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  1. William Bodhri skeleton visualition mantra practice

    Hi Yoda. Amazon reviews can be misleading, theres a lot of hyping and shill reviewing, there may be more in his other ebooks some of them like How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization are USD $97 he even peddles one called Meditation for Beautiful Skin anyone here bought any of these ebooks and can give them the thumbs up or down as to whether they have more material in them than the Hua Chin Nan books, ciao, DaChengChuan
  2. In his fantastic tell it like it really is Blog William Bodhri ... says That's why I always tell you to practice the skeleton visualization method and breathing practices and mantra practice or use Tsong Khapa's visualization instructions for opening up the central channel. Anyone know ehere these posts are or similar stuff ... this sounds like pure gold to me ... da cheng chuan
  3. I recently heard that Huai-Chin Nan is 90 and it struck me that if I want to do a course or study with this master I better do it soon. I searched the net but foundno courses anyone got any leads or directions they can poiint me in. Any help or ideas appreciated ...
  4. The feminization of the Western male?

    Hi Peregrino ... I agree ... check out the Myth of Male Power book ... pretty awesome .... the author contends that the cultural focus of the last 20 years has been on the male dark side and the female light side, totally missing out the male light side and the female dark side etc ... I loved the Tao of Steve apart from the wimp-out ending, it contained a few great nuggets ... whats MRA websites ....??? That's a new one one me ... thanks ...
  5. Hi Folks

    A quick hello. I became interested in the dao when I was a teenager, graduating from reading about Buddhism. With the birth of the internet more dao practitioners have surfaced which is great. The first detailed books of daoist meditations I discovered were Mantak Chia's. A turning point for me was finding Lam Kam Chuens' The Way of Energy, and getting into Zhan Zhuang standing meditation. Which helped me a lot. I teach Qigong now and again ... nothing way-out and wild ... as a subsitute Qigong teacher when my mates can't make their classes due to commitments. I'm based in London and would certainly like to see more dao masters in person be good to get different perspective.