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Found 2 results

  1. Just wanted to start a thread here specifically devoted to Zhineng Qi Gong. I discovered this system in the spring of this year and have been practicing regularly since May. There are a few threads on here that mention it but no one thread devoted to it, so I thought I would start it up. Cheers! D
  2. Zhineng Qigong / Medical Qigong fan..

    Hello people! I followed a discussion regarding the existence of Qi and it's debunking to this great looking forum, so that rubbish article wasn't totally useless! I have trained her in the UK, with Master Lam, Grand master Chen Xiao Wang, The International Institute of Medical Qigong (Jerry Alan Johnston's school, as it was) and lately with teachers from Dr Pang Ming's Huaxia medicineless Hospital, learning theory and teaching Zhineng qigong. I live in Bath on the UK, and have a Teaching school, called I'm writing a book about Qigong in Daily life at the moment. Please feel free to hit me with any questions, and I'm off to join a post about healing forms of Qigong, which I have Zhineng as my top choice! Hun Yuan Ling Tong! (as we say in Zhineng.. Universal Qi flows right through me, bringing Instant success!) Jeremy