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  1. robert peng yi jin jing

    You're welcome @liminal_luke Even though I couldn't find any reviews I have signed up for it. His reputation alone is more than good enough to take a chance on this.
  2. robert peng yi jin jing

    Seen that. Thanks. I've got a couple of his courses. I like his style. I like Udemy. They have some really good courses. Check out Vimeo - there are some good courses there as well.
  3. robert peng yi jin jing

    I'm looking for some reviews of robert peng's yi jin jing 14 week online course. Has anyone gone through the course?
  4. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Its meant to link to the UK. That's where I live.
  5. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Looking forward to it. It arrives on Wednesday.
  6. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    @Starjumper The book is now live on Amazon UK. Do you know if this is the latest version? Amazon link
  7. Potent Systems

    Yes, this topic is always alive. It ebbs and flows, jut like life :-) I would certainly be interested in your reply.
  8. Chinese Shamanic Tiger Qigong

    If its the form by Master Wu, you can get a copy here.
  9. Pangu Shengong distance healing

    Hi @Fa Xin, My question is about step 3 (head) in the NMF. I have been practicing step 3 as a ball of light that completely fills my head, and then I rotate this head shaped ball of light as instructed. Is this correct? Did you learn the Condensed form in person or over skype?
  10. Pangu Shengong distance healing

    @Fa Xin Do you practice the Non-moving form? If so, I've got another question.
  11. Potent Systems

    @tao stillness Which Garripoli DVD is Master Duan's Wuji Qigong on? - Thanks
  12. Pangu Shengong distance healing

    Thank you so much. Great tips. I never considered facing a different direction for each set. "One", "two", "three" seems to work. Greatly appreciated.
  13. Pangu Shengong distance healing

    Do you ever forget where you are in the form? This happens to me a lot. No problems with the 26 reps. Its the repetitions of three, and the sets of three where I forget where I am. If so, any recommendations for staying on track?
  14. Potent Systems

    I've been a member of Sifu Anthony Korahais' Flowing Zen school for a year or so. Though I have been taught Shaolin Qigong I wanted a refresher, and I participated in an online webinar earlier in the year. The chi flow from the webinar itself was astonishing. He really is a very good teacher and his teaching works very well online. As a paying member of the Flowing Zen School I get access to the 12 month program coming up. So at least one of my daily sessions next year will be committed to flowing Zen. I think and hope tao stillness you will be pleasantly suprised at the chi flow and the simplicity of the whole Shaolin Wahnan system.
  15. one of the best books I've ever read

    Spooky! I was recommended this in an email this morning.