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  1. Hi, I'm Stillwater and its nice to meet you all.

    Thanks Marblehead, Yeah, I've always kinda been a deep guy. No, actually... I'm ... well.. I don't know. You'll have to get to "know" me. Anyway, yeah, that prompted the handle. My true goal is healing. Myself and everyone I can. I truly want to make a difference and actually help people. We'll see. I'm open minded but critically observant, so I'm hoping diligence and training will light the way. On toward the work! Thanks again, SW
  2. Hi, I'm Stillwater and its nice to meet you all.

    Hi s1va, its nice to meet you. I agree. The real problem is what the term "reversible" means. My endocrinologists (I'm on my 4th) so far have informed me that the disease is always present (I've likely had it for well over 10 years) but when "reversed" you simply don't need meds to control it. In other words, "reversible" to them seems to mean "off meds, control with diet and exercise." I don't really know the answer, but I manage it well with diet and exercise. My A1C is extremely low (5.2) and my blood sugar levels are rarely above 90. So I'm pretty solid. I'm REALLY looking forward to finding out how well I can improve things with Qigong!! "Busting out of the seams excited" is probably more accurate, lol! Thanks for the kind wishes and Happy Halloween! SW
  3. Hi, I'm Stillwater and its nice to meet you all.

    Thank you Fa Xin! Nice to meet you!
  4. I guess this is my introduction, so I should tell you about me. I'm in my early 50s. Live in the mid Atlantic southern states. I have a history of physical fitness (mostly lifting, cardio, bodybuilding), some martial arts in my 20s. For a while I had been working with Sifu Terry Dunn's Yang Short form (and this was back when it was on VHS). I loved that tape. Used it until it died. I hadn't quite memorized the form so it fell to the wayside but I always loved the work. Even the warm up on that tape managed to blow-torch my quads so I was always incredibly impressed by how strong Sifu Dunn's legs must be to maintain such a relaxed and calm state while speaking gently. For me, I was quivering... and that's when I was easily able to full squat over 300 pounds for a lot of reps. In my current state, I'm now not nearly as healthy as I was. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which is hormonally sourced as opposed to being caused by excessive bodyfat (I'm not fat). Obviously big changes. So now, I'm working hard to maintain physical fitness levels and have decided that I would really love to get involved in Qigong. I've done a bunch of research on this and after reading kept coming across the Flying Phoenix style, which seems to be wildly effective and profound. Surprise surprise to me... Sifu Terry Dunn! Wow!! So I've ordered the first DVD from Amazon. I intend to follow that for some time, order the second before long and continue my journey from there. Anyway, so very nice to make everyone's acquaintance! Thanks for having me. SW