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  1. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

    Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no no Chris created an announcement post about 2 months ago? that he will cap the facebook group at 10,000 members.
  2. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

    It's great to have an 'insider' review him here. Do you know what is his teaching background? He recently closed his facebook group when it reached 10k members. It's a little strange for a teacher to limit his audience....Do you know how many years he has been teaching for?
  3. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

    Hes a fantastic scholar, no doubt. But what do you think about his personal progress? To me, he appears to be very -simple- so I doubt his personal progress is very high, which should be if his studies are fruitful, no?
  4. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

  5. Archons and egregores

    Sorry I don't understand the difference. If a thought form which is just an accumulation of chi and shen, is given life vitality it can develop intelligence like an egregore, no? You mention the necessity of a collective but a well trained magus can do what many occultists of weaker discipline attempt to do.
  6. Archons and egregores

    egregore is essentially an evolved "psi ball" isn't ? Just make an energy ball, give it a lot more power. Put some intention into moulding it to be permanent, take another shape, etc. Give it more prana, its intelligent enough to be a minion ("servitor") and eventually a full fledged "egregore" (meaning it can pass the Turing Test :D) Chi is normally seen as a kinetic or life-vitality field. But it can also be viewed as a psychological field, especially within the context of internal alchemy and refining shen.
  7. Yes, recently I was reading recent research that impacting emotions from childhood, including negative ones like fear, being ignored, etc Remain in the bodily 'structure' and especially the gut flora into adulthood. So problem with "negative emotions" lies not in your immediate neighbours disturbance but rather emotions become a habit. Rather than actions which are the building blocks of the external world, emotions and thought patterns become the building blocks on the internal world - they mould your personality and arguably even "karma".
  8. Do you do lovemaking for hours? To do spiritual practice with lovemaking, generally, must spend a long time or intensity can build quickly in a few minutes? If energy is strongly circulated, physically close people/neighbours are affected as well? Are there special or 'secret' food or pill recipes in your lineage? I am not gay but, do you know about gay sexual kung fu/lovemaking? Some people/doctors believe anal sex is not healthy. After reading the tibetan article^^ I think gay spiritual kung fu is not possible?? Because sexual kung-fu is "like bodybuilding", can you warm up your system before lifting a very heavy rock with your genitalia since you have trained the genitalia to be very functional ? I heard stories of males sucking wine or other liquids with their penises. Is this possible? For males, is it possible to eliminate a full erection mentally very quickly? Interesting about celibacy....know people who stay in celibacy for years or decades and practice sexual kung fu consistently? - What do you or your teachers think about celibacy path people? About chakra...sexual kung fu affect higher chakras? Traditionally I think only first 4 chakras associate with sex. Sexual kung-fu has life lengthening benefits? There is a story about daoist? goddes, she drained 1,000 people in sex and reached heaven. Is it possible to drain something through sexual kung fu? Not visualizing chi coming into you from the person because this can be done at the bus station without sex. But controlling other deeper primordial energies? - Sexual kung-fu help replenish yuan chi or restore?
  9. https://treasuryoflives.org/biographies/view/Yeshe-Tsogyel/P7695 https://buddhism-controversy-blog.com/2017/08/06/sexual-union-in-tantra-distinguishing-between-sexual-abuse-and-buddhist-practice-guidelines-from-hh-dalai-lama/
  10. Interesting! Do you use spirits in these practices? Make altar or offerings, call spirit in ritual sex? Oh yes, also, Kundalini. You said 7 chakras. How is kundalini used in sexual kung fu? Takes long time to awaken kundalini?
  11. Fascinating. I did not think about things you say. Now it makes sense. I think is a full spiritual system integration in sexual kung fu indeed. Maybe this is what they aim to achieve in TANTRA. In western magick they use sex to enter trance/ "gnosis". Aleister crowley is famous for his used this method. They can also use pain, etc. So see, hindu have 'aghora' too. They practice 'weird' practices like pain, etc. interesting, we see a logic to this practices here. Strong body with circulation of energy can enter meditation good.
  12. NuralShamal thank you for taking the time to contribute so much! This is very valuable information and insight into the subject. I searched on google and youtube but found nothing. Do you know websites? This means sexual kung-fu is not time expensive? My own experiences agrees on what you say brother. There is a 9 bottled wind breath exercise from tibetan yoga? You hold the breath on a chest full of air as long as you can and exhale forcefully and quickly 3 times on one nostril, 3 times on the other nostril and 3 times with both nostrils to balance. So 9 breaths holds as long as you can. [of course, body relaxed and there is a specific pose for it and a short visualization exercises prior as well]. - Its purpose is to awaken true "fire kundalini" energy. In my previous experience, holding breath till failure is very strong to awaken You mentally, but also sexually. You do 4-5 breath holds to failure, increased horniness can stay for up to a week! I think if you do sexual kung fu the horniness is grounded in your life even if it very strong? Yes, important topic, how to ground sex. I think many people fail qiqong because they fail sex control haha Very interesting! Sex is very powerful instinct. I think your sexual kung fu is capable of circulating deep energy in the psyche/body. So you obtain abilities like this. This is powerful ! Is there 'spiritual' progression from "sexual qiqong" to shen gong? This is interesting, isn't sex 'mechanical' or simple? …. How can you target specific energy only? ---- I think Grigori Rasputin who is said to have some mystic powers also did sexual kung fu. His penis is said to be incredibly big. Also thank you for writing women side of qiqong, I think women today are discouraged to do spiritual practices. Even exercise at the gym is seen bad for women.
  13. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/scalar_tech/esp_scalarwar03a.htm The Kaznacheyev Experiments
  14. What Exactly Is Chi?

    What and how is chi made of and from? What and how is plasma made of and from?