly announce at this time that I will soon be filing in federal court in Los Angeles a copyright infringement lawsuit against Dreamworks Animation over it's use of my story ideas that I had pitched to the studio on Nov. 20, 2001. Even though I lost a Round One litigation in 2011 alleging breach of implied contract, in which the jury voted 11-to-1 that an implied contract did existed betw. Dreamworks and myself (i.e. the jury believed I pitched what I said I had pitched) but voted 9-to-3 that Dreamworks did NOT use my ideas (an anomalous verdict that was totally rigged by an extremely prejudiced judge who committed 4 classes of reversible error in instructing the jury), for this case in federal court, I am alleging that Dreamworks copied my artworks, animation themes, and other creative expressions that I had created since 1992 and that were all transmitted to Dreamworks during the discovery phase of the first trial. This pending case is based on Dreamworks copying some of my "Zen-Bear Kung Fu Panda" art designs (all protected by registered copyrights) and story elements (beyond the contents of my pitch to the studio in Nov. 2001) and using them in their Kung Fu Panda 2 and KF Panda 3 movies, and also possibly in numerous ancillary products (merchandise). Whereas in the 2011 trial, the trial judge only instructed the jury to compare my pitch to the first KF Panda movie (released June 2008) and to determine whether their movie was substantially similar to the contents of my pitch. The homepage of the governing "kungfupandalawsuit.com" website is currently undergoing a massive overhaul, and will go online in about 1 or 2 weeks. Thanks to all for your support of Justice. Sifu Terence Dunn www.taichimania.com/chikung_catalog.html
  14. In case you haven't noticed--and you shouldn't have unless you're a night-owl who watches a lot of cable tv (I have TV on in the background as I write my books on Tai Chi and Qigong)--the producer and distributor of the "Tai Cheng" DVD programs, Beach Bodies, has doubled down on the marketing of their product and now have a 30-minute infomercial on various cable-TV channels late at night, hosted by Regis Philbin, who listens to all kinds of testimonials making the usual specious claims of higher energy, more relaxation, higher sex drive, better golf swing, etc. Bottom Line: to use my friend Debbie Shayne's apt description of the Tai Cheng instructional program, Cheez Whiz: CHEEZ WHIZ is still CHEEZ WHIZ and always will be CHEEZ WHIZ. zzzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sifu Terence Dunn http://www.thedaobums.com/topic/12639-flying-phoenix-chi-kung/page-226?hl=+flying%20+phoenix%20+chi%20+kung and www.taichimania.com/chikung_catalog.html
  15. Hello Earl Grey, Similary, my father used to tell me when I was very young to not be that frog at the bottom of the well, who is able to see only this small round circle of the sky. I was utterly astounded that a person with such the academic credentials that Farias has could possibly publish a theory so unsubstantiated and talk so vacuously about it in the article. Great screen name, by the way!